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German Shuffleboard Association - Dieter Hussman


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presentation of the German Shuffleboard Association at the SETS conference in Amsterdam.

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German Shuffleboard Association - Dieter Hussman

  1. 1. Introduction German Shuffleboard Association e.V.
  2. 2. Shuffleboard • Shuffleboard is a sport for all ages • It is a game of skill and can be played regardless of physical fitness • The object of the game is to alternately propel discs by means of a cue on to a scoring diagram at the opposite end of the court
  3. 3. Shuffleboard • Can be played as a competitive or mass sport, indoors or outdoors, by 2 or 4 players • The game ends when a certain number of rounds or points is reached
  4. 4. The Association • The German Shuffleboard Association (GSA) is a non-profit organisation, recognised by German law • Purpose of the GSA is to promote the game itself, especially in Germany • Establishing and fostering of international relationships
  5. 5. Activities • Organising local, national and international championships • Coaching and training of players • Providing infrastructure and consulting • TV and media appearance • Participating in events by other organisations (e.g. Mission Olympic)