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Jono Alderson — Structured Data for eCommerce


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These slides were presented at the SEMrush webinar "Structured Data for eCommerce". Video replay and transcript are available at

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Jono Alderson — Structured Data for eCommerce

  1. 1. @jonoalderson Structured Data For Ecommerce
  2. 2. @jonoalderson What interesting product and offer properties have we missed?
  3. 3. @jonoalderson What’s coming next?
  4. 4. @jonoalderson Returns policies!
  5. 5. @jonoalderson Energy efficiency ratings?
  6. 6. @jonoalderson Subscriptions (and similar)?
  7. 7. @jonoalderson Marketplaces, and a move to schema-first inventory data
  8. 8. @jonoalderson
  9. 9. @jonoalderson
  10. 10. @jonoalderson Thanks!