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1 greetings - SEFLIN 30th Anniversary Meeting


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SEFLIN Fall Membership Meeting and 30th Anniversary Celebration. Messages and greetings sent to be shared at the event.

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1 greetings - SEFLIN 30th Anniversary Meeting

  1. 1. Greetings from SEFLIN Colleagues SEFLIN Fall Membership Meeting November 7, 2014 Doubletree by Hilton, Deerfield Beach
  2. 2. Richard Luce SEFLIN Executive Director 1988-1991 Many thanks for the invitation. It promises to be a wonderful event. With regrets, I am unable to attend the event as the date coincides with formal dedication and major fund raising dinner for our new 18,000 sq. ft. Collaborative Learning Center we recently opened in the Bizzell Memorial Library. With best wishes to my former SEFLIN colleagues, Rick Luce Dean of University Libraries Professor and Peggy V. Helmerich Chair Associate Vice President for Research, Norman Campus University of Oklahoma
  3. 3. Tom Sloan SEFLIN Executive Director 1999-2009 Sounds like a wonderful event which I would LOVE to attend! Unfortunately, Nov. 7 is in the middle of the NYLA Annual Conference and I do need to attend. My goods thoughts and wishes will certainly be with you and SEFLIN! Best wishes, Tom Sloan Executive Director, Mid-Hudson Library System
  4. 4. Skip Pritchard President and CEO, OCLC On behalf of OCLC, I warmly congratulate SEFLIN members on the occasion of SEFLIN’s 30th anniversary. Your accomplishments in delivering technology innovation across a consortium of diverse libraries have greatly facilitated library cooperation in southeastern Florida and beyond. We eagerly anticipate what SEFLIN will accomplish in the years to come! Best wishes.
  5. 5. Kate Nevins Executive Director, LYRASIS Congratulations on this big day for SEFLIN. The work of SEFLIN has had such a significant impact on libraries and those served by libraries that this is a real opportunity to stand up and cheer.
  6. 6. Laurence Miller SEFLIN Board of Directors 1984-2005 I'd love to attend -- but will be in Japan then. Have a wonderful celebration! I know you will. Larry Retired Dean Florida International University Libraries
  7. 7. Douglas Lehman SEFLIN Board of Directors 1987-1997 When Glenn Tripplett moved on from Miami-Dade I was appointed to take his place on the Board in 1987 and served for ten years. I served as President of the Board for the 1995-96 year and served on several Board committees during my tenure. In 1990 I joined the SEFLIN Technical Committee and served until I left Florida in 2000. One of my memories is of the SEFLIN annual meetings. We would always do committee reports and when I was chair of the Technical Committee I would threaten to change the name of the committee to something starting with the letter “a” because the Technical Committee was always last to report. I also remember the members and the SEFLIN staff, spent a lot of time working to bring up the SEFLIN Freenet. At the time (early 1990s) this was pretty cutting edge technology. SEFLIN was one of the first Freenets in the country, but as with all technology, it changes rapidly and keeping up with the changes was difficult and expensive. I do look back fondly on my time working with SEFLIN. There were really great staff and we accomplished a lot with a small staff and some dedicated staff at member libraries. I would like to wish all SEFLIN staff and members a wonderful 30th anniversary. I am sorry I cannot be there to share it with you.” Douglas K. Lehman, Director Thomas Library Wittenberg University Formerly Director from Miami Dade Community College
  8. 8. Margaret Elliston SEFLIN Board of Directors 1988-2000 As Director of Library Services at St. Thomas University from 1977 - 2000, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate SEFLIN on its 30th anniversary. St. Thomas is a small university and the benefits provided by SEFLIN remain invaluable in securing needed materials quickly for our faculty and students. In 2009 at the insistence of my niece and her husband, Ann and Robert Brooks, I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I enjoy being close to the University of Alabama campus and all it provides - including football. I regret being unable to join you on November 7th. Please know my thoughts and good wishes will be with you. Very Sincerely, Margaret Elliston Director of Library Services at St. Thomas University from 1977 - 2000
  9. 9. Brian Kelley SEFLIN Board of Directors 1989-2013 This sounds like a fun program. I tried to see if I could rearrange my schedule to make this happen, but unfortunately I’m scheduled elsewhere on that date. Please tell Elizabeth I said ‘hi’ and wish her all the best. Brian C. Kelley Library Director Palm Beach State College
  10. 10. Zenaida Fernandez SEFLIN Board of Directors 1997-2006 Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the SEFLIN 30th Anniversary celebration. I have visitors from Spain for the weekend. My congratulations on that very special occasion. Thank you, Zenaida Retired, Miami Dade College
  11. 11. Robert Cannon SEFLIN Board of Directors 2003-2013 Congratulations on SEFLIN’s 30th anniversary! During all these many years during both good and bad times, SEFLIN has continued to innovate and forge ahead with new and forward thinking ideas. Even though the membership has gone up and down and library budgets have been reduced or flat for many years and revenues sometimes have decreased, SEFLIN continues to add programs such as online learning and meetings, virtual conferences and always, new initiatives with program partners. You and the SEFLIN Board are to be commended, as well as the membership, who cooperate, share training and resources for the benefit of staff and public alike. Enjoy your day of celebration and I know you, your Board and the membership will continue to move SEFLIN forward. Thanks for everything accomplished and planned -- for a better future for libraries, library staff and the public served. Bob Cannon, Director Broward County Library 2003-2013
