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SDN Basics – What You Need to Know about Software-Defined Networking


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SDNUniversity™ is our exclusive educational series on software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) designed to help you develop practical, real-world knowledge and skills. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn SDN basics through a free, interactive online training session featuring experts from SDNCentral and Computerlinks.

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SDN Basics – What You Need to Know about Software-Defined Networking

  1. 1. SDN University™ 101 What You Need to Know About SDN Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Meet our speakers Matthew Palmer SDNCentral Roy Chua SDNCentral Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. Matt Griffiths COMPUTERLINKS 2
  3. 3. What you should take away from our session • What is SDN » History of SDN and OpenFlow • What can you do with SDN – Use Cases • SDN Ecosystem » SDN Players » SDN Open Source Projects » SDN Products • How to Get Started » What to do in 2013 » Where to Learn More Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 3
  4. 4. About COMPUTERLINKS The COMPUTERLINKS Group is a global market leader with over 20 years experience in the distribution of IT security and Internet Technology solutions and services. • Founded 1984 Munich Germany • Focus on key vendors and technologies • • • • • True value added distributer Global and local market access Enterprise Security focused 600+ employees world wide Global 24/7 support center Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 4
  5. 5. About SDNCentral Independent Community for SDN and #1 Resource for Network Virtualization • • • • • Featured Content: » Interviews » Products » Use Cases » Videos » Whitepapers Newsletter » Daily and Weekly Newsletter Education and Training » SDN University™ Events » DemoFriday™ » Webinars » Chats » Virtual Panels Social Media » Twitter » Linkedin » Google » FaceBook Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 5
  6. 6. SDNCentral: Rapidly Growing Community Demographics: » » » » • 30%: 10%: 20%: 40%: Thousands • Community Participants Buyers Vendors Channels Integrators Key Stats: » » » » 80K+ monthly page views 22K+ monthly unique visitors 150+ companies profiled 35+ open source project profiled 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Web Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. Linkedin @SDN_Tech 6 @SDN_News
  7. 7. What is SDN? I
  8. 8. First, Why SDN? Networks are an order of magnitude larger; automation has lagged SDN solves inflexibilities and inefficiencies that inhibit scale & automation Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. What is SDN and What are Its Benefits? SDN Definition SDN Benefits Centralization of control of the network via the Efficiency: optimize existing applications, services, and infrastructure Separation of control logic to offdevice compute, that Scale: rapidly grow existing applications and services Enables automation and orchestration of network services via Open programmatic interfaces Innovation: create and deliver new types of applications and services and business models Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 9
  10. 10. History of SDN: Before OpenFlow (BO) The Distributed Control Plane is not new….. Separated Control & Data Planes Early ‘90’s Distributed Control Plane w/in Switch Mid- ‘90’s All Data w/in Control Plane Early ‘00’s Separated Control & Data Planes Late ‘00’s MPLS & 3GPP Vendors… Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 10
  11. 11. Past Experience to Draw On Controller-based wireless • Focused on centralized management & wireless control-plane • Lack of northbound APIs Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. DC Chassis-based switches & routers Telco Equipment (MPLS, etc) • Control-plane/Data-plane Separation • Proprietary communications channel 11
  12. 12. Many many more… Evolution of OpenFlow and SDN Stanford Clean Slate/Berkeley • • • • Martin Casado Nick McKeown Scott Shenker And others… POX Indigo Beacon FlowScale Pantou Ryu Trema RouteFlow FlowVisor Frenetic SANE ETHANE NOX/OpenFlow OpenFlow 1.0 Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. OpenFlow 1.1 OpenFlow 1.2 12 OpenFlow 1.3
  13. 13. Pre-SDN Network Management Plane L2/L3 Operating System Control Plane L4-7 App App Operating System Forwarding Plane Routers Switches Remote-access devices … Packet-Forwarding Hardware L2/L3 L4-7 App App L2/L3 L4-7 App App Operating System Operating System Packet-Forwarding Hardware Packet-Forwarding Hardware Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 13
  14. 14. SDN-Powered Network App App App Well-defined Open API App SDN Controller/ Network Operating System OpenFlow OpenFlow compliant OS Packet-Forwarding Hardware OpenFlow compliant OS OpenFlow compliant OS Packet-Forwarding Hardware Packet-Forwarding Hardware Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 14
  15. 15. OpenFlow Basics Exploit the flow table in switches, routers, and chipsets Flow 1 Rule (exact & wildcard) Flow 2 Rule (exact & wildcard) Flow 3 Rule (exact & wildcard) Statistics Action OpenFlow Basics Statistics … Flow N Action Action Statistics … Rule (exact & wildcard) Action Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. Statistics 15
  16. 16. SDN is More than Just OpenFlow Configuration Signaling Status/Alerts Statistics Sampling OpenFlow CLI NetConf/YANG XML-RPC RESTful APIs, XMPP vSphere APIs OpenStack NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, NetStream SNMP + I2RS, ForCES, SDNP, PCE, NFV etc Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 16
