Environment Action 2013


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A comprehensive resource outlining and exemplifying active concern for our environment.
Why? Looking after a wonderful world specially designed for human beings; human rights & responsibilities, respecting one another & having freedom to choose involves caring for your country
What? litter pick-ups, designing community bins, various websites/videos raising highlighting issues, awareness-raising campaigns
How? Bags of inspiration for doing something in the style of Martin Luther King
Who? You - how will you respond. Doing nothing is not an option
See related Litter Article, which is evaluated as part of the lesson scheme of work.

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  • Environmental concerns connected to better educational outcomes for young people… These lessons were and are delivered by Stephen Duff (Communication lecturer @ Moray College) from September 2012. Some of the slides are based on his personal experience, only in so far as they help to illustrate what is happening currently and make clear that we’re not telling others to do what we are unwilling to help with ourselves. The slides were last updated on Friday, 9 th May, 2013
  • As part of the Communication curriculum, we encourage student improve their summarising & note-taking skills, as well as evaluate documents in terms of their purpose and effectiveness.
  • My former place of residence
  • http://www.litteraction.org.uk/elgins-great-big-clean
  • http://m.local.stv.tv/aberdeen/news/184937-dog-disgrace-as-over-300-litter-bags-filled-in-just-one-hour/?fromlocal=buckie
  • Take a vote – which one convinces you?
  • I was actually up almost one whole night in May picking-up litter, until a friend on Facebook gave me a ‘telling-off’ and some wise advice: “Don’t just work harder; work smarter”…
  • Watch this space…
  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/SPICE-the-Strategic-Partnership-for-Improving-the-City-of-Elgin/464328163633916?ref=stream
  • Which statistic (based on figures for BRITAIN as a whole) is most shocking to you?
  • http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2012/06/4215
  • Be outraged by those who can only destroy and tear down what others labour to build. Remember to persevere in the fight against darkness because the light of day is stronger and brighter than the night…
  • http://www.channel4.com/news/jeremy-irons-backing-campaign-against-plastic-waste http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-16245911 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01553jm http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=XJkvO5uuDjg http://www.livescience.com/18395-debris-entangles-sea-lions.html Attitude to avoid - http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4784339/jobless-man-dumps-10kg-of-dog-poo-in-job-centre.html
  • Please note that I personally believe that faith is very important to the success of this campaign and has been vital in shaping my thinking on the subject, as well as helping me to be an effective litter picker and educator. However, I respect everyone’s right to believe what they like, so long as they do not break the law, or demonstrably hurt their neighbour.
  • Contact: Stephen.Duff@moray.uhi.ac.uk
  • Environment Action 2013

