SDN Enterprise Use Cases


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Want to Know How Enterprises Are Really Using Software-Defined Networking (SDN)? This Presentation Describes What's Driving Interest in SDN and How It's Being Used in Enterprise Networks Today...

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  • To better support automation, growth, agility and innovation.
  • SDN Enterprise Use Cases

    1. 1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) UseCasesHow Enterprises Are Using SDN© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    2. 2. Why Are Enterprises Interested in SDN?© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    3. 3. It Represents an Opportunity to Architect theNetwork to Help Address Top IT Priorities© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral ConfidentialVirtualization and CloudAdoption – 60% of allenterprises will have adoptedsome form of cloud computingin 2013 (Gartner), re-engineering the way theyarchitect their infrastructureand orchestrate the networkto deliver applications.Cost Containment – thereis a big network componentto the consolidation andoptimization initiativesundertaken to help scaleIT within budget.Big Data – generating valuefrom all the enterprise data isthe challenge, and it’s onlygoing to get bigger (consider IPTraffic alone is Growing at anAnnual Compound Growth Rateat 29% through 2016 (CiscoVisual Networking Index). Thenetwork will need to be morereliable, resilient and flexible.
    4. 4. So, Let’s Define SDN© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    5. 5. SDN is a New Way to Design, Build and OperateNetworksCopyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.5SDN Definition1. Separates the network’s control (brains)and forwarding (muscle) planes2. Provides a centralized view of the overallnetwork3. Utilizes programmatic applicationinterfaces (APIs)4. Enables efficient orchestration andautomation of network servicesSDN Controller/ Network Operating SystemApp App App AppOpenFlowPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlowcompliant OSPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlowcompliant OSPacket-ForwardingHardwareOpenFlowcompliant OSWell-definedOpen API
    6. 6. SDN PromisesAgility: enabling organizations to rapidly deployapplications, services, and infrastructure to meet needsScale: automate and optimize new and existingapplications and servicesInnovation: allowing organizations to create and delivernew types of applications, services and business modelsSDN Opens the Network Up for InnovationCopyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.6It replaces static, inflexible and complex networks, with networks thatare agile, scalable and innovative.
    7. 7. What Are Enterprises Doing Today withSDN?© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral ConfidentialLet’s Look at Some Use Cases Being Deployed Now…
    8. 8. Why SDN Is UsedTo Slice up the Network forMore Flexible ConfigurationsDynamically SegregateTopologically-EquivalentNetworks Across a Data CenterScale the Network Beyond theTypical Limits of VLANs(approx. 4,000 today)BenefitsMaximize Utilization of DataCenter Resources: 20-30%Better UseFaster Turnaround Times whenCreating Segregated Networks –Automated APIs Can Be Used toCreate New Networks in MinutesVersus WeeksData Center – Slice Up the Network in Virtualizedand/or Multi-Tenant Environments8Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    9. 9. Why SDN Is UsedTo Create Location-AgnosticNetworks Across Data CentersTo Create Location-AgnosticNetworks Across RacksTo Leverage VM Mobility andthe Dynamic Reallocation ofResourcesBenefitsSimplified Applications Are MoreResilient, Without ComplicatedCodingImproved Recovery Times inDisastersBetter Use of Resources, as VMsare Transparently Moved toConsolidated WorkloadsData Center – Stretch the Network in a VirtualizedEnvironment9Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    10. 10. Why SDN Is UsedSpeed TroubleshootingGain VisibilityFor Any Port in a Multi-SwitchDeployment, Without the Useof Multiple, Expensive NetworkPacket Brokers (NPB).BenefitsDramatic Savings: $50-100K per24 to 48 switches in theinfrastructureCost Reductions: Less Overheadin Initial Deployment, No Need toRun Extra Cables from NPBs toEvery SwitchData Center/Campus Access Networks – GainVisibility with Tap Aggregation10Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    11. 11. Why SDN Is UsedTo Bypass Expensive InspectionDevices When Moving LargeAmounts of Trusted DataProvide Dynamic, YetAuthenticated ProgrammableAccess to Flow-Level Bypass,Using APIs to Network Switchesand RoutersBenefitsSavings: Hundreds of Thousands ofDollars in Unnecessary Investment in10Gbps or 100Gbps L4-7 Firewalls,Load-Balancers and IPS/IDS thatprocess traffic.Maximize Utility of InspectionDevices: Focusing Them on Trafficthat Poses a Risk to the NetworkReduce Operational Expenses:Automate and Orchestrate DeliveryAcross All ResourcesEdge – Dynamic WAN Re-Routing11Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.
    12. 12. Want More Information on What’s Goingon Now?© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential
    13. 13. Research &DevelopmentOrganizationsOpen Source Projects 225+ Organizations Customers – LiveDeploymentsCopyright 2013. All RightsReserved.13A Vibrant SDN Open Sourcecommunity is activelyworking on Open SourceProjectsOrganizations arecollaborating to creating lotsof new technologies or adaptold technologiesHundreds of New andEstablished Companieshave announcedSDN strategiesSDN Productsand Shipping SolutionsCheck out real solutionsbeing used by real customersat DemoFriday™Familiarize Yourself With The New Technologies,Vendors and Deployments You Can Leverage…
    14. 14. Visit SDNCentral.comThe Independent Community and #1 Resource for SDN,NFV and Network Virtualization© 2013 SDNCentral. All Rights Reserved. SDNCentral Confidential