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Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw - Hein Comeyne


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SETS presentation of the Flemish traditional sports association

Published in: Sports
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Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw - Hein Comeyne

  1. 1. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw traditional sports were probably the first sports-for-all initiatives The active participation in traditional sports and games are a valuable, living sportive and cultural heritage. How do we safeguard their popularity?
  2. 2. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw What do we call traditional sports? for the common man (woman) not for the elite What do we understand to be traditional sports ?
  3. 3. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw What do we understand to be traditional sports ? - regional not spread over the whole country
  4. 4. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw - the factor luck is often built in the rules of the game it is not always the best player who wins What do we understand to be traditional sports ?
  5. 5. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw - accessible you mostly do not need to follow a training course before you participate What do we understand to be traditional sports ?
  6. 6. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw easy going – family activity can be competitive but not professional
  7. 7. Traditional sports that are practised in competitions or tournaments tug of war
  8. 8. handboogschieten op de staande wip handboogschieten op de liggende wip
  9. 9. klepschieten
  10. 10. buksschieten
  11. 11. flessenschieten katapult
  12. 12. Kruisboog
  13. 13. VlaS Krulbol
  14. 14. VlaS Trabol
  15. 15. VlaS Kegelen
  16. 16. VlaS Gaaibol
  17. 17. VlaS Stopschieten - paapgooien
  18. 18. sjoelen
  19. 19. golfbiljart
  20. 20. Traditional sports and traditions Handball tournament / Brussels ‘Grote Markt’ Old Limburg Shooting celebration
  21. 21. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw Traditionele sporten in Flanders = superactive tradition VlaS counts 11.627 players 530 clubs 23 different disciplines
  22. 22. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw 46% of the VlaS members are older than 55 vrouwelijke leden 40- 340- 334- 317- 556- 562- 435- 212 29- mannelijke leden 65 860 768 958 1489 1798 1692 1572 453 0-9 j 10-19 j 20-29 j 30-39 j 40-49 j 50-59 j 60-69 j 70-79 j 80-99 j
  23. 23. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw VlaS gives advice on following subjects: VlaS is active in PR and lobby activities on behalf of traditional sports VlaS publishes a quarterly magazine (named ‘Trend’) VlaS secretary in Bruges: two staff VlaS is founding member of ETSGA VlaS has a good insurance for accidents for all volunteers and members VlaS helps organising two courses: - initiator bow shooting - initiator traditional sports
  24. 24. VlaS events 2015: West-Vlaanderen Vlamt – Eernegem – zondag 7 juni 2015 Europese Spelen van traditionele sporten – Doornzele – zondag 16 augustus 2015 Bokrijkspelen – Genk – zondag 9 augustus 2015 SETS-conference North-East Europe – Vilnius – feb’15 SETS-conference South-East Europe – Martfu – mar’15 Participation festival Ga.M.E.S.Net Narni (Italy) 23 may 2015 [also AG ETSGA]
  25. 25. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw intangible heritage The VlaS-activities were part of the Flemish project ‘Ludodiversity’which was recognised by Unesco as best practice for saveguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage. VlaS cooperated to put the traditional sport ‘krulbol’on the Flemish list of valuable ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’.
  26. 26. Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw SETS VlaS leads a project founded by the EU: ‘Strengthening European Traditional Sports’ It aims at: -Enlarging the existing ETSGA-network to South and East Europe - safeguard and promote European TSG We pursue this by: -Organising three international conferences - Creating a website and an online forum to exchange information about European traditional sports and games
  27. 27. thank you, Hein Comeyne Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw