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Abc g.christova belgrade_ 21.06

  1. 1. Association of Business Clusters in Bulgaria Genoveva Christova Chairperson Belgrade, 21.06.2010
  2. 2. First clusters initiatives in Bulgaria1. GTZ, Sofia: 2001 – 2003Wood and Furniture Cluster MESTA – South-West part of BulgariaVine and Wine Cluster – North-Central part of BulgariaPerfumery and cosmetic cluster – South-Central part of Bulgaria2. Ministry of Economy: 2004 – 2006Pilot Clusters SchemeIntroduction of clusters approach and development of clusters strategy forBulgaria, financed by PHARE3. Ministry of Economy and Energy: 2007 – 2008Clusters Grant SchemePHARE
  3. 3. Background Methodology: Pilot Clusters Project Phare, 2004 - 2006 selection process Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 1. Selection 2 Pilot of up to 5 clusters sectors 2. Selection 9 Clusters 1. Analyses of up to 15 finalists of economic sectors in subsectors Bulgaria 3. Selection 2. of 31 Phase 2 potential Subsectors G.E.M. clusters out Selection analyses of 100 Phase 1: criteria 3. Potential candidates Final clusters Selection criteria G.E.M. evaluation, application form Selection criteria Questionnaire for collecting data from the regions andMethodology potential clusters
  4. 4. Background СИЛИСТРА Зърно ДОБРИЧ Мед, хляб и сладкарски изделия РУСЕ ШУМЕН Облекло и Машиностроене текстил; Дунавска СОФИЯ коприна ИКТ; Дигитални ГАБРОВО медии; Софтуер Офис ПИРДОП TROYAN ВАРНА оборудване; Цветни Furniture Туризъм СЛИВЕНКонсултантски метали Вътрешно услуги обзавеждане ПЛОВДИВ Машиностроене КАЗАНЛЪК (2); Машиностроене Лазерна и оптична техника; Етерични масла СТАРА ЗАГОРА Енергетика; Мебели;Селскостопански машини; Машиностроене SMOLYAN Tourism ХАСКОВО САНДАНСКИ Облекло и текстил Строителство КЪРДЖАЛИ Облекло и текстил; Хранително-вкусова; Земеделие и минно дело Машиностроене; Строителство
  5. 5. Grant Winners – 2 scheme1. Mechatronics and Automation cluster - Blagoevgrad2. ICT Cluster – Sofia3. Lasers and Optics, Plovdiv4. Apparel and textile, Blagoevgrad5. Information resources, Sofia6. Maritime cluster, Varna7. Cluster ELEMON, Varna8. Tourism cluster, Varna9. Cluster Rodopy Furniture, Velingrad10. Energy cluster, Plovdiv
  6. 6. ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS CLUSTERS What are we?Who are we? Why do we exist?
  7. 7. What are we ?A self organized independent organization,established to joint the efforts of theBulgarian clusters for their sustainabledevelopment in line with European standardsand Clusters Policy
  8. 8. Who are we?10 Full Clusters members + 8 Associate membersNumber of companies: 195Number of employees: 15000 - 17000Number of Scientific organizations: 8, from which:Technical University in Sofia and Varna; BulgarianAcademy of Science; Maritime University, etcNumber of BSOs: 12, from which:Enterprise Europe Network in Bulgaria, GIS – Transfercenter, BASSCOM, Web Association, Agency forEntrepreneurship and Innovation, Varna Business Agency,Association of Young Designers, etc
  9. 9. Why do we exist ?1. The need to sustain the existing clusters and to promote the clusters model in Bulgaria2. The need for an independent representative clusters institution in Bulgaria3. Avoidance of EU funds dependence4. Recognition for the real, dynamic and result based clusters in Bulgaria5. International networking and partnership
  10. 10. Clusters for Competitiveness Start - How we work - Our services - References - Need help - About usAssociation of Business ClustersHaydushka gora Str. 8-12 A Sofia 1612 Bulgariatel/fax +359 2