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Sevenoaks and Distric Bat & Trap League - Kieran Murray


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presentation of the Sevenoaks and Distric Bat & Trap League

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Sevenoaks and Distric Bat & Trap League - Kieran Murray

  1. 1. Bat & TrapBat & Trap Kieran Murray Sevenoaks & District Bat & Trap League (November 2014)
  2. 2. HistoryHistory  Earliest records date back to the 14th century in a monastery in Canterbury;  Forerunner to cricket;  Revived at the end of the 1914-18 war as it was seen as healthy therapy for the limbless ex-servicemen unable to play cricket;  First recorded “International” was played between the French and British troops on the eve of the advance at Passchendaele in August 1917 with no players surviving the battle;  The popularity of mainstream sports such as Football, Rugby & Cricket caused a decline , however, it remained popular in a handful of public houses in Kent;  In 1951, it became the 1st sports organisation to require its member clubs to have floodlights (4 years before our national football authorities);  Predominantly played in Kent with a number of league’s still in existence;
  3. 3. Site of the monastery whereSite of the monastery where early records ofearly records of Bat & TrapBat & Trap were foundwere found now occupied by The Old Beverlie Pub (Canterbury)
  4. 4. Then………Then………
  5. 5. ………………and nowand now
  6. 6. The BatThe Bat
  7. 7. The TrapThe Trap
  8. 8. The BallThe Ball Nothing special A 2 ” solid rubber ball½ (i.e. a lacrosse ball)
  9. 9. The PitchThe Pitch
  10. 10. The RulesThe Rules  Teams comprise of either 6 or 8 players on each side dependent upon the specific League;  Each team member bats and bowls in order;  Batter commence s innings by directing the ball between the two white posts at the end of the pitch, however, is deemed out if the ball doesn’t bounce at least once before going through the posts or if the Batter misses the ball;  Bowler bowls the ball under arm towards the trap and the Batter is deemed out if the Bowler hits the trap else the Batter gains 1 “run” and the process continues;  Matches are made up of the best of three legs;
  11. 11. Annual ActivitiesAnnual Activities  One Day Event ;  Finals Day;  Presentation Dinner & Dance;  Kent Challenge Cup (Sevenoaks & District League Winner v Canterbury & District League Winner);  World Cup;
  12. 12. Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths & Weaknesses Strengths:  Non-energetic sport that can be enjoyed by all genders with no age discrimination;  Well structured in terms of League Management within Kent;  Close unity between existing Leagues;  Social activity that can bring the local community together; Weaknesses:  Mainly played by the older fraternity and needs to gain an influx of youth to maintain its momentum;    Generally played in Beer Gardens that, unfortunately, are currently prone to closure;  Regular alteration of Landlords breeds irregular interest in the sport;
  13. 13. Our Common Goal …….Our Common Goal ……. Enjoyment whilst retainingEnjoyment whilst retaining tradition within the Community!tradition within the Community! Hawaiian Day on 2nd January at minus 5 degrees !! Bob the Builder Day
  14. 14.