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Larry Kim — The Top 10 Facebook Advertising Hacks of 2020


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These slides were presented at the SEMrush webinar "The Top 10 Facebook Advertising Hacks of 2020". Video replay and transcript are available at

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Larry Kim — The Top 10 Facebook Advertising Hacks of 2020

  1. 1. #learningWithIm pact Larry Kim CEO, MobileMonkey, Inc. Slides:
  2. 2. #learningWithIm pact A Few Random Facts About Larry Slides:
  3. 3. #learningWithIm pact Originally From Winnipeg Slides:
  4. 4. #learningWithIm pact Slightly Obsessed With Unicorns Make PPC Magical Again! Slides:
  5. 5. #learningWithIm pact Founded WordStream in 2008 2008 Today Slides:
  6. 6. #learningWithIm pact 7-Year Compound Annual Growth Rate 75% Unicorn Financial Performance $1,100,000 $3,300,000 $6,500,000 $10,000,000 $22,800,000 $32,000,000 $55,000,000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 WordStream Revenue Growth! Estimated 2018 Revenues = 55M EBITA = 16M #MobileMonkey
  7. 7. #learningWithIm pact Slides:
  8. 8. #learningWithIm pact Slides:
  9. 9. Julian (5) Oliver (1) Kay Lee Slides:
  10. 10. CEO of MobileMonkey, the Fastest- Growing Facebook Messenger Solution Provider! Slides:
  11. 11. Larry’s Top 7 Facebook Ad Hacks for 2020 “Hack” = Non-Obvious (but not Illegal) + Super High Impact Stuff! Slides:
  12. 12. Facebook Ads used to be Amazing! I spent the last +7 years talking about them! Slides:
  13. 13. CPMs Have Gone from $1 to +$100 in Last 6 Years. Slides:
  14. 14. Old Ways of Doing FB Ads Aren’t Leveraged Enough* Slides:
  15. 15. Larry’s #7 Facebook Ad Hack The Inverted Unicorn Ad Targeting Method Slides:
  16. 16. How is this possible? Slides:
  17. 17. Slides:
  18. 18. Women Who Live in England (22 Million People) People Who Recently Moved (3.6 Million People) People Who Like Local Businesses, High-schools, sports teams (etc.) Located in Arizona Behold: The Inverted Unicorn Facebook Ad Targeting Method!! Slides:
  19. 19. #CMCa2z @larrykim Unrelated Interests Related Interests VS Slides:
  20. 20. People Who Like Email Marketing AND .. Have Marketing Job Titles Unicorns! Normally We Target “Related Interests” (Casting a Narrow Net to Maximize Engagement Rates) Slides: “Suggestions” are *always* related interests!
  21. 21. Target two completely UNRELATED Interests + Reflect in Ad Copy People Who Like Game of Thrones Inverted Unicorn Ad Targeting! People Who Like Email Marketing Slides:
  22. 22. Slides:
  23. 23. Remarkably Low Ad Costs Due to Unusually High Engagement Rates Slides:
  24. 24. Slides: • 1.3k Likes • 120k Reached • 235 Shares • 68 Comments • Cost: $50 HOW??
  25. 25. Liberals Inverted Unicorn Ad Targeting! People Who Like Star Trek Deep Space Nine Senator Vreenak of the Romulan Star Empire (from Star Trek DS9) Slides:
  26. 26. Slides:
  27. 27. Summary: Inverted Unicorn Ad Targeting 1. Ridiculous Targeting: Combine totally unrelated targeting attributes 2. Making Boring Ads Interesting: By simultaneously appealing to multiple Interests 3.Cutting Down Huge Audiences: When budget is way smaller than audience size. Key Takeaway: Lot of kooky ad targeting strategies to try out here! Slides:
  28. 28. Larry’s #6 FB Ads Hack: Facebook Web Traffic Bomb Slides:
  29. 29. Weird Hack to GUARANTEE a spot on NY Times Bestseller List? Slides:
  30. 30. These Sites Generate Tons of Free Exposure and Work the Same Way! Slides:
  31. 31. Over a Million Views & 9,012 Likes! Slides:
  32. 32. Ranked #8 Author on Medium! HOW?! Slides:
  33. 33. Over Half a Million Views per Month! HOW? Slides:
  34. 34. Buy the Cheapest Clicks Available! Slides:
  35. 35. Slides:
  36. 36. 1564 Upvotes + Front Page + 500k Views! (Targeting “Excel” + “Reddit”) Slides:
  37. 37. #5: The Russian Ad Targeting Method Slides:
  38. 38. Slides:
  39. 39. Slides:
  40. 40. Slides:
