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Estonian sports museum - kalle Voolaid


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presentation of the Estonian sports museum at the SETS conference in Vilnius

Published in: Sports
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Estonian sports museum - kalle Voolaid

  1. 1. Estonian Sports Museum Presentation by Kalle Voolaid
  2. 2. Founded in 1963 Situated in Tartu (second largest city of Estonia) Central museum of Estonian sports, sport culture and sport history
  3. 3. The aim of the museum is to collect, preserve, study and introduce the materials related to the physical culture and sports connected with the history of Estonian country and people. The museum operates as a cultural centre, organizing exhibitions, seminars and conferences, being engaged in publishing and offering interesting activities for children.
  4. 4. Permanent exhibition
  5. 5. Permanent exhibition
  6. 6. The publications
  7. 7. Traditional sports: tug of war in permanent exhition
  8. 8. Traditional sports: public events