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BrightonSEO September 2013


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Summary of a few presentation from this year BrightonSEO, September 2013.

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BrightonSEO September 2013

  1. 1. BrigtonSEO September 2013 International SEO & Multi-lingual Link Curation" - Kevin Gibbons (BlueGlass UK) • Grow locally – a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. • Local knowledge is crucial, so are local search habits and alternative search engine knowledge • But without centralisation, it can become messy. Have a wider overall strategy overlaying good local knowledge • SEO Tip 1: Don’t wait for algorithm changes English language algorithm changes come 6 months before international changes are rolled out • SEO Tip 2: Low domain authority isn’t bad it can be because those markets don’t attain the same volume • SEO Tip 3: HREFLANG . It can work very well for counties with a smaller population
  2. 2. BrigtonSEO September 2013 Country Tips • Germany – look into outreaching to nearby German speaking countries such as Austria / Switzerland • Russia – outreach in English in Russia seem to get the best response rate compared to any other European country – although native speakers are ideal • Nordics – Lots of consumer protection laws around sending unsolicited emails, personal relationships work better • French – Offer co-branded opportunities rather than just link exchanges for content
  3. 3. BrigtonSEO September 2013 The Ins & Outs of Testing Social - Jennifer Sable Lopez (Moz)
  4. 4. BrigtonSEO September 2013 The Tools for Social Measurement • Buffer - Buffer is a schedule manager for Twitter and Facebook. Offers also analytics on your updates showing which ones have the most impact • Followerwonk - For analysing and optimising your social growth on Twitter • Simply Measured - Simply Measured is a social analytics reporting system that allows you to export beautiful Excel reports which are completely editable • Google Ripples - It shows you who is sharing and resharing your content on Google+. This allows businesses and users to see who is most influential and how their content is shared in the community
  5. 5. BrigtonSEO September 2013 Increasing Prices Without Losing Sales – Justin Deaville (Receptional) • Sell goods by mail • Offer services/product for a limited time without obligation • Monitor Your Conversion Funnel (ClickTale, • Surveys
  6. 6. BrigtonSEO September 2013 eCommerce SEO - Selling Does Not make You Link Worthy" - Tim Grice (Branded3)
  7. 7. BrigtonSEO September 2013 Next Gen Measurement in Google Analytics – Dara Fitzgerald (FreshEgg) • Don’t obsess with last click: not all visits are equal, not all visit once,not all convert once. • How do you track a visitors subsequent purchase via offline channels? • How do we track across device? • We can: use user segmentation this segment visitor so looks at data across multiple user sessions (visits) this way you can understand what customers are most valuable • Universal Analytics: this promises to sync offline and online data. It will also allow custom dimensions and metrics. In the future it may also track cross device data as long as the user is logged in to your site. • Attribution: using multi channel funnels looks beyond the last click to purchase journeys. This allows analysis of channels that contributed to a goal completion. • Remarketing the ones that got away via Ga: create lists to target cart abandonment to target again. Focus moves to site visitors rather than the unknown.
  8. 8. BrigtonSEO September 2013 • Trial Universal Analytics – this is in BETA so more to follow! • Analyse cross-session behaviour with user segmentation • Use MCF and Attribution Modelling Tool to understand paths to conversion and full channel contribution • Run remarketing campaigns based on visitor data from GA • Start the move from single visit metrics to Lifetime Value
  9. 9. BrigtonSEO September 2013 On- Page Content – Lisa Mayers (Verve Search) • Searches now are going further and further into the long tail • WWW is still based on links • A successful SEO strategy is knowing that there’s more to organic traffic than hero keywords with large volumes • Care about user experience – great design and navigation, and add well thought out filtering • Some SEO tips: have static URLs, include pages in an XML sitemap, ensure mobile compatibility, don’t restrict IPs. • Shareability – the title and URL has to be descriptive and enticing • Use microformats & rich snippets • Filtering is longtail SEO heaven. Eg hotels (romantic, business, shopping) quality (luxury, budget) area, facilities, activities
  10. 10. BrigtonSEO September 2013 On- Page Content – Lisa Mayers ( • Use specific filters to target the long tail. Not many others are doing it so it has real potential • Use rel=author • Get blogging – it increases keyword reach, link equity, social equity and it makes it easier to do outreach • Attract rather than sell – create content that deserves links
  11. 11. BrigtonSEO September 2013 #Fast & Curious
  12. 12. Title of presentation Networking & Link Building