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Tesz-Vesz Child and Youth Foundation - Matyus Sandor


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SETS presentation Tesz-Vesz Child and Youth Foundation

Published in: Sports
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Tesz-Vesz Child and Youth Foundation - Matyus Sandor

  1. 1. Tesz-Vesz Youth and Child Foundation Szolnok - Hungary Strenghtening European Traditional Sports conference regio South-East Datum: 03.04.2015 - 03.06.2015. Hungary
  2. 2. About the Tesz-Vesz Foundation • established in 1993, on a private initiative, with the objecive to transfer values and to preserve traditions, highlighting equal opportunities. Key activities (based on our Statutes): • Education and training, skills development, raising awareness; • Cultural activity; • Preservation of cultural heritage; • Promoting equal opportunities of disadvantaged groups; • strenthening euro-atlantic integration.
  3. 3. • We are continuously participating in the civil life of the city and county, in the work of the local Council of NGOs and the Culture and Youth Roundtable. • We regularly participate at local events with our traditional games and crafts programs, even providing a folk games Master course. (Fair of NGOs, local schools, associations, foundations, pensioners’ and other clubs …); • Highlighting equal opportunities we are providing more and more interesting and valuable activities to the elderly and the disabled. About the Tesz-Vesz Foundation
  4. 4. Photos of events
  5. 5. Hungarian traditional games Beanbag-throwing Snail or puli-run Cuman shoving, bubuc Waggle
  6. 6. Community youth development program management tools
  7. 7. 2013. Our Foundation became member of the European Traditional Sports and Games Association in 2013.
  8. 8. A game is the way that children get to know the world in which they live and which they are called upon to change. Gorky
  9. 9. We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. • G. B. Shaw
  10. 10. PLANS Upgrading our instruments - based on age and development considerations, - with regards to international diversity. Widening international relations and partnerships, creation of a Central- European network.
  11. 11. European Sports and Folk Games
  12. 12. Website: Thank you for your attention!