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A Visual Collection of Students Creating and Their Artwork

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Letvin Presentation

  1. 1. Samantha Letvin Art Educator A Visual Collection of Students Creating and Their ArtworkSamantha.Letvin@gmail.com 248.330.5122
  2. 2. Moravia Park Elementary/MiddleBaltimore, Maryland  Photographs from the last five years at my most recent teaching position  Fifth through Eighth Grade
  3. 3. Students learned about both the color wheel and color mixing by creating an edible color wheel using frosting and vanilla wafers.
  4. 4. In honor of Black History Month, students learned about the artist Romare Bearden and his art piece entitled “The Block.” Students then learned about collages and designed their own city block complete with a midground, foreground, and background.
  5. 5. Outdoor Landscape Painting
  6. 6. Students wrote about themselves andthen used their silhouette to create avisual story of their life. An ESL student tells his story in Arabic and translates it to English.
  7. 7. After School Ceramics Club
  8. 8. Moravia Park Art in the Community Every year, a few students had the amazing opportunity to have his or her artwork shown at the Baltimore Museum of Art
  9. 9. Parkview Elementary Novi, Michigan Photographs taken during a year long internship through Michigan State University Kindergarten through Fourth Grade
  10. 10. Creating Flowers fromHandprints - Kindergarten
  11. 11. Van GoghSunflowersFirst GradeStudents learned about radialdesign and studied the artistVincent Van Gogh to createtheir own rendition of hissunflower masterpiece.
  12. 12. These second grade students learned about organic and geometric shapes - along with warm and cool color schemes - through printmaking.
  13. 13. Coffee Cup Still Lives Third Grade
  14. 14. DadaSelf-PortraitsFourth Grade
  15. 15. Novi High School Novi, Michigan Photographs taken during a year long internship through Michigan State University Ninth through Twelfth Grade Classes Taught: Drawing II and IV, Ceramics, Metalsmithing
  16. 16. A brief drawing was a typicalwarm-up for my students at thebeginning of class:
  17. 17. A Drawing IV student hones his skills of using value to draw an image of a celebrity.
  18. 18. Soldering is a veryimportant part ofmetalsmithing. Thisjewelry student learnedabout chemicalreactions and properwork station safety. Sheused this knowledge tocreate a twist wire ring.
  19. 19. Ceramics students learned about the Japanese glaze inlay technique called Mishima and applied it to their own pieces.
  20. 20. Finished Mishima Pieces
  21. 21. Thank You…I appreciate you taking the time to look through this. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 248.330.5122 or e-mail me at Samantha.Letvin@gmail.comHave a wonderful rest of your day!~Samantha Letvin, Art Educator