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Seo tips for web designers


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Seo tips for web designers

  1. 1. SEO Tips For Web Designers From some some of the best sites out there I bring you 50+ SEO tips from web designers to web designers. 11 must use seo tips for web designers 1. Make the code prettier than the design 2. Use but don't abuse your keywords 3. Avoid using Flash for navigation 4. Use unique page titles 5. Don't forget about images 6. Don't use generic links 7. Don't use images to replace text 8. Use AJAX sparingly 9. Get indexed quickly 10. Build incoming links 11. Use a consistent URL 10 seo tips for web designers 1: Employ SEO techniques right from the start of web design and development. 2: Designs must be given more importance, but it's basically the back-end code that provides proper support. Therefore, try optimizing the code and checking for W3C compliance from the very beginning. 3: Don't forget the basics including title tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, Header tags etc. 4: Don't forget to optimize your website images using alt tags. Also make sure to optimize the image size and loading time to the minimum.
  2. 2. 5: Search engines simply adore text and content, particularly the unique one. So make sure your pages have relevant content to boost your search rankings. Try not to overload your web design with so many graphic, but have appropriate text too. 6: Flash is cool and interactive feature to engage users, but it doesn't work with flash. If you really want to put some flash on your website, use flash banners and slideshows, and keep alternative text versions for websites in full flash. 7: Competitive analysis is also crucial to know your competitor's status. This way you can not only improve your own rankings, but also defeat them in areas where they are showing poor results. 8: Optimize your website URL'S with your relevant keywords. Assign a different title name to each page, and don't repeat the same title throughout the entire site. Moreover, the page title must not exceed 65 characters. 9: Replace JavaScript sin navigation menu with CSS based navigation. Using JavaScript can make your menu less search engine friendly but you can some use of its features in a CSS menu and retain the fanciness of the navigational menu. 10: Use a SEO friendly design that does not block or hamper the indexing of important areas on your site. Also, to ensure both search engine and user friendliness keep your keyword rich content above the fold. 9 power seo tips for web designers 1. Create a blog as part of the web design project 2. Edit each page properly using data from Google Analytics 3. Avoid filling the website with keyword-insensitive codes 4. Each page should have its own distinct aura 5. Using Meta description tags as a decisive variable 6. Avoid duplicate content at all costs 7. When excessive coding is imminent, use footer links for backup 8. Each keyword or keyword phrase should be placed on separate web pages 9. Title tags should be filled with the proper keywords
  3. 3. 21 wordpress seo tips 1. Validate Your HTML 2. Use Your Title Tag 3. Use Categories 4. Prevent Duplicate Content 5. Use Images Properly 6. Make it Easier for Google with Sitemaps 7. Write Great Post Titles 8. Respect Your Keywords 9. Brand Your PermaLinks 10. Use Document Formating 11. Let Google See You! 12. Ping Loud! 13. Use Traditional SEO Methods 14. Write Often 15. Deep Linking 16. Add a META Description 17. Get Connected to Google! 18. Use Great Links 19. Use Your Headings 20. Find Great Tags for Your Posts 21. Learn the Power of nofollow
  4. 4. SEO Tips for Web Designers - PDF 1. Clients want and need SEO 2. The user experience starts on the search engines 3. SEO is about increasing conversions 4. Pages must be crawl-able and parse-able. 5. You may already hate SEO 6. Use unique tags 7. Avoid tricks 8. Websites need to be updated regularly Bonus tip: This one is mine, When adding footer links to your website such as "web design by [your company here]" instead of pointing all of the links to your website instead, point them all at an internal page master page that points out to yours. Should Google decide that sitewide external footer links are bad you are in the clear. Additionally the link to your website has all of that back path anchor text pointing to one master out link, giving relevancy and strength to that link, Lots of pawns or 1 king link, get it?