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The State of HTTPS In Search


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Why you should move to HTTPS and what mistakes to avoid along the way.
In her speech at Pubcon, Olga covers:
- HTTPs adoption rates in various industries and countries
- the importance of this to Google
- mistakes companies make when migrating their website.

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The State of HTTPS In Search

  1. 1. @olgandrienko #pubcon THE STATE OF HTTPS IN SEARCH Presented by: Olga Andrienko Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush
  2. 2. @olgandrienko #pubcon When HTTPS adoption started to increase
  3. 3. @olgandrienko #pubcon Of the 218,000 sites looked at, only 630 (0.3%) switched to HTTPS by September 21st, 2014. Source:
  4. 4. @olgandrienko #pubcon “Beginning in January 2017 (Chrome 56), we’ll mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure.” – Google Security Blog (Sept 8th, 2016)
  5. 5. @olgandrienko #pubcon HTTP page is now marked ”Not secure”: if the page has password or credit card fields when users enter data on an HTTP page on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode
  6. 6. @olgandrienko #pubcon How it will eventually look like if you stick to HTTP
  7. 7. @olgandrienko #pubcon JimStewart StewArtMedia “Now users don'treally know the difference butthey will once thechrome warnings turn red.”
  8. 8. @olgandrienko #pubcon HTTPS Benefits User trust Security and privacy Small ranking boost Referral data in GA
  9. 9. @olgandrienko #pubcon HOW FAR ARE WE WITH ADOPTING HTTPS? Ranking correlations, industry data and most common mistakes
  10. 10. @olgandrienko #pubcon Website security & rankings (HTTPS) 65% of domains in TOP-3 for high volume keywords are already secure
  11. 11. @olgandrienko #pubcon It’s significantly harder to compete for high volume keywords without https now. In less competitive niches moving to https is a great way to stand out positively.
  12. 12. @olgandrienko #pubcon Page loads over HTTPS in Chrome by platform (%) Source: Over 75% of Chrome traffic on both ChromeOS and Mac is now protected, up from 60% on Mac and 67% on Chrome OS a year ago
  13. 13. @olgandrienko #pubcon HTTPS Adoption in TOP-10 and TOP-20 for Google US, UK, DE and FR (datafromSEMrush Sensor,22Oct2017) 60%for US 65%for UK 63%for Germany 62%for France
  14. 14. @olgandrienko #pubcon HTTPS usage in the world Japan: from 31% in the last year to 55% now Brazil: from 50% in the last year to 66% now 71 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default, up from 37 a year ago
  15. 15. @olgandrienko #pubcon HTTPS vs HTTP Usage in the Top 100,000 Domains HTTPS usage among TOP 100K domains has increased from 7.6% in 2014 to 31.5% in 2017
  16. 16. @olgandrienko #pubcon TOP HTTPS usage amongFortune 500 Companies (by sector) Business Services Finance Telecommunications Technology 73% 70% 58% 57% 55%Wholesalers Transportation 55% Moredata:
  17. 17. @olgandrienko #pubcon More data on industries:
  18. 18. @olgandrienko #pubcon TOP 10 HTTPS Implementation Mistakes
  19. 19. @olgandrienko #pubcon SEMrush HTTPS Study of 100,000 websites 100,000 websites were analyzed, 45% out of them support HTTPS
  20. 20. @olgandrienko #pubcon 9% Non-secure pages with password inputs Any page that collects passwords should be encrypted!
  21. 21. @olgandrienko #pubcon 50% Issues with Mixed content Some elements on the site are not secured with HTTPS (such as images, links, IFrames, scripts, etc).
  22. 22. @olgandrienko #pubcon Mix of secure and unsecured content Result: content is blocked by the browsers and there are security issues when viewing the page
  23. 23. @olgandrienko #pubcon 6% Incorrect domain name for SSL certificate Web browsers will block users from visiting your website by showing them a name mismatch error.
  24. 24. @olgandrienko #pubcon 2% Expired SSL certificate Warning message will be shown to users landing on your website, which usually stops them from going further.
  25. 25. @olgandrienko #pubcon 3.6% Old security protocol version Running SSL or old TLS protocol (version 1.0) is a security risk. Implement the newest protocol versions.
  26. 26. @olgandrienko #pubcon More HTTPS errors NoHSTSsupport No redirects or canonicalsto HTTPS URLs HTTPURLsin sitemap for HTTPS NoSNI support 86% 8% 5.5% 0.56%
  27. 27. @olgandrienko #pubcon 50% Internal links on HTTPS leading to HTTP If any link on website points to the old HTTP version of website, search engines can become confused as to which version of the page they should rank.
  28. 28. @olgandrienko #pubcon Check every tracking code – in GA and GTM!
  29. 29. @olgandrienko #pubcon IS THERE A RANKING BOOST? Source:
  30. 30. @olgandrienko #pubcon FiliWiese SearchBrothers “That’s a clear yes, onall accounts. HTTPS if anything demonstrates to users that a site is trustworthy. Googledoes seem to prefer secure sites, whenever possible.”
  31. 31. @olgandrienko #pubcon Bastian Grimm Peak AceAG “I haven’t seen criticalevidence of HTTPS increasingrankings. However, not being on HTTPSisan issue. My personal take is that Google willflag insecure URLs in SERPs, which willresult in a massivedecline in your SERP CTR.”
  32. 32. @olgandrienko #pubcon Website Migration Case by Guy Levine (28daysaftervs28days prior) Search Impressions Average Position Clicks CTR 116,771 (+21,626) 35.1 (+3.4) 2,097 (+246) 1.8% (-0.15%) 64/100 (-2)Mobile Speed Desktop Speed 81/100 (0)
  33. 33. @olgandrienko #pubcon Tools for HTTPS migration
  34. 34. @olgandrienko #pubcon Get the slides via Olga Andrienko Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush Twitter & Facebook: @olgandrienko