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Sesar swim master class best in class 2014 overview of the submissions


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SESAR SWIM Master Class Best in class 2014

Published in: Technology
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Sesar swim master class best in class 2014 overview of the submissions

  2. 2. At the Starting line 2 39 proposals in 3 categories … • 20 for Services • 16 for SWIM applications • 3 for SWIM Technical Infrastructure Overall: • Great interest with many participants • Lot of multi-partners teams • Great quality, much higher than last year 81 general agreements signed
  3. 3. Who did contribute … Traffic synchronisation covers all aspects related to improving arrival/departure management and sequence building in en route and TMA environments. It aims to achieve an optimum traffic sequence 3
  4. 4. … and what we got 4 TAF service SNOWTAM service METAR service Airport MET Observation service Airport MET Forecast service RunwayManagement service Airport Performance Monitoring System WeAC – VAN (weather information) Adaptor ExtendedRunwayManagement service Assistant for air traffic controller in emergency situations SkyKeeper Suite -- Innovative ATC system combining the management of arrivals, departures and ground flows for airports ATCSim is a modern ATC simulation and data display concept Geodetic Calculation Services (GCS) Convection service Sigmet service Digital Briefing application with EFB integration Wx4ANS - Weather Application for Air Navigation Services SWIM Compliance Test Platform Live ADS-B Flight Positions Data Feed RPAS VLLOC (Very Low Level Operation Coordination) Application RPAS VLLOC (Very Low Level Operation Coordination) Services RPAS Mission and Ground Control Station HMI SWIM Data Recorder AAATCS - Automated Airport Air Traffic Control System ASAM – Aircraft SWIM ATC Module HADOC - Airport Handoff Departures Coordinator A-Wake --- Your Flight’s Wake Vortex Footprint CAPS - Collaborative Airspace Provision Service/Application CATS – Contingency Aircraft Takeover System ACDM Global Gateway Pilot Situational Awareness measurement experiment WeAC Weather Service ASDS --- Aviation Static Data Distribution and Visualization Airport Runway Configuration Management (ACRM) Integration Swim-Box Platform SWIM Bidirectional JMS-AMQP Mediation Distributing AIXM 5.1 data using a Temporality-Enabled WFS (WFS-TE) FATIN v2: First-steps in Airport and TMA Integration in the Network Planning Airport Plan Network Integration SWIM Service SWIM service SWIM application SWIM TI
  5. 5. At a first glance … 5 • many more services available in the Registry (e.g. NM B2B web services, volcanic ash mass concentration services, FAA Dig Notam Distribution Service) • 50 % of the services is .. meteo related … • several services are already operational • mediation services entering the SWIM world • some proposals labelled platform & cover multiple applications and services • ‘New’ SWIM comers with RPAS, Wake Vortex related applications and services • one of the applications is a SWIM Compliance Test Platform • not that much proposals for SWIM Technical Infrastructure
  6. 6. SWIM consists of standards, infrastructure and governance enabling the management of ATM information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services Best in Class categories for 2014 … SWIM enabled applications The 3 categories in 2014 6 ATM information Services SWIM Technical Infrastructure Standard (..XM family, technology, …)
  7. 7. Business Problem & Solution • Collaboration – Connecting All ATM Stakeholders (Airlines, Airports, ATC, Network, Meteo, Pilot, AIS …) – Civil/Military – Ground/Ground & Air/Ground (RPAS) – Planning & Tactical – ATM data quality 7
  8. 8. Architecture / Technologies • Advanced architecture – Plug-in – Multi layers – Mainstream IT / Mediation – Multi-techno ( … mobile) (WS, WFS, WS-N,, JAVA, DDS, HTTP/HTTPS, SSL/TLS, SOAP, XML, ORACLE JDK, IDE …OCG, OMG, OASIS) – Full ..XM (AIXM, FIXM, WXXM …) – … almost COTS products 8
  9. 9. SWIM Master Class 2014 is showing truly: • Reuse - Services from many reused by many • Solution interops - Platforms combining multiple applications / multiple services • Techno interops - Standard IT Technology bridging • Maturity - Platforms/application moving to shadow- mode or even to pre-operation • … last but not least Cross team development Major findings … very promising  9
  10. 10. Other findings … very promising  Few proposals showing real achievements in terms of Technology interops (mediation and legacy wrapping) … but not fitting well within SWIM Master 2014 categories • Infrastructure as competition category needs to be reviewed for the next SWIM Master Class. 10 Many very good proposals showing real achievements in terms of both SWIM applications and Services • did not make the work of the jury easier • could have given more awards -)
  11. 11. What about SWIM Benefits? SWIM will enable technical improvements like cheaper design, early (or easier) adoption, etc. These technical improvements will in their turn enable operational improvements like better situational awareness. The operational improvements will contribute to the ATM Key Performance Areas (KPA) identified in the SESAR Programme. SWIM enables better financial performance and unlocks new opportunities. By using mainstream technologies, open formats and standardised interfaces, it is expected to reduce the costs associated with the development and deployment of new applications and services. The service standardisation will facilitate the reuse of information in other contexts thereby contributing to cost efficiency. The increased interoperability of data formats and interfaces will make possible a LEGO-like system architecture, in which ATM systems from different manufacturers can be seamlessly connected, eliminating the need for expensive tailor-made interfaces.
  12. 12. … and the Winners are …