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How google becomes the benchmark of seo


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Google is becoming the benchmark of SEO in these days. Businessmen prefer SEO of their online business, so that more and more people can come to know about their website by visiting their website.

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How google becomes the benchmark of seo

  1. 1. How Google becomes the benchmark of SEO?Google is become the most popular and favorite search engine in these days. You can get eachtype of information from Google by just single click. It makes searching process very easy andconvenient to all. When you need to search something online or finding a particular location ofany shopping mall, restaurant, hotel or any other things, Google is here to help you in everymatter. You have to just put a query on Google and you can see various results related to yoursearch. Google is not only favorite to us, it is also favorite of businessmen, because theirbusinesses are depends upon it. Google is becoming the benchmark of SEO in these days.Businessmen prefer SEO of their online business, so that more and more people can come toknow about their website by visiting their website.When you want to get any information, you just go to Google and put the related query in itand Google displays a list of related websites for which you are looking for. You visit thatwebsites for getting information. Statistics says that 75% traffic on website is comes throughSearch engines, so it is important for you that your website should be according to searchengines. Your websites have unique content because search engines robots can read text and ifthe text found by them from your website is not unique, related to your services, then they willnot give preference to your website and will not give good ranking in their index. In this way,you are not able to get targeted traffic on your website. So it’s important that your websiteshould have quality content.Another important thing which search engines checks: the quality back links of your website.How many quality links of your website have? If your website has, say 1000 links but theseare not of quality links then its value is zero in front of Google and if you have create 10quality links for your website then its preference is more than 1000 non quality links. So youhave to consider only high quality links for your website.These things seem to be very small but all are very important for search engines. They showonly those websites in Top SERP results which qualify their criteria and related to users query.If you work according to search engines, then you will get huge traffic on your website withSEO Brisbane.