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2011 Planning Linkedin

  1. 1. Pacific Rim Review 2011 Planning
  2. 2. 2010 is all about… GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH
  3. 3. Brand Growth Off-Premise Growth + 40% On-Premise Growth + 26% Shipment Growth + 35% Depletion Growth + 36% Grocery Growth + 63%
  4. 4. Brand Growth IRI Reports Brand Growth at +40%... And one of fastest growing and most profitable in wine category On track for 200,000+ cases in 2011 6,000 Accounts Sold per Month
  5. 5. Brand Growth Growth Defies Current Economic Trends
  6. 6. S U C C E S S E S
  8. 8. Major Accomplishments Launched social media with RIESLINGS GREETINGS in spring 2010 and became #3 largest Facebook US winery presence in under one month 20 BEST BUY awards by top wine media in just three years
  9. 9. Major Relevance HOT Varietal – RIESLING #1 Wine Varietal per Nielsen – outpacing growth of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc HOT Price – AFFORDABLE QUALITY HOT Region -- WASHINGTON HOT Brand – NATIONAL ACCLAIM HOT Topic – SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED
  10. 10. A F F O R D A B L E Q U A L I T Y
  11. 11. Sweet Riesling Rocks 88 POINTS! BEST BUY Simple, but balanced and pleasurable, with flavors of peach, sugar, meyer lemon and orange candy. 89 Points! BEST VALUE Sweet and succulent, this is light in texture, offering a juice mouthful of minty pear and floral flavors that linger on the finish. Volume Powerhouse
  12. 12. The Riesling That Roared #2 TOP 100 WINES OF THE YEAR 92 Points! BEST VALUE Opulent and fruity, with apricots, star anise, mint, a very nice spicy streak that lifts it up and adds a lot of complexity. Smooth and supple. Sold out within First Eight Months
  13. 13. Dry Riesling Raves 89 POINTS! BEST BUY Tart, chewy, tangy, mixing apple, lemon, grapefruit and pear… It’s dry, but not stripped, full and fleshy, with the low sulfur giving it less sharpness and a broader middle. 88 POINTS! BEST VALUE Light, bright, dry and juicy, with green apple and floral flavors, hinting at lemon as the finish lingers. Pioneer Dry Riesling for Industry
  14. 14. Why Three Rieslings? Different styles appeal to different consumers… I love the crisp, bright quality and aromatics of Riesling… But I only drink dry wines. I want a Riesling that’s off-dry… but not too sweet. I like sweet wines… but nothing cloyingly sweet. I prefer the fresh acidity of Riesling.
  15. 15. Organic Riesling Rules 91 POINTS! BEST BUY Well-integrated flavors of mixed fruits are augmented with a sneaky streak of caramel and a slight buttery softness in the finish. Very appealing, with a good long finish. Runaway Favorite at a Great Price
  16. 16. Sparkling Riesling Rolls On <ul><li>Further evidence of brand’s Riesling leadership </li></ul><ul><li>Beautiful floral aromatics and a clean finish </li></ul><ul><li>Aged sur lie for a balanced and textured profile </li></ul>First Vintage Sold Out In 75 Days!
  17. 17. High Praise for Single Vineyards Wallula Vineyard Biodynamic 91 POINTS! Full bodied, it leans into stone fruits and light tropical. Solstice Vineyard 93 POINTS! Subtle traces of honey, lingering that suggest everything from apples to papaya. World-Class Rieslings with Scores to Back It Up
  18. 18. Vin de Glacière 92 POINTS! Dark and savory, this focused wine leads with amber scents of peach and caramel. It has the palate weight of honey and rich, lasting flavors of apricot. Single Vineyard Quality at Exceptional Value
  19. 19. Framboise Praise 90 POINTS! Intensely fragrant, with 16.5% alcohol and 16% residual sugar. The raspberry flavors are concentrated and pure, with amazing persistence. Use this in cocktails, or mix it with bubbly.” Nothing Else Like It on the Market ROBERT PARKER 92 POINTS!
  20. 20. Gewürz Acclaim 91POINTS! BEST BUY A burst of lychee and pear, aromatic, perfumed with rose petals, lush and forward. The mix of flower and fruit is perfect, substantial, and beautifully balanced. History of 90+ Score Accolades
  21. 21. Chenin Cheers 88 Points! BEST VALUE Bright and lively, a crisp, juicy white wine that zings with apple and passion fruit flavors, which linger appealingly. Off-dry, but it tastes crisp, crisp, crisp. Positively a Crowd Pleaser
  22. 22. S W E E T B L I S S
  23. 23. Sweet Bliss Is A Hit Sweet reds are all the rage in the industry As consumers become more confident, they’re demanding sweet wines Great margin opportunity with broad appeal
  24. 24. Irresistible Brand Story & Package Sweet Bliss White & Pink available to ship December 2011
  25. 25. M E R C H A N D I S I N G P R O G R A M S
  26. 26. Riesling Rules 2011
  27. 27. Rieslings Greetings 2011