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6th feb slideshare


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6th feb slideshare

  1. 1. 8 ways to SEONo matter how hard youre trying to satisfy SEO and run a successful business, and does not have to be a client ortwo who say bad things about you online. Unfortunately, this is the price you pay when you run a business. Forstarters, you should try to meet the expectations of its customers and please them as much as possible, but if youcome across a negative comment sometimes despite your efforts, here are 8 ways to mitigate the damage.1. Instead, avoid panic, stay calm and composed to formulate their plan of action. The last thing I want to do is staycalm and try to answer. It will be the end makes you look worse in the end.2. There are complaints or negative comments from his business on the first page of search engine results for yourcompany name? If so, it is necessary to formulate an action plan to knock off the top of the search results page assoon as possible. Some of the most effective ways to do this is through the provision of optimized press releaseson the latest developments in your business, start a new blog to share positive certificates and statistics aboutyour business, and contribute to the forums in your niche to publish relevant and useful to the participants at theForum.3. Remember that SEO webdesign everyone, so do not be discouraged if you find the negative publicity about yourbusiness online. Maybe you have a few hundred of satisfied customers every dissatisfied customer to rememberthat your business not only failed because of a frivolous lawsuit only. People who feel they have a bad experienceare more likely to share it with those who have the good.4. Use social media to build a larger network. Can sites like Facebook and Twitter, Digg, and instructions will behelpful in building a positive reputation for your business. Be sure to provide a lot of useful content on yourwebsite so that people can talk to others on social networking sites.5. Do not focus all your time and energy to get rid of negative comment about your business. You need to ensurethat you keep the big picture in mind. Otherwise, your business will suffer. A comprehensive approach to solvingthis problem.6. When you find a negative comment about your business, do everything possible to keep track of this client ishappy background so you can solve the problem. In solving the problem publicly in the online arena, is shown topotential customers who are looking for you that you are serious about customer service.7. Do not admit that what I did wrong in response to the negative comments. Therefore, it can cause othercustomers to lose confidence in their own business.8. If possible, get a certificate of your company with the Better Business Bureau to build credibility in the eyes ofpotential customers.Follow these tips to solve this problem of adverse tactfully. You will not be able to get rid of the negativecomments in search results overnight, but with consistent effort, we have to go on foot. In severe cases, you may
  2. 2. need to work with a company that specializes in reputation management, but otherwise, consider these tips soyou can gradually improve your online reputation.