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What to do when it's not working


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Published in: Business
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What to do when it's not working

  1. 1. Coffee TalkHosted by Kathie Nelson
  2. 2. Presented by: Barbara Saunders, Susan Rich, The Solo Pro Success Coach Word-Craft & Marketing Coach Director, International Association of Journalist | Author | Speaker Self-Employed Communication Professionals Creator of the Write It Rich TM series Founder, Solo Pro Academy | Host, Solo Pro Radio Host, Susan Rich Talks! Radio | (503) 746-4666 | (503) 928-7052
  3. 3. What to doWhen it’s not working anymore.It’s your business — you can take control or let it spin out of controlYou’ve got two choices:
  4. 4. Panic!Hyperventilate, scream, and flee
  5. 5. I Can Do It!Take ActionFocus, Connect, Revise
  6. 6. A Rocket is Off Course 90% of the Time.Small course corrections get it to its destinationHow do you make those course corrections in your Solo Pro Business?
  7. 7. Effective CommunicationInformation is giving out, Communication is getting throughMarketing is information, Sales is choice
  8. 8. Stop! Sift. Scrutinize.When it’s not working anymore, it’s a good time to stop.Exhale and breathe
  9. 9. Need More Help?Would you like some personal help? Tools, checklists, and training?How about something special?
  10. 10. Come Hangout✤ Get training and support✤ Laser-focused coaching✤ Connect face to face with other Solo Pros✤ No driving, no traffic, no shoes
  11. 11. Mastermind✤ Training on how to make the course corrections you need✤ Analysis to get clear on what needs to change✤ Tools to fix what’s not working✤ Two 30-minute individual coaching✤ Six-weeks of content-rich 90-minute calls
  12. 12. 6-week call schedule $39 7 ValuWorking Strategies e!1. Get a handle on what’s working and what’s not - how to know for sure.2. Clarify your what and who3. Planning for success4. Streamlined strategies that work5. Building burly benefits6. Getting it all to work simply
  13. 13. $29PLUS: Bonus! Valu .99 e!All new report:2013 Trends andHot Industries✤ Know exactly what’s coming✤ Understand the tactics to use and those to lose✤ Be ahead of the curve
  14. 14. Make a Change in 2013 Futu sess re ions : $3 97 Come Hangout Working Mastermind Trends (only 7 spots open) StrategiesJoin Us for Everything: Intro rate $75Making it Work: Agility Training for Busy Solo Pros Master Mind GroupStart Date: February 2, 2013