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Bad SEO Habits Meetup


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In our Bad SEO Habits Meetup, seasoned digital marketing experts discuss a variety of SEO mistakes, dangerous habits to avoid, as well as give many helpful tips and tricks on improving your SEO strategy!

Peter Mead covers the most important ins and outs of Wordpress SEO.
Sha Menz continues with a super informative review on How To Beat Bad SEO Habits Before They Appear.
Tim Capper closes with a great presentation on developing a successful Local SEO strategy.

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Bad SEO Habits Meetup

  1. 1. BAD SEO HABITS MEETUP Common and Harmful WordPress SEO mistakes Things you can’t ignore with Penguin 4.0 Bad Habits in Local SEO
  2. 2. Our Panel of Experts Tim CapperPeter Mead @GuideTwit Sha Menz
  3. 3. COMMON AND HARMFUL WORDPRESS SEO MISTAKES Peter Mead WordPress SEO Consultant, Melbourne SEO meetup co-organizer
  4. 4. 20 Bad WordPress SEO Habits SEMrush meetup with Sha Menz, Tim Capper and Peter Mead @petermeadit
  5. 5. So many Bad Habits What kind of bad habits are there? ● Mistakes that anyone can make ● Spammy practices or cheap services ● Technical Issues and errors ● Lack of strategy and planning These come about by: 1. Being unaware of the issues 2. Trying to beat Google at its own game
  6. 6. Mistakes that anyone can make
  7. 7. Ticking the noindex box It’s the oldest trick in the WordPress SEO book. You tick the box and forget to untick later, and your site won't index. #1
  8. 8. Not installing an SEO plugin You don't actually need an SEO plugin to do SEO on WordPress, but… If you want to do it the hard way you can dig into the files and code. Install a plugin: ● Yoast SEO Or ● All in one SEO Pack #2
  9. 9. Not connecting with Google & Bing There are many benefits of connecting you site with Google and Bing. It allows you to take control and visibility into the crawlers and indexing, And a whole lot more, Install: ● Google Search Console ● Google Analytics ● Google Tag Manager ● Bing Webmaster tools #3
  10. 10. Not submitting sitemap.xml Sitemap lists URLs for crawling Gives data about each URL to indicate priority and frequency etc. Also indicates any new URLs on your site Create and submit an xml sitemap through Yoast or All-in-one plugin Keep an eye out for sitemap errors #4
  11. 11. Blocking .js and .css file in robots.txt It used to be the norm to block extra resources in your robots.txt Now it’s best to let Google figure out what to do with Javascript and Style sheets If blocked Google may not see all of your site properly or crawl it #5
  12. 12. Poor internal linking strategy Lack of any internal links to important resources on your site Too many internal links to pages just to get rankings Links with inappropriate or misleading anchor text Links that are badly structured, broken or in redirect loops #6
  13. 13. Ignoring Google Webmaster Guidelines You may not know about Google Webmaster Guidelines ● You may not think they are that important, or you can beat Google Consider two factors: ● What’s your appetite for risk? ● How much do you stand to lose if you site tanks? #7
  14. 14. Spammy practices or poor services
  15. 15. Homepage title keyword stuffing You think your homepage title should have your important keywords in it Yeah sure, keywords are important in homepage title! But not by repeating a set or variation of keywords ● Don’t: <title>Blue Widgets | Red Widgets Online | Best Widgets</title> ● Do:<title>Widget Brand - Best Red and Blue Widgets Online</title> Google may rewrite your Homepage title if you get this wrong Anyways, it just looks spammy and your CTR could tank #8
  16. 16. Meta Description Keyword Stuffing Some people think Meta Description is a place to put all their important keywords Rank higher because of some trick or something? This just looks really spammy ● CTR will tank Better to use the Meta Description as you little marketing grab So folks can get an idea of what your site is about before clicking on the result Better CTR, bounce rate, higher time on site, more page views etc. etc. Hopefully #9
  17. 17. Lazy naming of images You upload the image to WordPress and use it without ALT or Naming it properly Your Blue Widget product photo comes off the camera as D-1028374.JPG The name means nothing and no ALT text so what is the picture about? Best to descriptively name it blue-widget-posing.jpg Address ALT text like alt=”Blue Widget Posing” This is also good HTML coding and accessibility. Don’t stuff keywords into image names or alt text: all-images-are-blue-widgets.jpg #10