  41. 41. • 42 “Likes” • 27 shares • 20 comments • 30 page likes • 2000 website clicks • $50! Slides:
  42. 42. What if You ALSO Targeting The Opposite Ideological Extreme (Eliminate Moderates) Slides:
  43. 43. 10,700 Likes 1,593 Shares 390 Comments 65,434 Views! Slides:
  44. 44. Promoting to Women Looking to Validate Their Life Choices Slides:
  45. 45. Slides: While Simultaneously Promoting To People Who Likely Strongly Disagree With The Content = Lively Discussion
  46. 46. Larry’s #4 Crazy Remarketing Strategy Just Say No to “Regular Campaigns”. (Only Run Remarketing Campaigns)* * ESPECIALLY If Budgets are Tight, set 100% of Ad Budget = Remarketing. Slides:
  47. 47. Remarketing Ads Regular (Non- Remarketing) Facebook Ads We Ran Same Ads, Bids & Budgets. What Happened? Slides:
  48. 48. Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CTR (+2-3x!) Slides:
  49. 49. Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CONVERSION RATES (+2-3x!) Slides:
  50. 50. On Average ~70% of Your Conversions Come From Your Remarketing Audiences (Representing on average 10% of your Ad Spend.) Slides:
  51. 51. Alternatively: ~90% of Your Spend Generates Just 30% of your conversions (and is should be cut if limited by budget) Slides:
  52. 52. Triples Click Through Rates Cuts Effective CPC in Half Triples Conversion Rates Cuts Impression Volume by +10x Behold The Power of Remarketing! Slides:
  53. 53. The Problem with Remarketing: Small Audiences People unfamiliar with your brand People familiar with your brand Remarketing only targets these usersRemarketing Doesn’t Target These Users (By Definition) Slides:
  54. 54. Solution: Fix Remarketing Volume Issue By Dramatically Expanding Cookie Pools Solution: make the smaller circle 100- 1000x bigger for cheap! (not Using FB Ads!) People unfamiliar with your brand People familiar with your brand Remarketing only targets these users Remarketing Doesn’t Target These Users (By Definition) Slides:
  55. 55. 1. Eliminate All Non- Remarketing Spend 2. Divert Budget to Cheaper PR Stunts (Inverted Unicorn, Web Traffic Bomb etc.) or Broadcast Marketing to Grow Audiences Divert Non-Remarketing Budget to Cheaper “Audience Growth” Campaigns Remarketing 10% Non-Remarketing 90% Old FB Budget Allocation: Remarketing vs. Non-Remarketing Remarketing TV/Radio/PR Stunts, etc. 60% New FB Ads Budget Allocation: Remarketing Only + PR Stunts / TV / Radio (etc.) Slides:
  56. 56. Example of Generating Mad Hits for Free (or very Cheap). Slides:
  57. 57. LinkedIn “Broetry” (Double Spaced Poems about Work & Life on LinkedIn) = 850k Views = 25.5k Website Visitors Cost = 15 Minutes Slides:
  58. 58. How Marketing REALLY Works STEP 1: Awareness Creation: Create kooky PR stunts and broadcast ads that target your customer demographics to create enormous audiences STEP 2: BiasFormation: People See Your Content, But Don’t Necessarily Take Action Right Away. STEP 3: Harvest Demand: Later when they see your FB ads.. 3-5x More Likely to Click 3-5x More Likely to Convert Slides:
  59. 59. Larry’s #3 FB Ads Hack Reciprocal Remarketing! Selling *Other* People’s Products & Services Slides:
  60. 60. Vs. Larry Kim Neil Patel Slides:
  61. 61. Large number of page fans Both “Growth Hacker” Audiences Not Competitive (Software vs. Service) Larry Kim vs. Neil Patel Slides:
  62. 62. Market Neil’s Products For Him to My Audience (In Exchange for Him Doing The Same) Slides:
  63. 63. Fix Remarketing Volume Issue By Swapping Cookie Pools Solution: make the smaller circle +2x bigger at no incremental cost via Reciprocal Remarketing People unfamiliar with your brand People familiar with My brand Remarketing only targets these users Remarketing Doesn’t Target These Users (By Definition) People familiar with Neil’s brand Slides:
  64. 64. Larry’s # 2 Facebook Ad Hack: Facebook Messenger Ads Slides:
  65. 65. #learningWithImp But I LOVE this one!!! Most Advertisers Use These Campaign Types Slides:
