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6 Phases of Church Planting


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How does church planting work? This presentation reveals 6 basic phases in the process: mobilizing, evangelizing, discipling, gathering, empowering, and multiplying.

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6 Phases of Church Planting

  1. 1. You mayhave heard churches or organizations saythatthey do church planting. Butwhatexactly does thatmean? Howdoesitwork?
  2. 2. Whiledetailsmayvary duetoa number ofdifferentfactors,thereare somecommonsteps.We liketo call them The SixBasicPhases.
  3. 3. Sothere you haveit: theSix BasicPhases of ChurchPlanting.
  4. 4. Noticehow oftentheword “team” appears.Church plantingis not a one- man-show.It takesa variety ofpeoplewitha variety ofskills,allworking together. Where could your skillsfit?
  5. 5. To check outchurch plantingopportunities amongtheunreached withSEND International,
  6. 6. Get your hands dirty!