  12. 12. John J Callahan III SEFLIN Board of Directors 2006-2014 … a few other significant things from the past 10 years: the OverDrive subscription for the municipals, the countywide library card initiative in Palm Beach County, the various OCLC database updates for the smaller libraries and all the educational opportunities that have been provided through the years. Also the various committees provide leadership experience to staff at all levels and the ability to share technical knowledge is invaluable. John Callahan Retired Director of Palm Beach County Library System
  13. 13. Laura Probst SEFLIN Board of Directors 2007-2012 Hello from the edge of the prairie at the onset of winter! I'm sorry I can't be with you to celebrate this milestone anniversary. I have so many fond memories of my time on the board and working with a great group of colleagues. It reminds me yet again of why libraries are great -- we collaborate, we serve, and we are passionate about the work that we do. I was fortunate to share that passion with you! Congratulations on 30 years of cooperation! Laurie Library Director, Concordia College previously Dean of Libraries, Florida International University
  14. 14. Chris Murray SEFLIN Board of Directors 2007-2011 Regrets, but I won't be able to attend. Have a wonderful day. Chris Murray Library Director, Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach
  15. 15. Antonie Downs SEFLIN LAM Committee I have been out of the country and just got back. Hard to believe 30 YEARS. Regretfully I will be unable to attend the celebration, but give my congrats to everyone! Ever onward and upward. Toni Downs Retired, Florida International University
  16. 16. Harriet Buchbinder SEFLIN LAM Committee Congratulations on 30 years of innovation and service! Sorry I can't be there to see old friends and share the glow. The best to you all, Harriet Buchbinder Retired, Broward County Library
  17. 17. SHIRLEY (HALLIGAN) AMORE Congratulations on 30 years of exceptional service to the southeast Florida library community. You should be proud of SEFLIN's long history of providing innovative and value-added services to its member libraries. My involvement with SEFLIN goes way back to my days as Associate Director at Broward County Library when I served as liaison to SEFLIN working alongside Elizabeth Curry and her staff creating the SEFLIN FreeNet. In 2014, it's hard to imagine life without the Internet but back in the early 1990's, most people didn't know what the Internet was let alone have access to it. The FreeNet changed all that for many people in southeast Florida. I remember teaching classes to large groups of retirees and showing them how to get their very first e-mail account so they could communicate quickly, easily and at no cost with family and friends in other parts of the country. It was like magic and they felt so empowered. With the rise of Google, Facebook and other social media, that may seem quaint now but the FreeNet offered through libraries in southeast Florida provided that first step into cyberspace and the 21st century for so many people. I am proud that I had a small part in that. I know SEFLIN's next 30 years will be as successful as the first 30. All the best, Shirley Amore (formerly Shirley Halligan) City Librarian, Denver Public Library
  18. 18. Paula Manrique Retired SEFLIN Staff It is hard to believe it has been 30 years! When I reflect back to the early days, I still marvel at how selfless the SEFLIN Board of Directors was. They were able to transcend political (and other) boundaries in the true spirit of cooperation. Countless times I witnessed the decision process where one or two members gave up true benefits as individuals for the betterment of the group. I have yet to find another group of Board, committee, and staff as dedicated to the cause as the SEFLIN membership. Best wishes, Paula Manrique
  19. 19. Charles Mayberry Former SEFLIN Director Information Services Sorry that I cannot attend the November 7 event. That is also the date of PLAN’s annual meeting. I hope it goes well and please give my regards to the others there. Charles Executive Director, PLAN
  20. 20. Sharon Argov SEFLIN Member – American Intercontinental Sharon R. Argov Director of Library and Learning Services American InterContinental University I am sorry, but I will not be able to attend. I have a prior commitment. Please send my congratulations to everyone. Thanks.
  21. 21. Ida Tomshinsky SEFLIN Member – ITT Technical Institute …In 20...30... or 40 years from now? What could happen in that time? Beneath the iceberg, behind the mask – Domain of Digital Literacy, Navigating Mashups, Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data, Dancing with Digital Natives by Embedding & u-Connecting to Information Search to Knowledge Information Greetings from Ida Tomshinsky from ITT, 2014
  22. 22. Lucy Osemota SEFLIN Member Staff I would have loved to be there but I have an appointment. Congratulations!!! Lucy Osemota Florida Memorial University
  23. 23. Viri Rosa SEFLIN Member Staff Congratulations SEFLIN team! and thank you for providing great courses to library staff Viri Rosas Librarian I Broward County Library