  17. 17. SDN Use Cases I
  18. 18. What’s Core to SDN Use Cases Customers need a portion of each element to adopt SDN in production Simplification ----Consolidation Standardization Convergence Assurance ----- Automation ----- Security Compliance Dashboards People, Policy, Proc ess Governance Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 18
  19. 19. DataCenter Use Case Examples • Network Virtualization » Slicing the network » » » Stretching the network » » » Across racks within datacenter Inter-datacenter for private and hybrid clouds Automation and orchestration » » • Multi-tenancy for private, public and hybrid clouds Flexible network configuration – replicate existing topologies Coordination across all resources, including networks, compute, storage L2/3 and L4-7 coordination and service insertion Visibility and troubleshooting » Tap aggregation Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 19
  20. 20. Service Provider Use Case Examples • Service chaining » Configuring L4-7 chain of functions dynamically » Related to NFV initiative • Dynamic WAN reroute » Allow large dataflows to bypass bottlenecks • Dynamic WAN interconnects » Create instant exchanges between peering networks • Bandwidth on demand » Programmatic interface for end-user to request instant BW • End-to-end service provisioning » SP datacenter all the way to mobile handsets with QoS, SLA Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 20
  21. 21. SDN Ecosystem I
  22. 22. All Networking Vendors are now SDN Vendors 150+ companies at Silicon Switches Routers L3/4-7 Orchestration and Automation Management and Analytics Virtualization Controllers •Broadcom, Centec, EZChip, Intel/Fulcrum, Netronome, Marvell •Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Dell, Extreme, HP, IBM, Juniper, Mellanox, NEC, Pica8, … •Cisco, Juniper, Huawei •6WIND, Embrane, LineRate/F5, Vyatta/Brocade, QOSMOS •Anuta Networks, Lyattis •Cyan, Guavas •Contextream, VMware, Midokura, vCider/Cisco •Big Switch Networks, Cisco, HP, IBM, Juniper, NEC Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 22
  23. 23. Competing Approaches from the Major Vendors OpenFlowcentric Straddle Proprietary •Extreme, HP, NEC •ALU, Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Dell, Ericsson, IBM, Huawei, Juniper •VMware/Nicira Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 23
  24. 24. SDN Open-source Projects - Sample Check out for latest Controllers • NOX/POX, Floodlight, Trema, Ryu, Daylight** • FlowVisor* Virtual/ Soft Switches • OpenvSwitch, Indigo, LINC,Of13 softswitch Routing Orchestration Security • Quagga, RouteFlow • OpenStack Quantum, CloudStack • FortNOX, Fresco, Resonance Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 24
  25. 25. Getting Started I
  26. 26. Is SDN Ready to Deploy in 2013? Maybe, since SDN early stage in typical enterprise software market evolution SDN Today Custom Solutions Tailored Solutions Packaged Software Early Market Mature Market Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 26
  27. 27. SDN Perspectives in 2013 Our learnings from client engagements & operating SDNCentral Open Source • Limited developer communities / concentrated at few companies • Usually controlled by single commercial entity. Potentially risky • Lack of reference implementation slowing down OpenFlow Established Vendors • Scrambling to claim everything new is ‘SDN’ • Spotty and inconsistent support for SDN • Not one vendor / product fits all customers or specific problems. Start Ups Customers • Attempt to sell packaged products at a stage where value is created by custom solutions • Few or no production customers • Early adopters looking to reap competitive advantage via SDN • Financials, Web 2.0, Service Providers • Most revenue is professional services driven Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 27
  28. 28. Pitfalls to Avoid Mistakes we see clients making and have provided advice on Attempting to Run before Crawling Believing people who say they know how to solve your problem Lack of clear business objective / problem statement Usually set up to sell products Failure to manage expectations Product designed 2–3 years back before problems and use cases were well understood Failure to understand limitations of current software & hardware Forces you on a path with solution that was never designed for your use case in mind Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 28
  29. 29. So, What to Do in 2013? Learn and read-up on SDN Establish a valid business use-case where SDN can bring value Work with trusted vendors and advisors to design a POC Use learnings to determine appropriate next steps in late 2013, early 2014, when vendor products mature Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 29
  30. 30. Questions to Ask Prospective SDN Vendors How to separate SDN reality from SDN and vendor hype in an early market. • • • How many current trials do you have running?? Who are your typical customers? Are you SP or Enterprise focused? • How what use-cases / solutions do you support? Which one are you focused on? • • • • How many production / paid deployments? Do you provide products or services? How much money have you raised & when? Where does <insert your company name > sit on your priority list? Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 30
  31. 31. SDN: Real World Perspectives from a Real World Networking Practitioner I
  32. 32. Questions and Answers I
  33. 33. Please Visit: The Independent Community for SDN and Network Virtualization Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. February 2, 2012