How to Increase Your Traffic and Google Ranking


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We show you how to increase your traffic and Google ranking in a short time frame if you take action and do this method consistently.

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  • I m running two sites and now a days my rank in google search results is going down day by day. Here i m looking for some help in backlink creation after trying very hard for last 15 days still unable to create single backlink for these sites found by google.
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How to Increase Your Traffic and Google Ranking

  1. 1. Presents…
  2. 2. How to Increase Your Traffic and Google Ranking
  3. 3. IntroductionToday we are going to talk about a way youcan increase your websites traffic andGoogle ranking in a short time frame.The main thing to remember is that youhave to take action and do this methodconsistently.
  4. 4. What is Guest Blogging?• Guest blogging is where you write an article and submit it to a blog that is relevant to your website.• Within the article at the bottom you will include an author bio where you can tell a little bit about yourself or your company and put a link to your website.
  5. 5. Benefits of Guest Blogging• Build relationships and credibility with the bloggers in your niche and the readers of the blog you guest post on.• Gain exposure for yourself and your company from people who are interested in what you are doing.• Relevant quality traffic will come to your website, and you will get people to opt in to your email list or even better yet buy your product or service.• Your Google ranking will increase because of the quality backlinks you are getting.
  6. 6. Why are you doing Guest Blogging?• Before you do guest blogging you want to decide on why you are doing it.• If your goal is to get more subscribers to your email list, that is different compared to getting a higher Google ranking.• If you are trying to get more subscribers to your email list it is probably best to post on a popular blog in your niche that gets a lot of traffic, but if you are trying to get a higher Google ranking it is probably best to do a guest post on several smaller blogs in your niche.
  7. 7. How do I Find Websites to Guest Post on?• Technorati is a great directory to use when searching for big blogs to guest post on.• Google Blog Search is a way you can find blogs in your niche by simply searching for your niche.• My Blog Guest is a place where you can submit your content as well as look for blogs to post your content on.• The Content Facilitator is a new website where you submit your content and then bloggers will see your content and decide if they want to post your guest post or not.• Search engines are a great place to find blogs to guest post on by searching terms such as guest posting guidelines + your niche, submit guest post + your niche, guest blogging + your niche.
  8. 8. Coming Up with Topics to Guest Post On…• Yahoo Answers is a great place to look for questions people are asking about your niche, and then you can write an article answering that question or a couple of questions that go together.• Read posts on top blogs in your niche, and then that will naturally help you come up with ideas.• Forums are a place where people are always asking questions, so look for good questions you can answer in an article.• Below a post there are going to be comments where people are asking questions which you can use for ideas for your post.• People are always sharing content they enjoyed on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google +. Look for those pieces of content, and from there you can come up with another idea or share your tips on the topic they were talking about.• Ask your fellow readers by posting on social media sites, emailing your list, posting on your blog, or asking one of them directly what they want to learn more about.
  9. 9. A Few Important Rules to Follow• Write a post, and then ask the blog to publish it along with a pitch on why the should. A lot of people will ask if they can do a post before they write one, but many bloggers like looking at a finished post and you will notice a higher success rate.• Always write unique, and quality content that is well thought out because remember you are trying to attract their readers to come to your website.• Make sure you take the time to respond to comments that people leave below your post.• Research that blog before doing your guest post by reading several of their guest posts so you know what kind of content they like, the length of the content, how many links are allowed in your author bio and rules like that. Sometimes a blog will have guest posting guidelines which is giving you the rules on a silver platter, but that often isn’t the case.
  10. 10. Thanks for taking your time to read this post and make sure to checkout our blog at