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Steve Bailey — Core Web Vitals & Roadblocks to Success


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These slides were presented at the SEMrush webinar "Core Web Vitals & Roadblocks to Success
". Video replay and transcript are available at

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Steve Bailey — Core Web Vitals & Roadblocks to Success

  1. 1. Google Core Web Vitals & Roadblocks to SuccessAn SEO Perspective
  2. 2. What is covered • What is Google doing and why? • The Core Web Vitals • Largest Contentful Paint • Cumulative Layout Shift • First Input Delay
  3. 3. Performance reporting and metrics can be inaccessible to some Simplify the landscape – focus on what matters most
  4. 4. Not a ‘primary’ ranking factor “Like any other search engine, Google works hard to surface the highest quality and most relevant results for users' queries. CWV has nothing to do with either of those, not even remotely, so it's extremely unlikely that CWV would ever become "the primary factor for Organic Traffic". That's not to say you can ignore CWV, though.” Gary Illyes / Google
  5. 5. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) Measuringperceivedload speed
  6. 6. |6
  7. 7. |7
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Advert blindness Chrome Dev Tools LCP Larger image than the logo
  10. 10. |11 I like LCP, it seems simple enough but it’s not as simple or polished as it could be.
  11. 11. CumulativeLayoutShift
  12. 12. |13
  13. 13. |14
  14. 14. |15
  15. 15. |16 Looking at layout shift is a great addition – without Web Page Test we could be a bit lost trying to analyse it.
  16. 16. FirstInputDelay
  17. 17. “Your call is important to use, please hold…”
  18. 18. |19 Main thread is busy performing tasks User clicks/makes an input on the page Action is delayed and queued until the current task is finished
  19. 19. |20
  20. 20. |21
  21. 21. |22 It’s nothing new, if you were stuck on this before you will probably be stuck on it now…but most sites are fine!
  22. 22. Remember CWV’s are one element of technical SEO and focus could be better spent elsewhere. Steve Bailey Head of Technical SEO