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Comment utiliser le SEO en B2B pour générer des leads ? - Nahid Ouhelli - SEOCamp'us Paris 2019

Comment utiliser le SEO en B2B pour générer des leads.
1 – Targeter des clusters sémantiques (à travers les « challenges » de Dassault Systèmes)
2 – Créer du contenu optimisé (du hub (considération) au spokes (décision)). Du contenu frais est mis en ligne régulièrement afin de pousser à la prise de décision (spokes).
3 – Synergies entre le SEO, les campagnes média (SEA inclu) ou l’ABM pour toucher l’audience qui n’est pas encore prête à convertir.

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Comment utiliser le SEO en B2B pour générer des leads ? - Nahid Ouhelli - SEOCamp'us Paris 2019

  1. 1. #seocamp 1 Comment utiliser le SEO en B2B pour générer des leads?
  2. 2. #seocamp 2 Nahid OUHELLI SEO Expert – Dassault Systèmes Been in Digital Marketing for 12 years (4 years in SEO)
  3. 3. #seocamp 3 The 3DEXPERIENCE® Company
  4. 4. #seocamp 4 B2B Vs B2C | What’s the difference? REACH ENGAGE PURCHASE REACH ENGAGE CONVERT Generate leads that will turn into sales B2BB2C GLOBAL objectives  Raise awareness  Increase leads / Generate revenue PERSONALIZED sales experiences LONG decision process, more complex process than B2C Awareness Awareness Consideration Consideration
  5. 5. #seocamp 5 Illustrative B2B buying journey REACH ENGAGE CONVERT Generate leads that will turn into sales B2B Awareness Consideration Reality Searching for information, validating, and aligning key stakeholders across time… Theory Loyalty
  6. 6. #seocamp 6 Major changes The majority of B2B purchase decisions are made online 68% of B2B customers prefer to research independently online Forrester report B2B purchases are made up of more millennials 50% of buyers doing the initial research are millennials Google report The number of decision makers has increased 6.8 From 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today Harvard Business Review report
  7. 7. #seocamp 7 How to convert more and faster? How to convert better?
  8. 8. #seocamp 8 What is a B2B conversion? Get a demo / Get a quote Download Watch a video Submit the form
  9. 9. #seocamp 9 Better | Improving the form(s) Original one step form Revised 2 steps form 1000 visits (3€/visits) with a form that converts at 1% 10 leads at a cost of 300€/lead 1000 visits (3€/visits) with a form that converts at 3% 30 leads at a cost of 100€/lead * This is an example and not Dassault Systèmes results
  10. 10. #seocamp 10 Faster | Clicks to conversion
  11. 11. #seocamp 11 Connection between organic results & specific landing pages SEO & PPC in tandem Strong technical optimizations Technical foundation Deep competition knowledge Competitive landscape Strong self-knowledge Semantic universes More, better & faster using SEO?
  12. 12. #seocamp 12 Technical foundation Optimization in order to get the basics and avoid disasters. - Canonicals - Hreflang tags - URLs structures - Internal search (filters) Agile Methodology - Backlog for all the new websites - Sprints - Sprints follow-up & QA Traditional Approach - SEO specifications with versioning - Implementations follow-up & QA EXISTING WEBSITES Technical foundation NEW WEBSITES MeasuringReturnOnInvestment 20%effort-80%results MeasuringReturnOnInvestment 100%effort-100%results
  13. 13. #seocamp 13 User story (example) As a search engine, I would like to index unique content so that the search results will not contain duplicate content. All the pages should be, by default, canonicalized as follow : The canonical links use the following syntax : <link rel canonical" href="" /> The canonical link element should be placed within the <head> section of the page’s code. Etc. Agile & Traditional approach Agile methodology User stories, sprint, backlog, sprint planning, etc. V-Cycle approach Needs => Specifications => Dev => QA
  14. 14. #seocamp 14 Technical quick wins Evangelization / Trainings / Explanations STATE OF ART Technical audit + Competition analysis PROJECT MANAGEMENT Actions planning Delivery follow-up Dashboarding DEVELOPMENT SIZING Prioritization - Quick wins first Structural development after TEST & IMPLEMENTATION Implementations QA Phase & Iterations SEO STRATEGY Lead Gen objectives KPIs ROI POST MORTEM Results monitoring Do / Don’t Best-in-class implementations Iterate X days DELIVERY
  15. 15. #seocamp 15 Semantic universes Large target audience Priorities
  16. 16. #seocamp 16 Semantic universes | How to prioritize? Priorities Awareness Large audience with High level messaging Homepages / Blogs / Corporate pages /… Interest & Consideration Forum / Products demo / Webinar / Videos/ Live chat / Customer testimonial /… Intent Get a demo / A quote / Contact / … Marketplace / online channel / sales transaction
  17. 17. #seocamp 17 Empower the Customer Voice Outside In CompetitionTrending topics Search intent Generic term Long tail Detailed search term Mid/long tail (problem solving) Precise goal term Short tail
  18. 18. #seocamp 18 Competitive Landscape | 3 W’s WHY? Why spending time? Create content Optimize content Get backlinks, etc. WHO? Who are they? Business competitors Online competitors Wikipedia, Google, etc. WHAT? What are the keywords? Organic search Paid search
  19. 19. #seocamp 19 SEO & PPC in tandem Short-term visibility (ex. One shot campaigns, events,…) If it’s hard to rank in SEO, why not using PPC strategy? Long-term visibility (ex. Always on campaigns) Why not using PPC landing pages for SEO? Mid-term visibility (ex. trends, hot topics, business topics,…) If my competitors and the market show interests towards some topics in PPC, why not using SEO?
  20. 20. #seocamp 20 Trading time for money…vice versa SEA will allow you to gather insights about your target audience and valuable keywords to focus on. SEO will secure regular organic search traffic from valuable keywords in order to generate eventual leads. ORGANIC PAID
  21. 21. #seocamp 21 SEO in B2B organization Technical Optimization Adviser PO, Dev, UX & UI team Getting Stakeholders Support Stakeholders Content Optimization Evangelist Content team Keywords buying Influencer Media team Transversal approach
  22. 22. #seocamp 22 Question MUG Lorsque je fais du SEO en B2B, que dois-je privilégier? Et pourquoi  La notoriété La génération de leads
  23. 23. #seocamp 23 Thank you