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Architecting Your Global Digital Experience House - Nicole Uhlig and Derek Patrick at SDL Connect 16


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Nicole Uhlig, Business Unit Director at SDL and Derek Patrick, VP Business Consulting at SDL present at SDL Connect, Palo Alto, November 2016,

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Architecting Your Global Digital Experience House - Nicole Uhlig and Derek Patrick at SDL Connect 16

  1. 1. Digital Experience: Localization Best Practices 11/17/2016 Derek Patrick & Nicole Uhlig
  3. 3. Why go global? More than half of consumers are willing to pay more if you give them information in their own language. 72% of consumers spend most of their time on websites in their own language. 56% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.
  4. 4. Challenges for the global marketer • Content is decentralized and requires hands-on process management • Omni-channel strategies require additional skillsets to create & build assets (web pages, images, email templates, video) • More languages means increasing operational workload for pre-launch, go-live and post-launch maintenance • Working with limited budgets while extending presence to foreign markets
  5. 5. Email Campaigns Multilingual Chat User Generated Content Website Social Media Search Collateral VideoMobile & Apps Software Global marketing content landscape
  6. 6. How many languages should you support? *Source: Assessing the World’s Most Prominent Websites, Common Sense Advisory The average number of languages supported by commercial websites continues to increase There is a correlation between the number of languages supported and financial performance* – More content relates to more revenue – More content correlates to higher profits – Increased translation spend also correlates to higher revenue
  7. 7. Which languages matter the most? 90% It takes: 13+Languages 90% Global Online Economic Opportunity To Address English1 Japanese2 German3 Spanish4 French5 Chinese6 Italian7 Portuguese8 Dutch9 Korean10 Arabic11 Russian12 Swedish13
  9. 9. Global content operating model Centralization: Shared Services Model Translation Management System Global Brand Governance Shared Services ensures an internal center of excellence and best practices within an organization, guiding process Visibility of overall spend enables better management, smarter more strategic spend, ROI tracking Standardizing process workflow guarantees better results across the board, consistent turnaround Proper asset reuse (translation memory, terminology) guarantees dramatically lower costs, faster turnaround/time to market, consistent quality More consistent branding, better customer experience, protecting brand equity Advantages:
  10. 10. Global brand governance Purpose Scope Responsibility Considerations References 1 2 3 4 5 “It’s is not what you say, but how you say it.” o Protecting your brand voice is vital to your success o Anchored in the source- language copy o It affects how your message translates into the various markets & media  Web Site(s)  Social Media  Packaging  Emails Define guidelines for the style and tone o One Global Voice? o Different voices for different target markets? Should involve input from individuals o Corporate marketing o Regional stakeholders o Feedback from in- country end users? Target audience for each market should be defined o Vary message based on demographics o Informal vs. formal language Core Company Values Mission Statement Social Media Guidelines Campaign Briefs Editorial Guidelines
  11. 11. Style Guide … establishes standards for writing and designing documents that describes writing conventions, from spelling, punctuation and word use, to structural and formatting issues Getting Started o Mission statement o Social media guidelines o Campaign briefs o Editorial guidelines o Tone of voice Terminology … enables access and integration with enterprise content and data from various sources, including content management systems Getting Started o SEO keyword list o Taglines o Trademarks o Company values Translation Memory Getting Started … stores "segments", which can be sentences, paragraphs or sentence-like units (headings, titles or elements in a list) that have previously been translated, in order to aid human translators o English and translated versions of the same document Language assets
  12. 12. To transcreate or not to transcreate, that is the question… Transcreation “… is the process by which new content is developed or adapted for a given target audience.”  Bilingual Copywriter(s)  Concept or paragraph-based translation with or without TM  Paid by the hour  800 to 1,200 words per day Translation “…is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text.”  Translator  Sentence-based translation with TM  Paid by the word count  1,500 to 2,000 words per days Informative, factual (Product descriptions, marketing campaigns) Motivational, inspirational (Tag lines or highly targeted content)
  13. 13. Translation Transcreation O mundo à sua porta O mundo espera “The World Awaits”
  14. 14. 1. Numbers, colors, and animals 2. Dates and seasons 3. Colloquial expressions 4. Maps, flags 5. Cultural references 6. Social norms Developing content for a global audience “Not going that way!”
