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When Good Brands Go Bad: From Brand Awareness to Information Overload



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Do you remember when brands used to be brands? Before over-sharing became common practice and Twitter feeds were marred by trolls and spammers. We go back to the good old days, and take advice from the biggest and brightest as to how to return there.

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When Good Brands Go Bad: From Brand Awareness to Information Overload

  1. 1. WHEN GOOD BRANDS GO BAD from brand awareness to information overload
  2. 2. LET’S TALK ➤ Section 1: The Good Ol’ Days ➤ Section 2: And Then Along Came Social ➤ Section 3: The Overshare ➤ Section 4: Social Media Gone Wrong ➤ Section 5: Social Media Gone Really Wrong ➤ Section 6: The Consequences ➤ Section 7: What Now?
  3. 3. THE GOOD OL’ DAYS Do you remember when brands used to be, well… brands? Let me refresh your memory. It involved: ➤ Building relationships ➤ Meeting people face to face ➤ Picking up the phone ➤ Talking to the press ➤ Pen and paper ➤ Acronyms like PR and TBA in place of ROFL and BRB
  4. 4. AND THEN ALONG CAME SOCIAL… It then morphed into: ➤ Going viral ➤ Shouting about your brand… a lot ➤ Producing content, again - a lot ➤ Getting followers ➤ Influencing influencers ➤ Repeating words such as “influencer” ➤ Getting creative… even if you weren’t creative ➤ Being hopelessly hipster (and knowing what that means) And then of course, there were the buzzphrases such as “buzzphrase” and…
  5. 5. Meme #Belieber Kardashian Buzz Influence Virality #Nofilter #filter Trending Break the Internet #TBT Click bait Cost per click Big data Gamification Freemium There’s an app for that SEO
  6. 6. AND ALL THIS MEANS? Social media strategy became unfocused, irrelevant and brands spread themselves thin. BUT it can be stopped. ➤ It might help a little… ok, a lot to decide on a purpose for social media before you use it ➤ Decide on objectives, and what success will look like by channel And would you look at that…
  7. 7. AUDIT YOUR CHANNEL PERFORMANCE We’ve come up with just the thing to get you started. With our digital channel checklist you can audit your channels and start forming objectives. Download, it print, make the most of it and then use it as kindling if you like. In it, audit your channel strategy across social media, website, email and paid distribution. Download it here. A preview is right.
  8. 8. THE OVERSHARE After the social media obsession began we then started hearing about what people were eating for breakfast, where they were planning to eat breakfast and why they were choosing that particular breakfast… Then people got bored of hearing about breakfast. At a similar time, people also got bored of hearing about how awesome brands were. Then they got bored of seeing these awesome brands post tens and tens of posts about just how awesome they are every day. Then people stopped interacting with these awesome brands. Then came the spammers and the trolls in their place. And then we arrived at the present day where no one really “got” it anymore.
  9. 9. “Twitter provides us with a wonderful platform to discuss/confront societal problems. We trend Justin Bieber instead. -by Lauren Leto
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA GONE WRONG And then it all went even more horribly wrong. And we saw things like this from House of Fraser. Their #EMOJINAL campaign did not go down well. Plus it sounds kind of rude as a word…
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA GONE WRONG And we saw Blackberry tweet from an iPhone. While Alanis Morissette’s hit “Ironic” played on repeat in our brains.
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA GONE REALLY WRONG And then it got worse. Much worse… People got fired. People behaved horribly.
  13. 13. “The best way to engage honestly with the marketplace via Twitter is to never use the words “engage,” “honestly,” or “marketplace.” -by Jeffrey Zeldman
  14. 14. THE CONSEQUENCES So where does this leave us? Well, just so we’re not another brand producing content we’ve taken these brand social media guidelines from giants you’ll all recognise instead: ➤ With conversations, participate online, don’t “broadcast” messages to other users, BBC ➤ Always pause and think before posting, INTEL ➤ Perception is reality. In online social networks, the lines between public and private, personal and professional are blurred. Be sure that all content associated with you is consistent with your work and with Intel's values and professional standards, INTEL ➤ Be careful when sharing information about yourself or others, KODAK ➤ Aim for quality, not quantity, SAP
  15. 15. ALIGN YOUR CHANNEL STRATEGY TO YOUR INBOUND TARGETS And if you’re after more, more, more - our eGuide talks you through how to select, set targets for and evaluate each channel for inbound success. Download it here. A preview is right.
  16. 16. THE END