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Udemy Market Research Operations by Udemology


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Udemy Market Research Operations by Udemology

Are you planning to create a course in the Operation category of Udemy? Make sure you read this market research report about this category.

In this report you will learn the most important key facts about your market and finally if you should invest in a course before you even start.

Download this report right away and give yourself a head start on Udemy!

Udemology, the science of Udemy

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Udemy Market Research Operations by Udemology

  1. 1. Udemology The science of Udemy Market Research Report: Operations By:
  2. 2. 1 About Udemology provides facts, figures and reports about Udemy. All this information is intended to help out course instructors to succeed and supporting the Udemy Community. Market Research This market research will provide any course instructor information about the Web Development category. Are you planning to make a course in this category? Please read on!
  3. 3. 2 Why Should You Do Market Research? Perhaps you are just wondering why you should even bother to do this. The goal of market research is giving insight in your market. You want to validate that the “product” or “course” you produce will sell. If you discover during your research that this will not succeed, well than look for another topic. In this research we at Udemology will give our personal opinion. You do not have to agree it, but we will make sure you understand what we are doing during this research!
  4. 4. 3 The questions we will analyze In the market research we will give you answer on the following questions: 1. How many courses are available in this market? 2. How many competitors are in this market? 3. What is the average price for a course? 4. How many students bought a course? 5. How many students does a course have on average? 6. Who is the largest competitor? 7. What would be my earning potential if l will create a course in this segment? And finally the Udemology conclusion! Is this a market to get in too YES or NO?
  5. 5. 4 1. How many courses are available in this market? Many people see competition as a curse. In reality competition is a healthy sign of capitalism. Competition is a sign that the market you are in is financially healthy. More courses equals to more money that can be made. How many courses in this category? In total 108 courses are available in the market. That is a great deal of courses.
  6. 6. 5 2. How many competitors are in this market? The Operations market in Udemy has 65 competitors. You might already notice that some competitors are offering more than one course. In total there are 108 courses, and 65 competitors offering courses.
  7. 7. 6 3. What is the average price per course? In the Operations market of Udemy there are prices ranging from $0 all up to $499 . The price difference is huge, but on average the price for a course is $75. That is a decent price.
  8. 8. 7 4. How many students bought a course? In total 111,861 students have enrolled. That is a large amount. Please note that we did not extract the total free courses that students followed. The amount of free students is quite huge in this market. Over 65,347 students enrolled for a free course. That is 58.4% of the entire market that follows a free course (65,347 / 111,861 x 100%). Only 46,514 students enrolled for a paid course.
  9. 9. 8 5. How many students does a course have on average? You already start to realize the market size is quite large. Now we will measure the average per course. The easy way is to divide the amount of students by amount of course. That is 1036 students (=111,861 / 108). On average a course receive 1036 students. Please note that in that calculation we included the free students. Want to know how much the paying student is? That is 465 paying students (=46,514 / 108 – 8 free courses). We reduced the 108 courses to 100 because 8 courses were free.
  10. 10. 9 6. Who is the largest competitor? In this part we will analyze our biggest competitor in Operations. We measure that based on the amount of students per competitor. Well here you have the top 3: This is the preview version of this Market Research. Do you want to have the full version of this document? Get the Udemology course on Udemy and learn how to pick the perfect topic for a Udemy Course that sells! Get the full report and more!
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  12. 12. @ The #1 Udemy resource site that provides data, statistics and reports about Udemy for course instructors. © All right reserved by Udemology Nicky Wong Nicky Wong is the creator of Udemology. A true Data Analyst. © All right reserved by Nicky Wong
  13. 13. D Disclaimer The data in this research is based on (current) asking prices. We do not distinct students that bought the course for a discount, Udemy Promo, or enrolled thru free vouchers. That data is not available but we are working hard to develop this data in the future.