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Plans for Photo Shoot 1/4


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Published in: Education
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Plans for Photo Shoot 1/4

  1. 1. Plans for Photo Shoot 1/4
  2. 2. In order to preparethoroughly for the bigphoto shoot for thefront cover/DPS, Icreated a “Feel Book” toplan my photo shoot.The book contained allmy inspirationalpictures, costume/location/prop ideas andestablishing shots,which helped piecetogether the shoot.
  3. 3. It was important to me to creating theright ‘feeling’ from the pictures. Ididn’t just want readers to want toemulate how the model looked, but howshe was feeling in the photos - tosell the lifestyle.In short, I wanted depth and thephotos to have a personal feel; thatthe article was an exclusive insightinto the artist. It was also importantfor me to have the model’s support andinput so that she felt happy on theshoot, which would produce the rightmood in the photos. This wasparticularly significant on the daydue to the freezing conditions.
  4. 4. On my ‘Some Ideas’page I brainstormedwords to do with‘Indie’ andresearched whatalternative artistsand indie girls wear.Using this research Istarted to puttogether outfit ideasand other themes andprops that might fitwith the theme andwhich reflect theindie genre.
  5. 5. I looked up different definitions of an Indie Girl,including the following...“Being Indie is a state of mind - not a fashionstatement.”“The basic outline of an ‘indie girl’ is someonethat does what they want.”“Each (indie girl) is different & unique.”“There’s no way to be an indie girl. You just are.”
  6. 6. This helped inspire the costumes andillustrates the importance, not of how anartist looks, but whether they are beingtrue to themselves and are being creativeand unique.From then on I knew it was significant tocreate the right vibe for the shoot towork, so that the whole magazine has theright feeling for the readers - that themagazine’s not trying to dictate to themhow they should be living their lives,but enhancing and inspiring it.