  18. 18. Errors in HTML code Theme or Plugin Your Theme might be poorly coded, and have HTML errors Your plugin might have errors in it Your blog posts might have HTML errors inadvertently These can disrupt or distort search engine crawlers such as Google Bot Check your site with the W3C Validator #11
  19. 19. Using spammy link tactics Innocently publishing pingback/trackbacks linking to a spammy site Participating in webrings or reciprocal links schemes, or submitting directory links Buying cheap advertised links. But the ad said 5,000 PR 9, DA 60+ for $5 ?? Cheap easy links, even for satellites, may work for a time. What’s the risk? Better to embark with Quality Content Marketing and Targeted Outreach Why people link: 1. Interesting Engaging Content 2. Great info and Resources 3. Visitor Relationship #12
  20. 20. Technical Issues and errors
  21. 21. Persisting with slow website speed You know your site is a bit slow, but loathe to move it or address server issues. Google site speed tool: Caching plugins and server caching can help but... Consider moving to some quality hosting if you want real improvements Chris Burgess has excellent Site Speed Tips,click to view on Slideshare #13
  22. 22. Ignoring permalink structure One of the first things to do Adjust your permalink structure You need friendly readable urls. How to (Yoat) change permalink structure #14
  23. 23. Not addressing taxonomies So you create a blog post called My Next Blue Widget You put it in the Blue Widget category and the Tag it with Blue Widget Categories and tags create URLs, which can display same content different ways Also Plugins or Themes may create extra taxonomies Google crawl and index these and can cause duplicate or cannibalizing effect For small sites, you can noindex taxonomies. For large site, you may want to optimize taxonomies effectively #15
  24. 24. Putting your blog on a subdomain By placing your blog on a subdomain like You are weakening, you need to now build authority and trust and PR :o May be ok, for very large brands, or those who have strategies and budgets Best to put your blog on Similar issues with satellite sites to help you in sub niches The searcher intent is the same so best to build your brand on preferred domain #16
  25. 25. Lack of strategy and planning
  26. 26. Creating page for every keyword You may think that each time you find a keyword you want to rank for You need to create some content for that keyword Hummingbird and RankBrain have changed all that Now it is about Searcher Intent, think topics rather than keyword variants So: “Blue Widget Length” and “Blue Widget Size” same search intent ?? So think and structure your site like a librarian to avoid cannibalizing content. Click here for some tips by Dawn Anderson to avoid Content Cannibalization #17
  27. 27. Not doing proper keyword research Keyword research is very important, you may have heard this... Why? Because without it you cannot know what people are searching for to find you Proper research including CPC, Competition, Difficulty, Synonyms, Intent Google keyword planner old staple, has changed now for paid advertisers SEMrush has terrific tools including Keyword Magic Tool Many other tools including seobook keyword tools and Moz Keyword Explorer #18
  28. 28. Poor Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing is the new Link Building Primary goal for Content Marketing is to build online reputation and visibility Links are important, Google sees links as a form of endorsement Natural links that have been earned The unhelpful links are Purchased or manufactured Links Many types of content to provide interesting and engaging, useful to your audience Give compelling reasons for people to link to your site #19
  29. 29. Poor Content Promotion Strategy So you create the articles and write all this great content, then what? But you need to promote it or peeps don’t know it's there Content Promotion Strategies Include: ● Email Lists ● Content Syndication ● Social Media ● Viral Content ● Targeted PPC ● Targeted Outreach… #20
  30. 30. What bad habits do you have?
  31. 31. THINGS YOU CAN’T IGNORE WITH PENGUIN 4.0 Sha Menz Lead Software Architect at link removal outreach tool, rmoov
  32. 32. Avoiding The Abyss How To Beat Bad SEO Habits Before They Appear @SEMRush Online Meetup @ShahMenz @rmoov
  33. 33. BEWARE Bad SEO habits kill •  Traffic •  Revenues •  Businesses •  Families and friendships
  34. 34. Top 3 Horrendous Habits š Sticking like glue to what you know (when the rest of the world has moved on) š Ignoring customer needs š Manipulating the Link Graph
  35. 35. “Of course people can find me! I’ve sent faxes and I’m in the phone book.”
