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Trapped Broken Business? Why Not Build a Lifestyle Instead?


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Are you feeling exhausted and drained? Like you’re stuck on a treadmill but you never make any headway? Are you working too hard with no life left?
It’s doesn’t have to be that way! You can build a lifestyle INTO your business.

I’d like to invite you to join me for a FREE presentation so I can show you how. Here’s what we’re going to talk about:

How is a ‘lifestyle’ business different from the one that you’re running?
I’m going to share 10 ESSENTIAL tips to get your business to fall in line with the lifestyle you want to build
I’ll give you the 3 most deadly obstacles that you MUST be aware of
I’ll share a new resource to get you out of the tra

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Trapped Broken Business? Why Not Build a Lifestyle Instead?

  1. 1. Trapped In a Broken Business? Why not build a LIFESTYLE instead?
  2. 2. Barbara Saunders The Solo Pro Business Success Mentor Director, International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals Founder, Solo Pro Academy | Founder/Host, Solo Pro Radio
  3. 3. My Story . . .
  4. 4. • Is a dead-end job just pretending to be a business • Dollars-for-hours model with 60%+ unbillable hours • Based on providing services only • Takes sustained effort to keep going with little pay • Worries about charging ‘less’ then the competition • Endlessly chases clients - any clients, any project The Average Solo Pro Business The Average Solo Pro Business
  5. 5. Symptoms of a Broken Business • Mired in the day-to-day details • Overhead exceeds profit • High stress; Low flexibility • Overwhelm and exhaustion • Lowering or discounting fees
  6. 6. A Lifestyle Business
  7. 7. What is a Lifestyle Business? What is a Lifestyle Business?
  8. 8. A Lifestyle Business • It’s easy to maneuver and can be run from anywhere • It can keep earning if you step away for a while • It is NOT based only on services • It has multiple profit centers so you don’t rely on just one • It can function as an active retirement plan • It can be built to sell because you build in the value A Lifestyle Business
  9. 9. Build a Kayak Business
  10. 10. Booming Business Boot camp • Develop the structure of your own unique Kayak Business Model • Reprogram your Money Mindsets to charge what you’re worth • Do a service inventory and effectively communicate your value • Create your first Signature System and profitable packages • Discover the secret sales boosters to clinch the deals • Flesh out your own Lifestyle Business
  11. 11. 10 Essential Tips To Break Free Of A Broken Business
  12. 12. Specialize Be the Master in one thing and become known for that.
  13. 13. Build Community Strong relationships are essential
  14. 14. Get a Mentor Invest in a trusted advisor to show the way, give constructive feedback.
  15. 15. Decide. Do. Assess.Tweak. Take steps to move forward.
  16. 16. Create and Own Create your offerings Own your website
  17. 17. Establish Structure Creativity flourishes with structure. Systems move you forward. Create time blocks Schedule the ‘lifestyle’ into your business
  18. 18. Develop a Trusted Team Don’t hire. Outsource.
  19. 19. TreatYour Customers Well Happy customers send happy referrals
  20. 20. Self Care Establish a health maintenance system
  21. 21. Evolve With Your Passion A Lifestyle Business can grow as you grow as long as you’re following your passion
  22. 22. 3 Obstacles To Avoid
  23. 23. Procrastination Just make a move.
  24. 24. Outdated Mindset Mindsets are the software of the brain. Update regularly.
  25. 25. Fear What if . . .?
  26. 26. AreYou Ready To Build A Lifestyle Business?
  27. 27. OVERWHELMED?
  28. 28. LET’S DO IT TOGETHER! Constant Revenue System Booming Business Boot Camp A Summer School for Solo Pros LET’S DO IT TOGETHER! Constant Revenue System Booming Business Boot Camp A Summer School for Solo Pros
  29. 29. FIND A COMFY SPOT Carve out an hour or two a week
  30. 30. BEHINDTHE RED-VELVET ROPE Program details
  31. 31. WEEK 1 Building Differently Your Unique Brilliance
  32. 32. WEEK 2 Reprogram Money Mindsets Charge WhatYou’re Worth
  33. 33. WEEK 3 Cost And Impact Inventory Value Messaging
  34. 34. WEEK 4 Your Signature System And Packages Galore
  35. 35. WEEK 5 Guarantees, Bonuses, And Incentives Make It Easy To Do Business
  36. 36. WEEK 6 Fleshing OutYour Profit Centers
  37. 37. NOTHING COMPARES! The Constant Revenue System Booming Business Boot Camp is unique and complete
  38. 38. BONUS ‘PRE’-COURSE Personality assessment and custom-fit Business Models
  39. 39. BONUS FOLLOW UP CLASS Easy Course Corrections
  40. 40. MY GUARANTEE If, after you’ve completed this course, you don’t feel that you’ve gotten your money’s worth – and you feel that you’ve followed the guidance I’ve given you I’ll happily return your money. Barbara Saunders, The Solo Pro Business Mentor
  41. 41. ARE READYTO JOIN ME? I’ve got a special deal for you for a limited time! KICKS OFF JULY 9
  42. 42. CREATEYOUR KAYAK BUSINESS INTHE CONSTANT REVENUE SYSTEM BOOMING BUSINESS BOOT CAMP Program fee is $399.00 Register by Friday, July 5 for $349! (save $50!) Pay in full or make 2 payments of $175 each.
  43. 43. SOLO PRO SUCCESS You don’t have to do it alone . . .