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Seo and your concerns


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Seo and your concerns

  1. 1. SEO and your Concerns When it comes to SEO for your website, and one of the main concerns you may have the time and the amount of money you need to spend. If you are hiring an SEM company, then time is money, and will want to know a rough estimate of the amount of time that the SEO company will, and therefore charge.You can break the necessary steps to SEO, making it easier to judge the amount of time you or your SEO companywill have to spend on each. The estimates contained in this document does not take into account any major issues or technical problems that may arise. You may have to add extra hours at each step one for the account of anyproblems you may have to deal with it. If your website is exceptionally large (a thousand pages or more), you may need to add more time to your estimate. Step 1: Domain / URL issues - from two hours to two daysThe first thing to do is go through your site manually and make sure everything is consistent. You also want to lookfor things that would make a robot search and find it difficult to navigate through your website. If you have a large site, dynamic or a site that brings a lot of content from other sites that may change frequently, it can take more than a couple of hours for this step. After completing this step, we hope to take two to four hours to create and test all links 301 - your funnel. You can also take between two and fifteen hours to rename or recode names depending on how your site is evaluated. Step 2: - design issues - four hours to 30 minutes on each side of each page It is easy to see many of the design problems, but it can be difficult to ensure that the design is consistent from one page to another through its comprehensive website. It may take a couple of hours to print, the question of design, but it should not take more than four or five hours. You can see in many cases, to the bottom of theseissues, while you are doing your domain / URL assess and provide a bit of time. How long does it take to implement all the changes that need to be done in this step depends on the number of pages it has. At best, it may end up spending a half hour on each page. If you have a great location, and this can add days to your SEO. Step 3: - architectural issues - 125 hoursThe most important aspect of your website to a search engine is its architecture. At the same time, building a list of architectural interest and can be while doing other lists, may be the actual implementation of these changes take
  2. 2. days or weeks. Much of this depends on the dynamics of your site is how much and re-encoding is necessary. Step 4: - Content - half hour / 250 wordsYou can create content that is search engine optimization has a good amount of time, especially if you have a lot of content on your website. One way to save time and money in this step is to do the writing himself, but before jumping into this idea, and make sure you understand how SEO works. Otherwise, it can do more harm fine. You can also purchase the licensed content or rewrite your content to include keywords. Hassan [Pick the date][Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents ofthe document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of thecontents of the document.]