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Employability program


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A general overview of a new program our team of International Skills Advisors are Launching, It looks like its going to be a huge success!

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Employability program

  1. 1. RS134678FG• Improve yourchances of jobsuccess• Join anInternationalProgram• Enhance yourskills• Be employerready• Start now andget ahead
  2. 2. • Do you need to improveyour chances of success as agraduate?Are you ready to make one of thesecond biggest choices in your career?Then take action Now!
  3. 3. Enterprisea. Identify the main qualities and skills needed to enterand thrive in the working world.b. Take action to improve your probability of success.c. Develop approaches to working with others, problem-solving and action planning.d. Develop and apply skills and qualities which areenterprise friendly.e. Demonstrate and apply understanding of economicideas.f. How business and commerce works
  4. 4. The 12 Enterprise SkillsLesson aims:• To introduce the concept and importance of arange of enabling skills, including communicationand other behavioral skills required to bedemonstrated at an interview.Lesson outcomes:• Showcase the 12 skills every employer needs.
  5. 5. KnowingLesson aims:• To introduce the concept and importance of “knowing yourself”and how this can fast track your career prospects andopportunities. ENHANCED CONFIDENCE• To introduce the idea that employers need employees to knowthemselves and their own development needs.Lesson outcomes:• All students will know what is meant by self evaluation and how totake part in self evaluation and deal with the changes required.
  6. 6. 12 Skills1. Service Focus2. Planning & Organizing3. Using Initiative - Achieving Goals4. Decision Making & Problem Solving5. Effective Communication6. Team & Collaborative Working7. Effective Relationships & Networking8. Innovation & Creative Thinking9. Change, Adaptability & Flexibility10. Leadership11. Continuous Development (Self & Others)12. Thinking & Acting Strategically
  7. 7. Want to know more?http://skillspassport.wordpress.comA brainchild of www.iccspglobal.comWatch this space something exciting is about toHappen!!!!!!!!!