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Ancillary Research - adverts


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Magazine advertisements for music albums for ancillary tasks for A2 Media Studies.

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Ancillary Research - adverts

  1. 1. Ancillary ResearchMusic Album Magazine Advertisements
  2. 2. Album Advert ConventionsFrom the existing products I’ve looked out here are theconventions I’ve noticed...An eye-catching imageClear fontsThe name of the artist is prominentA unique style of font for the artistA colour theme
  3. 3. As it is advertising a dance album the advert uses alternative colours and an eye catching image. The most dominant colour The use of the gorilla, eyes is the pink which draws closed eating a branch in space the eye, it also looks like gives the impression of wacky- a paint splatter which ness, outside the mainstream, gives it a creative, urban which is what the band wants in feel. order to appeal to those that want to listen to music outside The album information is the norm. very understated compared to the rest of The name of the artist is the album and there is prominent and it uses a Science very little except the date fiction style font which matches it is released and when their style of music. It also they are playing. The doesn’t use only one colour but colours are clear white an interesting pattern of pale which stand out against pinks, greens and yellows. the rest of the relatively loud colours elsewhere.
  4. 4. This is an advert for a well-known band, which I thought may be useful to look at as their album is iconic. The image is from their The bands name is top and iconic album cover and centre so it is easily draws the eye immediately recognisable to their fans. The as it was slightly font is classic and bold, which controversial at the time and is continued in the rest of the matches their style of music text except for the name of as being rebellious and the album. The advertisers having a political message. would want to get across this ‘classic’ feel to symbolise their The bright blue colours cultural importance, thus to meant that it cuts the ad in encourage more people to buy half with the bottom half their album. devoted to the information about the album. The artist’s The name of the album, website is included as well as however, reflects the a scan icon for phones which underwater image, which is a sign of how new media gives the text an eye-catching technologies are integrated edge. into adverts to draw people to interact with the adverts.
  5. 5. Madonna is one of the most famous artists in the world and so her advert reflects that. Her style of musicalso sways towards dance recently and so she has both mainstream and alternative influences. The image is of the artist The fonts for the artist’s herself but in the style of the name are interesting as a Marilyn Monroe images down ‘cut-out’ style used in a paint by Andy Warhol so has a strip/splatter effect which fantastic iconic pop art feel to works well as it has impact. it which reflects how iconic This theme is continued at Madonna is, putting herself in the bottom of the advert for that category. I love how it some of the main points of uses bright colours and the information section. emphasises her lips and eyes. She is in quite a seductive Also included are song pose as her lips are slightly names as well as a open and red lipstick typically prominent ‘Download’ strip connotes attraction and which shows how internet sexuality. I would love to play sales are as important, if not around with bright colours more important, than myself as it gives the image a physical sales and so artist’s great urban edge. what to highlight this.
  6. 6. Here are some more influential adverts that are advertising a variety of music genres... La Roux uses a horizontal, simple layout highlighting critic reviews as her music is more ‘alternative’ and it was her debut album and therefore she needed good reviews to influence audiences. Dizzee Rascal uses informal, ‘cheeky’ style fonts that are almost pop art in style. It is artistic and as his music was underground this was needed to stand out from the crowd. The main focus is the text and the artist is very small in the corner in a cartoon-ish style, showing his youth and fun style. Rihanna’s image is the main selling point in the advert. She also uses the ‘strip’ style font which gives it an edgy feel which is what she is aiming for. It is not the typical female mainstream style, but it still has a sexy element, with the ‘Rated R’ signifying that it is more adult. The black, white and red theme is very bold and iconic. You Me At Six’s advert is very artistic and incredibly eye-catching. It is very beautiful but still has a rough, hand made edge, with the hand written album title. The font is clear and simple and the date the album is released is clearly viewed. I love the artistic feel with the many different colours.