    1. 1. Caring for ourCities &Countryside
    2. 2. WonderfulWorld
    3. 3. Zero WasteScotland• Government organisation promoting“working together for a zero wastesociety”!• i.e. 2014 – businesses will be forcedby law to separate ‘waste’ forrecycling (plastics, metals,glass, paper)…
    4. 4. Summarise• Read the article & reword insummary form:1) The damage litter causes (5+)2) The actions that could be taken tomake a difference (4+)3) The reasons for doing something,rather than nothing… (4+)4) What are your thoughts?
    5. 5. Undeniable Right• Law based on freedom to do whatwe like (pursue happiness)…• EXCEPT where our actions hurtother people• Treat others as you wouldlike to be treated…• Who is harmed bylitter? How?
    6. 6. 1) Litter damage• Cost £65 million in Scotland p/a• That could be 3,095 public servicejobs @ about £21,000
    7. 7. Wildlife• In 2007, 69,000 animals killed orinjured by litter• Every year, RSPCA receive over7000 phonecalls aboutanimals hurtor trapped bylitter (tip ofthe iceberg)…
    8. 8. Visitors…more attractive cityTourists & customersMoney & jobsEveryone benefits
    9. 9. Why Not Litter?What is basis for best anti-litter slogan?1.Improving area increases profit foreveryone (visitors = jobs)2.Sense of satisfaction from making adifference & doing what’s right3.Looking after natural environment4.Danger of being caught & fined5.Realising hurt caused to other people(favourite walk ruined; depression?)
    10. 10. 2) Key Factors• How would you tackle the problem?• Summarise the actions that could betaken…? What are the pros & cons?• Brainstorm actions & strategy…
    11. 11. KeepScotlandBeautiful
    12. 12. Elgin Litter Pick 19th– 20thMay 2012 – about 100volunteers… More info about Elgin’s battleagainst litter louts…
    13. 13. Poonarmy
    14. 14. SPICE• Strategic Partnership for Improvingthe Community of Elgin• Representatives from Elgin BID,schools, College, Local Council,voluntary organisations• Passionate about making areabetter for everyone• Organise team litter pick-ups!
    15. 15. Innovation Fund• Government grants for tackling theproblem creatively!• Moray’s application includes:• “Butt Pouches” for fag ends• Street theatre & dance to raiseawareness of problem• Award scheme for schools &businesses which make a difference
    16. 16. Bin Design & Spread
    17. 17. Why Litter Pick…?Your most persuasive reason?•Improving area increases profit foreveryone (visitors = jobs)•Sense of satisfaction from making adifference & doing what’s right•Looking after natural environment•Positive activity helps boost health•Volunteering enhances C.V.•Chance to meet other people & fun…
    18. 18. My DIY Disaster
    19. 19. Group Projects• Much can be accomplished alone• Even more achieved together• Collaborating effectively turns ideasinto realities…• Your chanceto practice &shine
    20. 20. My Biggest Mistake• Trying to tackle problems alone• Not sharing the struggles &respecting advice of others…
    21. 21. Pay it Forward• Ripple effects
    22. 22. Alert Businesses
    23. 23. Principles• Always polite and courteous• Highlighting the problem andpossible solutions – not tellingpeople what to do• Encouraging & empowering, ratherthan complaining & draining…• Use every possible legal avenue• More supporters = greater impact
    24. 24. Sponsor a Bin• Local businesses, charities &organisations pay for bins, emptiedby Council, displaying united frontagainst litter & improving brands• Designed @ Linkwood,Moray College, byCADD students• £500K funding potfrom ZeroWaste Scotland
    25. 25. Education• SPICE in New Elgin• www.cleanupbritain.org –campaigning to change attitudes• Sign the pledge to what we can• See all the celebrity supporters
    26. 26. “Bottle Bill”• Petition for compulsory refundabledeposits on plastic, glass and metaldrinks containers (bottles & cans)• Incentivises recycling & representsbetter the reality ofincreasingly scarceresources on ourplanet (rebalancesconsumer society)
    27. 27. Govt. Priority• Consultation: “SafeguardingScotland’s Resources – AProgramme for the Efficient Use ofour Materials”• I.e. minimum 5p charge for carrierbags, laws to reduce waste inmaking products, awards forbusinesses who excel in“Sustainability”…
    28. 28. Persuasive•How is language usedin an effort to convincereaders to take action?
    29. 29. Layout• Well-organised & easy to follow withsubheadings (highlighting key points)& paragraphs (short)• Graphics & illustrations designed toappeal to wide range of readers andreinforce key messages• Important words highlighted in bold tomake ideas stand out
    30. 30. Word choice• Emotive (emotionally charged) –“evil” to sum-up harm to peoplecaused by littering• Conversational & chatty (“cost onequid or two”) designed to emphasisehow easy action is & open for almosteveryone to do• Punchy slogans (sometimes withrhyme) i.e. “solution… pollution”)
    31. 31. Well-worded• Avoiding unnecessary offence withcarefully chosen language• i.e. “we must make sure… disposeof any rubbish properly” (everyoneneeds to do the legal minimum)• “we can all do a little or a lot…” –option of volunteering to help kick-start process of change
    32. 32. Direct Address• Talking to the reader – inclusive• Positive campaign – moving fromhighlighting harms to all the benefitsof making a difference• I.e. “We are reclaiming andcleaning-up our own communities orgreen spaces.”• “do whatever we can”
    33. 33. My PerspectiveWe need a cause or conviction•Unlocks our enthusiasm•Starts to release our potential•Requires encouragement & support•Discover your passion is bigger thanmerely consuming food, drink or TV –your world has meaning…•Start with the College & classroom!
    34. 34. Audacity of Hope• Do not let the despair, cynicismand apathy that drags this worlddown conform you into its mouldbut be transformed by therenewing of your mind. Be thechange – bridging the gap fromdoom-mongering to hopefulness.
    35. 35. Your BPF• Burning Passion Factor - conviction• What issues & causes are worthcampaigning for today?
    36. 36. Sensory Garden• Elgin High 4thyear pupils & membersof community work hard to opengarden in June 2012• Attacked by “mindless vandalism”over the summer• Yet still open!• Wendy Toner:“absolutely devastated”
    37. 37. Research…• Some audacious inventions• i.e. penicillin discovered by ‘accident’growing in neglected petri dish• What about… telephones,microwaves, the World Wide Web?• Use the Internet to see whysomeone once sang, “up from theashes, grow the roses of success”
    38. 38. Human beings• Do we have a moral responsibility tonot just consume and throw away,but also produce and provide forothers, whatever we can, throughdeveloping our talents?• How can we give back to ourcommunities? I.e. volunteering,recycling, reducing waste, lookingafter our properties & homes…
    39. 39. ServiceI see so many students lost in their heads,Aimless days followed by sleep on their beds,They’ve bought the lie they don’t need to try,Their problems are all someone else’s fault,Their own needs too complex; minds filledwith doubt,We can give you much help,But we can’t “gee ya’ a skelp”.Where will you find drive to bring you alive?
    40. 40. Wake-up, don’t you see,Laziness is one cause of poverty.If you’re enslaved to hand-outs, statephilanthropy,When you’re able to volunteer and increaseproductivity…What a waste of your wonderful creativity!So why not find a good cause,Invest in others – win true applause.You won’t regret what is offered to serve,You’ll find real joy - more than you deserve.
    41. 41. Your Action?• So many issues in our world we cando very little, if anything about• Here’s one campaign, on ourdoorstep, where we really can makethe difference• So, what will you do as a result?Remember, it’s pointless justlistening & forgetting…
    42. 42. Real NaturalBeauty
    43. 43. Websites• For those who want to find out more• www.litterheroes.co.uk• www.peopleagainstlitter.org/ -pledge to pick-up at least one itemof litter per week & encouragesomeone else to do the same• www.letsdoitworld.org/ - WorldCleanup 2012 with litter maps…
    44. 44. Videos• BBC documentary – “Litter Wars”• Litter Louts Fined - BBC• Jeremy Irons’ version of the“Inconvenient Truth”• Sea debris entangles & stranglesanimals – hazardous waste!• Lake District litter pick-up – trawlingthe depths to clean the waters…
    45. 45. Wonderful World• Many Christians believerainbow in the sky signGod longs to redeemHis creation, not wipeout all humankind…• The Saviour – ChristJesus (who now worksthrough those whofollow His example)
    46. 46. What next?• Volunteering – gardening, litterpick-up or community bin design!• Mountaineering – join a local group& explore the Great Outdoors• Qualifications & portfolio-building– what ways can you certify thework you’ve done