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Setting Up Facebook Ads


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Setting Up Facebook Ads

  1. 1. Setting up your Facebook Ads Jenn Mathews President Wappow, Inc and Jasmine Stark A step-by-step beginner‘s guide to setting up your Facebook Ad
  2. 2. 2Table of ContentsIntroductionLearn the basics of Facebook marketing: Six ElementsAsk the right questions: Before you get startedIdentify the four types: Anatomy of a Facebook AdSet Up Your Facebook Ad: Step-by-step guideLaunch a Facebook Ad: GuidelinesGlossary Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOW Jasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076
  3. 3. 3IntroductionWhy Advertise on Facebook?A very good question to ask—and it is asked often.In this Book we‘ll talk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your Facebook Ads—the who, when, where, why, whatand what-not elements of advertising on FacebookTargetingFacebook collects data from its users in a very comprehensive way. It expands the opportunities to advertise products andservices to targeted audiences. Like never before, you can fine-tune your online marketing capabilities.With Facebook you have the ability to connect with over 500 million customers. You can reach your audience(s) by streamliningyour Facebook Ads to target users by location, age, and interests.Social interactionFacebook Ads interact with Page, Event, and App features. So, users can ‗Like‘ a Page, say they are attending an Event, ordownload an App, without ever being distracted from the page they were on.Build a community around your businessIf you create—or already have—a strong presence on Facebook, you can use Pages or Events with your Facebook Ad to turnyour advertising message into a trusted referral. By including content from a users network of friends who are already affiliatedwith your products, those friends trust what they see and, therefore, are more likely to take action.People treat Facebook as a genuine part of their day-to-day lives, which means that you can connect with real people who havea real interest in your product or service.Going LocalFacebook allows Local advertisers to be sensible in who they target, without resorting to running broad targeted ads and hopingthat they reach the right people. Facebook Ads can be micro-targeted to a geographic location and appeal to people who relateto your product. So, you can build a local community presence.Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOWJasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076
  4. 4. 4Learn the basics of Facebook marketing: Six ElementsBrand AwarenessWhether you want to advertise locally or globally, Facebook Ads let you display your brand logo in the Image or mention yourbrand in the Title or Body.  Set-up a Facebook Page for your company, include product pages, and run ads that drive ‗Like‘s to those pages, all while targeting demographics that you know are interested in your product or service.  Plan Events in your locale or around the globe.  Point your Facebook Ad to the event and encourage users to ―attend‖.  Have an App developed that works with your product or service—then point your Facebook Ad to drive downloads and interaction to your App.With all of these elements in place, Facebook users will see you everywhere--and start talking!Customer EngagementPeople need people. Social media gives us a means to socialize.At the 2011 Emerging Media Conference, David Evans, Ph.D. (CEO of Psychster)noted that Abraham Maslow‘s Hierarchy of Needs—five physiological andpsychological conditions—affect all of us.According to Maslow, as our most basic needs are met, our need for love, friendshipand intimacy become more vital to us. We gradually climb higher up the pyramid,where our self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment emerge. Self-actualization is aprocess of growing and developing as a person to achieve individual potential.Maslow believed that these needs are similar to instincts and play a major role inmotivating behavior.Facebook Ads let you engage with the needs and desires of your customers in waysthat go beyond other marketing channels.Customer ServiceSocial networks are becoming increasingly important as a means of customer engagement.  Create a Facebook Event to engage with your customers.  Run a Facebook Ad to manage customer relations and highlight features, products, services, and a variety of customizable communications.With Sponsored Stories, you can encourage social interaction by sharing comments, photos, and links from satisfiedcustomers. Users can comment, ‗Like‘, or share the Sponsored Story directly from the Facebook Ad.Reputation ManagementLet‘s face it, we have all had our moments when a Web site went down, a call center failed, or an event didn‘t go smoothly—andour customers expressed dissatisfaction. Facebook lets you interact with your customers on a personal level. With Facebook‘sSponsored Stories you can highlight the positive feedback that gets shared on your Facebook Wall. With Facebook Ads, youcan also offer special discounts to people connected to a Facebook Page or Event.Lead GenerationSome people need to think about a product or service before they make a decision to buy.Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOWJasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076
  5. 5. 5With Facebook Ads, customers can flow through the decision-making process and get feedback from their friends--all in oneplace.Whether you‘re selling insurance or software, buyers are looking for you--and most of them are on Facebook. Use FacebookAds to find new people and point them to your landing page, microsite, or a Facebook Page created to take them through abuying process.Customer ReachFacebook Ads have many benefits. You can fine-tune your ads to demographic audiences. Because Facebook has more than500 million users, you can refine your marketing strategies across the globe.What are you selling? Clothes? Cosmetics? Car accessories? Fast food franchises? Fragrances? Flip-flops?Where are the buyers?Target your social media marketing campaigns. Or create a broad match and show up on every profile, in every city, in everycountry—which gives new meaning to ―the sky is your limit‖ and ―the world is your oyster.‖Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOWJasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076
  6. 6. 6Ask the right questions: Before you get startedWhat would you like to achieve with your Facebook Ad?There are several reasons why businesses would like to advertise on Facebook. Consider one or more of the following optionsbefore you start creating your Facebook Ad.  Brand Awareness  Product Awareness  Increase Page ‗Like‘s  Increase Traffic to Website  Generate Revenue  Promotion  Customer Service  Build CommunityWho is your Audience?Once you know what it is you would like to accomplish the next step is to understand who your audience is. FacebookAdvertising allows for demographic targeting to a minute level. By knowing who that specific person is that you want to click yourad and complete the action following, the better you‘ll be able to streamline your targeting to find them.Where is your Audience?Now that you know who your audience is you can now understand where to show your ad to appeal to your customer segment.Do you want to focus locally or on specific interests? Understanding where your audience is going to spend their time withinFacebook is going to help you streamline your targeting so that your Facebook Ad gets in front of the right people.Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOWJasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076
  7. 7. 7Identify the four types: Anatomy of a Facebook AdEach type of Facebook Ad appears different to the user that sees it. The format and social actions are relevant to whether youare advertising an External URL, a Facebook Page, an Event, or a Sponsored Story.When people see Ads for Pages, Events and Apps that their friends have connected with, that interpersonal relationshipencourages them to respond to your Ad.When you advertise an external URL, Facebook pulls information from it. But, you can edit the content in the Title, Image, andBody.For more information, see the Set up your Facebook Ad: Step-by-step guide.When you advertise an Event, the Title in your Facebook Ad cannot be edited.To spark interest in the Event, Facebook will display what friends are attending. This is a very powerful way to advertise andincrease attendance for an event.Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOWJasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076
  8. 8. 8When you set up a Facebook Page, the Title is pulled from the name of the Page. The default Image will appear on the Page.You can change the Image and the Body.Facebook will show the total number of people who ‘Like’ your Facebook Page in your Facebook Ad – the more people who‘Like’ the page, the more their connections are probably going to ‘Like’ the Page.A Sponsored Story is a great way to highlight something shared on a Facebook Page. A Link, Photo, or particular update canbe turned into a Facebook Ad and presented to folks that ‘Like’ the Page.The Image, Page Title, Body content, and Post Title can be edited. Social Actions allow the user to comment, ‘Like’, orShare the item in the Facebook Ad.Understanding where your Facebook audience will spend their time helps you to streamline your targeting, so that yourFacebook Ad gets in front of the right people.Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOWJasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076
  9. 9. 9Jenn Mathews @SEOGoddess Wappow, Inc (877) 5-WAPPOWJasmine Stark @JasmineStark9 PO Box 45076 Seattle, WA 98145-0076