Collaborate to Elevate Your Solo Pro Business


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Learn to collaborate and you've got an expandable business model with a massive income-generating engine.

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Collaborate to Elevate Your Solo Pro Business

  1. 1. Collaborate to ElevateAdd a massive income generation engineto your Solo Pro Business
  2. 2. by Barbara Saunders,The Solo Pro Success CoachDirector, International Association of Self-Employed Communication ProfessionalsFounder, Solo Pro Academy | Host, Solo Pro | (503) 746-4666
  3. 3. Team up with other SolosCollaborating liberates you from the Feast or Famine Cycle.
  4. 4. You’re Solo | You’re UniqueSpecialize: You fill a need that no one else can
  5. 5. You’re Investing in Your Business!Good for you — Let’s make it pay off!
  6. 6. Today’s Take AwaysDifferent types of collaborationWhat to look for in partnersWays to use collaborationWhere to startHow to make it work
  7. 7. The 4 Types of CollaborationHow I’ve used them to build my own businesses
  8. 8. Straight UpCollaborationWorking with someoneto produce orcreate something.
  9. 9. How CollaborationBuilt My BusinessLaid off 4 timesTried the traditional routeRealized an evolution had taken placeI evolved to adjust to new realityMatched problem with solutionCultivated community or resources
  10. 10. PartneringParticipating in anundertaking with anotheror group of others.
  11. 11. Collaboration For SECPLive eventsWorkshopsCombined knowledgeTeleseminarsSome examples . . .
  12. 12. Joint VentureSeparate individualscontribute theircompleted products orservices to a venture.
  13. 13. Collaboration for my AcademyOrganization experts toteach creating an operationmanualHome office technologyexpertsCPAs for setting up books,dealing with taxes
  14. 14. AffiliatesGroups or individualswho agree to market totheir contacts for a sharein the profits.
  15. 15. Collaborating for my CoachingTelesummitsWebinarsBusiness EventsWorkshops
  16. 16. Lessons LearnedSelling hours for dollars doesn’t workFocus on YOUR strengths | SpecializeFit the team to the projectCommunicate clearlyMake friends with technology
  17. 17. Collaborate | Step One
  18. 18. Know YOUValuesCore strengthsSpecialtyCircle of influence
  19. 19. Know Your ClientsTarget or nichePain or problemsHangouts
  20. 20. Know Your Team MembersPersonalityCompatibilityEthicsTrust
  21. 21. Collaborate | Step Two
  22. 22. Find ways to fill in the gaps Knowledge or services you lack Extend your range of service Add value to your offerings Make the product more complete
  23. 23. Where to Find partners Networking events Trade shows Chat rooms and forums Masterminds Linked In Groups
  24. 24. Where to use partnersInfo productsOnline events and interviewsOffline workshopsBooksService packages
  25. 25. Collaborate | Step Three
  26. 26. The WRONG way Over complicated Too long Annoying High investment / no ROIA Cautionary Tale
  27. 27. The right way Get to know partners first Brainstorm ideas openly Start small Keep it simple
  28. 28. Now | It’s additional income! Don’t hesitate Brainstorm Start small Jump in
  29. 29. Need Help Making It Work?Let’s talk.
  30. 30. Collaborate to ElevateLet me help you make it to the next level. Grow you business far faster Create bigger one-time paydays Be seen as a leader Expand your reach Connect on a higher level
  31. 31. Free Collaboration Kick Start Call 30 to 45-minute call Focused on your partnering ideas and opportunities Uncover hidden barriers Discover new ways to expand YOUR business To Schedule Your Call: Phone 503-746-4666 or email: Leave with clear action steps on what to do next Offer ends December 14, midnight!
  32. 32. The Solo Pro Success Coach
  33. 33. You don’t have to do it alone.