SDL Language Services


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SDL Language Services

  1. 1. SDL LanguageServices SDL Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. SDL Language ServicesMany organizationsunderestimate the depth ofcultural and local insight neededto execute worldclass translationand produce culturally sensitivetranslations in high volumes. Specialist skills and tools and a global infrastructure are required in order to create, manage and publish global information.
  3. 3. SDL Language ServicesWith over 70 offices in 38countries, SDL spans allmajor business marketsin order to be close toyour customers. Our local office structure provides you with local, in-country contacts for regional management and in-country review.
  4. 4. SDL Language Services SDL owns and develops worldleading software that streamlines the translation process and reduces the costs and amount of translation required to support global markets. In fact, over 80% of the global supply chain for translation uses SDL tools to deliver their services.
  5. 5. SDL Language ServicesSDL can support you with:• Localization• Linguistic and functional testing• Desktop publishing• Client-side project management• Software engineering• Web publishing• Transcreation• Linguistic quality assurance• Terminology management• Source language optimization As well as… • intelligent Machine Translation • Media Services • Global Business Consulting
  6. 6. SDL intelligent Machine Translation (iMT)SDL iMT provides high qualitytranslations, accelerated time-to-market and reduced total cost forthe world’s leading brands.Find out more… The power of the solution lies in the combination of sophisticated machine translation technology with other translation automation technologies and human post-editing to produce high-quality translations.
  7. 7. SDL Media ServicesSDL’s media services include:• Voice-over• Dubbing• Subtitling• Graphics• Video editing SDL has an extensive database of professional, native, voice-over recording artists covering in excess of 80 different languages. Find out more…
  8. 8. SDL Global Business ConsultingWe are the trusted advisor to the worlds leadingglobal businesses. Our knowledge, experience andapproach allow our clients to deliver better products,increase revenue, reduce costs and communicatemore effectively in more markets around the world.Global Business Consulting cansupport you with:• Corporate Strategy and Planning• Sales and Marketing• Global Operations• Business Solutions• Global Risk and Compliance
  9. 9. SDL Language Services“We particularly appreciate the fact that SDLapproaches our projects from a customerperspective and comes up with innovative solutionsover and over again. This allows us to concentrateon our core business because we know that ourtranslation projects are in safe hands.”Bosch Learn more about SDL’s language services…
  10. 10. Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks,service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.