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Tim Capper — Location in Local SEO


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These slides were presented at the SEMrush webinar "Understanding your Location in Local SEO (UK)". Video replay and transcript are available at

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Tim Capper — Location in Local SEO

  1. 1. Understanding Your Location in Local SEO SEMrush Tim Capper | Online Ownership
  2. 2. Location, Location, Location Search Engines need to understand where your business is located in order to show your business to searchers looking for a product or service in a specific geographic location. In order to do this we need to provide the correct location information both ON and OFF site. @GuideTwit
  3. 3. Golden Rule NAP Consistency both ON and OFF Site ➔ Name Name of business across the web ➔ Address Street - Town - County - Post Code ➔ Phone Number Use local tel number Google is smart enough to understand Limited (LTD) not being in business name all the time, together with address inconsistencies like, Road (Rd), Street (St). @GuideTwit
  4. 4. Google My Business Optimise your Google My Business Page ● Business Category ● Full Address + PIN Marker ● Hours ● Links - Website, Appointments, Menu ● Services ● Products ● Business Description ● Short Name - Review Link ● Google Posts ● Photos ● Questions & Answers @GuideTwit
  5. 5. ON Site NAP Information ● Single location businesses - full business details (NAP) in footer. Good for Google and crucial for customers ! ● Multi location businesses - head office details (NAP) in footer. Location pages contain their own specific NAP details. ● LocalBusiness schema markup containing matching NAP @GuideTwit
  6. 6. ON Site LocalBusiness Structured Data ● Find the best category that fits your business ● NAP consistency ● Geo Coordinates +hasMap ● Use Image and priceRange to your advantage ● Dont spam aggregatedReviews @GuideTwit
  7. 7. ON Site LocalBusiness Structured Data Get Creative - Use Structured Data to Stand Out from the SERPS @GuideTwit
  8. 8. ON Site Don't Forget Page Structure ● Home Page <title> - include service + location <title>Business Name – Expert Eye Care in Kettering</title> ● H1 Your Eye Care Specialists in Kettering at Name ● H2 We offer xyz services The right information at the right time for customers @GuideTwit
  9. 9. Localised Content Anticipate your customers online journey and provide content that satisfies their queries. Localised Content Could Be: ● FAQs ● Resources ● Video @GuideTwit
  10. 10. Localised Content @GuideTwit
  11. 11. Off Site Building your local prominence off site ➔ Business Citations Increase location signals ➔ Press Local press great for local awareness ➔ Stay Local Complementary businesses in area @GuideTwit
  12. 12. Business Citations A business citation is a reference to your business from another online source. A citation includes Business Name, Address and Phone Number ( NAP ). They typically include a link to your website. ● Only use main UK directory sites ● Check for any smaller local sites ● Expand to niche directory sites for your industry Fully complete all information required for all directory listing, like you would your Google My Business listing. @GuideTwit
  13. 13. Business Citations Other Citation Sources: ● Trade Association ● Chamber of Commerce ● Social Media Business Profiles ● Profile Pages on websites you contribute to ● Trade Reviews ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Directory.thesun ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Uksmallbusinessdirectory ● ● ● ● ● ● Bing.my118information ● ● ● ● ● ● @GuideTwit
  14. 14. Local Press The local press is a great resource both online and offline ! Build a relationship with your local press and magazines. ● Invite them to openings / product launches ● Charity efforts ● Local opinion pieces ● Advertorial stories Press Releases - to be used with caution - unless ● Niche market publication @GuideTwit
  15. 15. Stay Local Talk to other local businesses that compliment your business. ● coffee shop - car wash ● ladies clothes shop - hairdressing ● opticians - chemist ● restaurant - cinema @GuideTwit
  16. 16. Recap Off Site 1. Business citations 2. Local press 3. Stay local On Site 1. Titles - H1 -H2 2. Address on site 3. Structured data 4. Localised content Google My Business 1. Optimise 2. Post & Promote 3. Reviews @GuideTwit SEMrush Online Ownership