  36. 36. Sticking like glue to what you know “It’s a Mobile First world”
  37. 37. It’s a Mobile First World
  38. 38. OK Google…I need an answer quick!
  39. 39. Sticking like glue to what you know Search queries are changing
  40. 40. If you’re still keyword stuffing for the short tail…
  41. 41. Ignoring customer needs It’s not about you …it’s about your customers
  42. 42. I have to get a pair of those yellow hot pants! Me too!
  43. 43. “of course they’ll buy purple trench coats – they’re so much cooler”
  44. 44. Manipulating the Link Graph I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…
  45. 45. there’s only one way… Is recovery possible?
  46. 46. quit manipulating anchor text
  47. 47. Clearly not natural
  48. 48. quit manufacturing links
  49. 49. quit paying for followed links
  50. 50. quit redirecting for link juice
  51. 51. quit using directory sites
  52. 52. very few directories are not seen as manipulative now
  53. 53. quit links via Wordpress themes, badges, widgets etc.
  54. 54. quit trying to “beat Google”
  55. 55. you’ll just end up clinging to that runaway train…
  56. 56. So let’s talk about
  57. 57. which is actually
  58. 58. Penguin in the wild…
  59. 59. Is it the light at the end of your tunnel?
  60. 60. What do we know about Penguin in November 2016?
  61. 61. Penguin is now part of the Core algorithm Penguin 4.0
  62. 62. Penguin makes assessments of the backlink profile (and adjustments to rankings) in real time Penguin 4.0
  63. 63. Manipulative links are discounted Penguin 4.0
  64. 64. Penalties are no longer applied Penguin 4.0 -but loss of link value from newly tagged spam will hurt
  65. 65. The effects of the algorithm are more granular Penguin 4.0 -adjustments may be made at page or section level
  66. 66. The effects of the algorithm may be more granular in other ways Penguin 4.0 -partial recovery for specific keywords may indicate more work needed
  67. 67. Disavow files are recognised and applied in real time Penguin 4.0 -this applies to both additions and deletions
  68. 68. Disavow files are NOT DEAD! Penguin 4.0
  69. 69. Disavow files are the only reliable way to clean up a fishy mess Penguin 4.0
  70. 70. and keep angry Penguins from you door
  71. 71. and if you’re thinking Penguin can’t hurt you any more… Penguin 4.0
  72. 72. and keep angry Penguins from you door
  73. 73. If Penguin assesses large scale manipulation ALL link equity will be discounted! Penguin 4.0
  74. 74. Don’t forget about manual actions! Penguin 4.0
  75. 75. Be smart…avoid the Abyss Bad SEO Habits Kill
  76. 76. thank you Need help? Call me 02 6145 2065 @SEMRush Online Meetup @ShahMenz @rmoov
  77. 77. BAD HABITS IN LOCAL SEO Tim Capper SEO Consultant at Online Ownership and Google TC
  78. 78. We take a look at some Bad Habits when dealing with Local SEO. Some are practices that developers have not updated and your site is subsequently not following best practice, some from a lack of understanding of Local SEO, and some relate to misinformation. Bad Habits in Local SEO
  79. 79. On Site: §  Location, Location, Location §  Connect the Signals §  Page Titles & H Tags §  Structured Data §  Events §  Local Content Google Business Page: §  Use It §  Cover Image, Logo §  Tag Line & Story §  Images §  Reviews §  Insights Bad Habits in Local SEO
  80. 80. In Local SEO your location and defining that Location is crucial to your visibility in local search results. Reinforce your location and make it easy for customers to find your location by adding your Business Details site wide. The easiest way to achieve this is within your footer. There are numerous ways to layout a footer, but your Business Name, Address and Contact Details must be included. ( We use this for structured data later on ) Location, Location, Location
  81. 81. The largest localisation signal for any local business is your Google Business Page, but developers, businesses seem to ignore adding the the G+ icon next to their other social icons……Add It! Make sure your Business Name on sites home page matches the Google Business Page, without it you may not have a Knowledge Panel appear. If you are embedding a map to show the business location, use the map embed from your own business page. This can also be used to provide review Structured data in the form of aggregate Ratings, which will appear as stars in Search results. Connect the Local Signals! Connect the Signals
