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Czech Association of Table Hockey players - Jakub Hasil


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SETS presentation from the Czech Association of Table Hockey players - Jakub Hasil

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Czech Association of Table Hockey players - Jakub Hasil

  1. 1. Game heritage from Moravia and Bohemia & sport for everybody
  3. 3. HISTORY  Games with coins and buttoms using the principles of later billiard-hockey – played in Moravia and Bohemia since 19th century  Very popular between WWI and WWII and after WWII; started to imitate ice-hockey; lots of active players, each group of players used own rules, game is usually called ŠPRTEC  1960 – Table Hockey League Brno (SHL Brno) founded; competition still played till this time  1970´s, 1980´s – The game almost forgotten as daily entertainment; only a few active groups left
  4. 4. HISTORY  1980 – SHL Brno activies the rest of players; unification of rules, starting intercity tournaments and annual national championship  late 1980´s – first international connections (with Stiga Table Hockey Game); game started to be called BILLIARD- HOCKEY abroad, later in Czech Republic as well  1991 - Czech Association of Table Hockey Players (Unie hráčů stolního hokeje) founded; new clubs founded, Czech Cup (individuals) and League (teams) established  1992 – World Table Hockey Association founded; international events started to be organised
  5. 5. RULES  Game for two players. Each has hockey stick and 5+1 draughts.  Uses billiard principles.  Players play the draughts by the hockey stick. By the draught they try to shot the puck and score a goal.  Players change after one move. It is not necessary to shoot the puck during the move. Touching opponent directly is not allowed (it is possible use the wall, puck or goal).  Playing time: 3 periods per 6 minutes  Rules available on .
  6. 6. CZECH ASSOCIATION OF TABLE HOCKEY PLAYERS  Founded in 1991 to lead and organise table hockey competition in Czechoslovakia, later in Czech Republic  The main part of activities are connected with billiard- hockey, but integrates also some other table hockey games (e.g. air-hockey, rod-hockey Chemoplast)  Contemporary organises competitions in Czech Republic for individuals and for teams as well, takes care of Czech national team, promote billiard-hockey in Czech Republic and partly abroad (together with WTHA)
  7. 7. COMPETITIONS - NATIONAL  TEAMS: 1st (statewide), 2nd (regional), 3rd (regional) league, Czech Cup (statewide) – open  INDIVIDUALS: Czech Cup – round 40 open tournaments per year (4 different categories – diverse entry fee, trophies, pointing, …) – e.g. last year 677 participants, annual national championship (due to qualification via Czech Cup series – 36th this year)  Except National championship all age groups and levels play tournaments together! Meeting of diverse players (age, gender, level) makes the game more interesting and easier to start to play.  Easy to start, most of the competitions are open.
  8. 8. COMPETITIONS - INTERNATIONAL  WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – since 2004, once in four years, teams & individuals (men, ladies, juniors); since 2008 as multitable-hockey, together with some other table hockey games  EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP – since 1992, used to be annual, nowadays once in four years (betweentime of world championships) and since 2009 multitable- hockey as well  WTHA TOUR – series of open tournaments (individuals) for all interested, incl. rookies
  9. 9. INVITATION CZECH OPEN 2015  MOST (90 km NW from Prague) – May 8-10, 2015  Open tournament in billiard-hockey & air-hockey, rod-hockey Chemoplast  Meeting place of experienced players and rookies  No entry fee & free accommodation and boarding for foreign participants  Place to present other traditional games 
  10. 10. Unie hráčů stolního hokeje (Czech Association of Table Hockey Players) Bayerova 45, CZ 602 00 BRNO mailto: (CZE), (EN, RU, D)