  15. 15. Internationalized content Every culture has an inherent set of rules about what is and isn't acceptable in their society. These rules are important when choosing your images, when filming your video or making other important design decisions about your course. Cultural Considerations US: Wisdom Kenya & Saudi Arabia: Bad luck, ill health, or death India: Stupidity North America: 7 is lucky; 13 is unlucky Asia: 8 is lucky; 4 is unlucky Hong Kong: 7 has a sexual connotation Western Europe: Insecurity America: Distrust Japan/Korea/China: Respect Lack of direct America: Love, Action, Danger Asia: Happiness and Luck Africa: Death, Mourning RED OWL 7342156978421 0031246597853 1461204975129 8375938295621 8486791469719 281938573210
  16. 16. Right method for the content type
  17. 17. Translation options ○ Machine Translation can be highly useful for localizing large volumes of content. ○ Human translation delivers the best overall quality and is strongly recommended for strategic & highly visible content. ○ Machine Translation with Post-Editing may provide significant time and cost savings without sacrificing quality.
  19. 19. 2016 Best Global Websites 1 Google 14 BMW 2 Facebook 15 3M 3 Wikipedia 16 Hitachi 4 17 Starbucks 5 NIVEA 18 Nike 6 19 Samsung 7 Nestlé 20 Cisco Systems 8 Pampers 21 Nikon 9 Adobe 22 TNT 10 Intel 23 Philips 11 Twitter 24 Autodesk 12 Microsoft 25 ABB 13 American Express Copyright 2016 Byte Level Research
  20. 20. Benchmark against leaders • How are your key competitors doing it? • How are Google and Facebook doing it? – Google and Facebook are raising the customer experience bar for all online engagements in every industry
  21. 21. Information architecture Use global templates Determine what information is global and what is local Will sites be localized by language or by country?
  22. 22. Internationalized design Translatable URLs, Titles, Meta descriptions, H1, alt.Ensure Unicode encoding & font Unicode Allow auto-resize of text boxes and content frames Auto-size frames Use alt attribute for additional text Separated text from graphics Avoid Flash, use HTML 5 where practical HTML 5 SEO friendly
  23. 23. Web CMS platform Design appropriate QA processes for your site’s functionality Ensure your web platform is internationalized and translation-ready Pick a WCMS that supports the functionality you need today, and in the future! WCMS should have translation features, but not a closed-system translation approach How does the system manage the relationship between source and target languages? If you use a TMS, you should consider direct integration with WCMS Frequently there are other systems to consider as well Carry out in-country review within the TMS if possible
  24. 24. Some other notable trends… ○ Effective SEO/SEM requires a sophisticated approach ○ Modern websites go beyond static information display and host numerous functional and dynamic elements ○ Video content is powerful and is becoming ubiquitous ○ Top performing websites fully incorporate social channels ○ Mobile accessibility is a must!
  25. 25. Centralized translation management TMS TM Glossary Agency Agency Agency Agency Increased content reuse through central translation memory Consistent use of terminology Consistent processes Decreased time-to-market Centralized reporting Reduced overhead by utilizing single platform Reduced learning curve by training users on one single platform
  27. 27. Search Engines across the globe
  28. 28. SEO best practices • Share your English Keyword list with your Language Service Provider • Allocate time for keyword research and validation before the actual translation of your web content • Use <hreflang> tags to help search engines languages index you sites • Integrate a multilingual XML sitemap • Allow users to navigate using a user-friendly & clearly visible Language Selector
  29. 29. Video marketing Source: “Press Play: Quick Introduction to Video Localization” by Rebecca Ray Common Sense Advisory, Inc., August 2014 ○ Over 1 billion unique visitors per month ○ More than 80% of its traffic now comes from outside the United States Beyond ○ Brazil: UOL, Vimeo, YouTube ○ China: iQiyi, PPS, Youku Tudou ○ India: Storypick, Upworthy, YouTube ○ Turkey: Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube ○ Russia: RuTube, YouTube
  30. 30. Video best practices • Create content with international references that appeal to a global audience • Consider using voice-over while limiting the use of on-screen speakers • Obtain, preserve and re-use audio narration scripts • Limit text appearing in the bottom third of the frame • Receive and share audio assets as separate tracks i.e. 1-narration, 2-sound effects, 3-music
  31. 31. Mobile strategy Internet access by mobile phone is more common than via PC in many countries Ensure your platform supports mobile display formatting App localization may need to be incorporated into your strategy Apps can be inexpensive to localize - you may want to support more languages there than on the website
  32. 32. Mobile app best practices • Avoid concatenating strings when coding your content • Perform a pseudo-translation cycle prior to translating your app to identify any missing content • Perform linguistic & functional testing on mobile platforms for each of the target languages
  33. 33. HOW CAN SDL HELP?
  34. 34. For more information 34 • Speak to your SDL Account Manager or Salesperson • See Derek or Nicole at the Language Services demo booth
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