  82. 82. Each Page should provide a unique that best describes the service or product on that particular page. Including your location in your landing page title tag, you will be letting both search engines and human visitors know that your business serves and is located in a specific geographic location. Home Page : Tim's Boiler & Heating - Emergency Plumber - Northampton, UK   For Internal Service Pages: Boiler Installation & Repair - Northampton - Tim's Boiler & Heating Making sure your city and state (county) is present in the title, H1 and H2 tags of your organic landing pages it allows search engines to understand the intent of the page. For your main page your H1 should include name and overall service and the H2 would include town and county. On a product specific page the H1 would be the actual product / service and the H2 would ideally contain the area again. This is not set in stone and could migrate to the H3 tag, but be aware of a proper structure. Page Title & H Tags for Local SEO
  83. 83. Now that your business details are in the websites footer, you can use JSON-LD schema markup to annotate the businesses information. The JSON-LD script shown here can be added to the websites header.php or footer.php file. Check to see if supports your type of business, if not use the default of LocalBusiness. Structured Data Markup
  84. 84. Use Events structured data to have your businesses events displayed direct in the knowledge panel. Yes, this also includes SaleEvents. Recent like for like testing on events, showed a 36% increase in engagement on a businesses events page when appearing in the knowledge panel. Check: Events
  85. 85. If you don’t publish it, there is no way for Google and other search engines to know what your business offers and where it offers it. Think about your customers and what they need from your content: §  What do consumers want to learn about your category, products, or services? Do you have snackable content on mobile that answers their questions?   §  Do consumers want to visit your business? Are you helping them find nearby locations and highlighting in-stock inventory on your mobile site/app and in mobile search results?   §  What are consumers doing with your product or service (for example, baking cookies, buying a home, recovering from an injury)? Do you have how-to video content to support their efforts?   §  Where are consumers buying your product? How can you support consumers who are buying from you in-store or while on the go? Are you empowering consumers to check out in whatever way suits their need?   §  Start growing your business today by understanding your customers needs and satisfy those needs with your content. Local Content
  86. 86. Yes your Google Business Page is a social platform that is ignored. Most business forget about using their business page once they have updated their business info. It may not be as popular as FB, Twit or Insta, but if there is one thing that will spark your interest, its this. Post on your business page are read, understood and indexed by Googlebot which all leads to a better understanding by Google as to who you are, where you are and what you offer. So next time you post onto your Social profiles, update your Business page too.   §  *Bold Text Is Especially Good for Titles and Headlines* §  _Italics are especially good for adding emphasis_ §  -Strike this text out- Use your Google Business Page
  87. 87. Time to add your logo and header image, the last thing you want is for a potential shopper to see an unloved business page, what does that say about you as a business. Change your header image to a more Christmassy feel, go on get into the spirit of it.   §  Dashboard: §  Manage Location §  Photos Cover Image & Logo
  88. 88. With the new layout of Google+ adding a tag line and story to your business page is now located in your About Me section. §  About Me: Tag Line & Story
  89. 89. A picture is worth a thousand words. Use your photo section to provide images about your business, products and service. Photos can generate a lot of views, do not ignore these. §  Dashboard: §  Manage Location §  Photos Images
  90. 90. Reviews are big, bold and attention seeking in the local pack and maps. Heat map studies have shown how users naturally check out businesses with reviews showing on their Google business listing first. You need five business reviews before you have review stars showing alongside your business listing.   §  Incorporate a review strategy into your customer service emails §  Respond and reply to all reviews via your dashboard §  How to create a Direct Link for Customer Reviews. Reviews help customers in their final purchase journey. Reviews for a business or product has shown to increase conversions by 28% and being a Local business, reviews on your Google Local Business Page are an important part of your Local SEO. Reviews
  91. 91. Insights consists of five sections, each of which gives you a different way to understand how customers interact with your listing: §  How customers find your listing §  Where customers find you on Google §  Customer actions §  Driving directions requests §  Phone calls Search: Export data from Google Business Insights Insights
  92. 92.