  66. 66. #learningWithImp Today, I Mostly Use ”Send To Messenger” Ads, Which Capture Everyone’s Contact Info. Slides:
  67. 67. #learningWithImp Send Messenger Ads into Messenger Dialogs Quick Surveys! Registrations & Reminders! Segmentation & Drip Campaigns! Slides:
  68. 68. #learningWithImp You Can Send Them Down Different “Messenger Funnels” Slides:
  69. 69. #learningWithImp So You Can Segment Users and Send Relevant Content (Note: This Chat-Blast had a whopping 85% Response Rate…) Slides:
  70. 70. #learningWithImp Tip #1: Psychological Principal Slides:
  71. 71. #learningWithImp Tip #2: Reciprocal Concessions! Slides:
  72. 72. #learningWithImp Use a Messenger Marketing Platform Like MobileMonkey to Create and Send Dialogues Slides:
  73. 73. #learningWithImp A Messenger Ad + Chatbot Dialog Example for Promoting a Web Event Slides:
  74. 74. #learningWithImp Today I’m Getting Messenger Contacts for $3-$5 (Despite +$100 CPMs) – Haven’t Seen Prices This Low Since 2014… Slides:
  75. 75. #learningWithImp What Happens after the Click? When they respond to you they become a messenger contact! Facebook by default gives you lots of qualifying data! Slides:
  76. 76. #learningWithImp User Segmentation and Audience Creation Slides:
  77. 77. #learningWithImp You Can Also Define Custom Audiences Based on “Conversational Criteria”. Audience Preview Slides:
  78. 78. #learningWithImp You can export any list based on “conversational criteria” as a Facebook Audience – “Chat Engagement Remarketing” Slides:
  79. 79. #learningWithImp Pay For Click on Ad Get Contact Info + Messaging Permissions!! Pay For Click On Ad Old Way: Regular FB Ads (~2-4% conversion Rate) New Way: FB Messenger Ads (100% Conversion Rate) Go to website ~2-4% of Visitors Fill out form Qualify Lead by Asking Questions Send to Correct Landing Page Re-engage via Chat! Slides:
  80. 80. #learningWithImpSlides:
  81. 81. Ask Questions and Give the Answer via Messaging! Slides:
  82. 82. Compose Dialogs to Send to Commenters Slides:
  83. 83. 1. Choose a Dialog To Send to Users 2. Specify Frequency Cap 3. Choosee Which Post To Apply To (Or ALL) Setting Up a Comment Guard Slides:
  84. 84. 1) Ask a question in a Facebook Page Post. 2) User Comments on Post. 3) User Receives Private Messenger Reply via MobileMonkey Chatbot 4) User Responds to Private Message, Automatically Becomes a Subscriber to your Future Messenger Chat Blasts. Slides:
  85. 85. Send Slide Decks, PDF Files, Videos, Coupon Codes, Privately via Messenger + Comment Guards! Try: Slides:
  86. 86. Future of Facebook is Messaging! Slides:
  87. 87. @convcon #DGU18 Email Marketing 5-10% Open Rates FB Messenger Marketing 10-80x Better Engagement FB Messenger Blast 70-80% Open Rates (Within first 60 minutes!) FB Ads 2-5% CTR Vs. Slides:
  88. 88. Messaging = Once-In-a-Generation Shift In How People Communicate 50% 44% 27% 50% 56% 73% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 2014 2015 2016 Method of Communication, By Type Source: Deloitte, 2016 Messaging Emails Slides:
  89. 89. Coming Soon! More Messaging APIs! Slides:
  90. 90. #CMCa2z #learningWithImp What Does it All Mean? FB Ad Hacks? Slides:
  91. 91. 7 6 5 Facebook Ad Hacks to Try in 2020! Inverted Unicorn Boost CTR by targeting UNRELATED interests. FB Traffic Rocket Drive Traffic to Sites which reward traffic with more exposure. Remarketing-Only Say no to non-remarketing ad spend. Grow your audience size via PR-hacks. START/GO (Donkey Land) 4 Russian Ad Hack Target ideological extremes to catalyze vigorous discussion Slides:
  92. 92. 2 3 1 Audience Generation, Remarketing Strategies, New Ad Formats! Facebook Messenger Ads Lead qualification, Segmentation & Drips Reciprocal Fan Targeting Promote other people’s content. Boosted Comment Guard Private post replies via Messenger END/REPEAT (Unicorn Land) Slides:
  93. 93. #learningWithImp Thank You FB Ad Hacks! Get Slides (+Bonus Materials): Slides: