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A how to implement Best Practice factsheet, which u can use for your daily business. It's a overview of the different opporturnities you have

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  1. 1. HOW TO IMPLEMENT BEST PRACTICE Act (t) Go AssessmentEmpowermentAlignmentCommitment Establishing a sense of urgency and finding a sponsor Forming a powerful guiding coalition Identifying the processes and control objectives & creating a vision Empowering others to act on the vision Tool Assessment Maturity Assessment Culture and Employee Skill Assessment Management Assessment Select Tools Gather Tool Requirements Detailed Description High Level Model Training Management Training Installation Config and Life Cycle Operation Workshops and Coaching Management Coaching Implementation Post Implementation Review Maturity Assessment Goal Achievement Review Session Tuning up Improvement Skill Improvement Adjust the Commitment Plan (t) Products Processes Employees Management Custumers Communication-Strategy Awareness Campaign Do Check Act Program-Management and Management of Change CopyrightSERVIEWGmbH.