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Federachon Esport Notra Tera - Rosa Falletti


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presentation of FENT at the SETS conference in Amsterdam.

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Federachon Esport Notra Tera - Rosa Falletti

  1. 1. The F.E.N.T. is a federation of popular sports in Aosta Valley, a little region in the north west of Italy
  2. 2. Fiolet, Palet, Rebatta, Tsan and Moura are the five popular sports represented by the FENT
  3. 3. hit the ball on the fly trying to send it as far as possible is the goal of the game
  4. 4. "Pira" a round stone on which there is the "fiolet" "EIMA" is a wooden bat, 80 - 100 cm, ending with a "head" of wood
  5. 5. The teams of five players, take turns throwing; their victory or their defeat are determined by the total points earned by each athlete that is available twenty launches
  6. 6. "Fioletta" is a pipe in wood, on which stands the "rebatta" The "Masetta" or "maciocca" is a wooden bat that raises and hits the Rebatta
  7. 7. "Pertze" is the wooden pole on which stands the "Tsan" "Boquet" is the wooden pallet with which you hit the Tsan before it falls to earth
  8. 8. complex game. In the first part of the game the beater of a team must drop the ball of wood (called Tsan) set in balance on a perch and hit with a bat inside the playing field, a kind of trapezius 135 meters long
  9. 9. The twelve players on the opposing team, trying to catch the "Tsan" before it hits the ground within the field of play, with a wooden pallet (boquet) if they succeed , the batter opponent is eliminated.
  10. 10. For every shot that falls into the field without being intercepted the pitcher is entitled to a "paletou: that is, a player from the opposing team throws in the most challenging possible, a "Tsan", and he, using a wooden racket called “paletta" or “piota"), it must intercept, check with a rebound and then throw it as far as possible. It is precisely the totalized meters in these launches that assign victory.
  11. 11. The game of the palet, is a mountain adaptation of bowls game, from which it differs in the shape of the object launched the pallet. This is a flat disc-iron, by weight of about 800/1100 gr, often from half inch to an inch and with a diameter varying between 10 and 11 centimeters. The “boccino" or “pallino" towards which the pallet is cast is also of iron
  12. 12. The game it consists to find the sum of the numbers that are shown with the fingers of the players
  13. 13. wins the game the first scores the number of points previously established (usually 16 or 21).
  14. 14. The FENT has, among others, aims to keep alive the cultural and linguistic traditions of the region through support to sports clubs and the promotion of sports popular among young people
  15. 15. Every year are organized start courses to the popular sports in primary schools at the end of the courses is organized a final day of play among all participating schools. The membership grow up from year to year