SDL Trados Autumn 2013 Roadshow Series - Introduction


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Exploring some of the key trends in translation industry and a brief summary of how SDL is enabling the profession to take advantage of the opportunities that are appearing every day.

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SDL Trados Autumn 2013 Roadshow Series - Introduction

  1. 1. Welcome to SDL Trados Roadshow SDL Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Change is the only Constant
  3. 3. What’s happening globally in 2013? (1/2) % 13/4 % 2% 5% Global growth is projected to remain subdued at slightly above 3 percent in 2013 Long term interest rates will rise
  4. 4. Markets are not growing as fast as before. We must change and adapt to remain successful
  5. 5. Blackberry failed to acknowledge change
  6. 6. Microsoft couldn’t stop browser decline
  7. 7. Changes in the Translation Market
  8. 8. Market Size (Common Sense Advisory) The Language Services Market $bn 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Rate of growth has slowed 2014
  9. 9. What’s happing to the market? • The market for language services in 2013 will be $34.8bn (up from $33.05bn in 2012) • It is growing at an annual rate of 5.13% • Overall volumes continue to grow but prices are down • Average price per word in 2012 was $0.13 • The market for Post Edited Machine Translation services is worth $841m • 44% of LSPs offer Post Edited MT (although the number is probably higher but LSPs do not identify this as a different service from Translation)
  10. 10. machine translation …and post editing
  11. 11. Interoperability
  12. 12. Outsourcing
  13. 13. Downward pressure on rates
  14. 14. Crowdsourcing
  15. 15. Growth of video
  16. 16. Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr Spencer Johnson
  17. 17. The Characters • Two Mice – Sniff, who sniffs out early change – Scurry, who scurries into action • Two Men – Hem, who denies and resists change because he fears the worst – Haw, who learns and adapts in time when he sees things can improve
  18. 18. The moral • Change Happens • Anticipate Change • Monitor Change • Adapt to Change Quickly • Change • Enjoy Change • Be Ready to Change Quickly Again
  19. 19. What happened to us SDL BeGlobal SDL GroupShare 2011 SDL acquires Trados 2005 SDL Trados Studio 2011 SDL Trados Studio is live! SDL Trados 2007 launches 2009 2007 2008 SDL GroupShare 2014 SDL Trados Studio 2014 2012 2011 2013 2010 2006 300 Universities In our program SDL Certification Our Webinar Series starts 2000 people Join us LSP Partner Program Live Youtube channel launched SDL OpenExchange Facebook page created 300 Universities In our program LiveChat available Community participation Content creation grows 500,000+ views on youtube
  20. 20. Change to embrace CXM SDL BeGlobal SDL GroupShare 2011 FREDHOPPER SDL Trados Studio is live! XYSOFT TRISOFT SDL Trados 2007 launches TRIDION SDL acquires Trados 2005 2009 2007 2008 XOPUS SDL Trados Studio 2011 CALAMARES LANGUAGE WEAVER 2011 2010 BEMOKO SDL GroupShare 2014 ALTERIAN SDL Trados Studio 2014 2012 2013 2006 SDL Certification Web Our Webinar Content Series starts Management 2000 people Join us Structured Content XML LSP Partner Program Live Automated Youtube channel SDL Translation SD1000 launched OpenExchange 300 Universities Video our program Social In Management Media monitoring Search and 300 Universities Facebook page XML Editing Target In our program created LiveChat available Community participation Content creation grows Campaign management 500,000+ views on youtube Mobile content
  21. 21. Defining Global Customer Experience Management Consider Research PRE-PURCHASE Engage Advocate Evaluate POST-PURCHASE PURCHASE 21 CXM is a strategy and practice for managing customer experiences online and offline to acquire, retain, and turn customers into satisfied, loyal brand advocates and ambassadors.
  22. 22. Three business requirements for Global CXM Understand your audiences’ interests and motivations Insights Contextual Experiences Create relevant experiences for your customers, regardless of channel 22 Orchestration Align your organization across channels, markets, languages and teams
  23. 23. SDL Global CXM capabilities Deliver personalized and relevant experiences throughout the customer journey OMNI CHANNEL DELIVERY REAL TIME TARGETING & PERSONALIZATION CAMPAIGNS CONTENT MANAGEMENT GLOBALIZATION MANAGEMENT 23 ANALYTICS
  24. 24. Copyright © 2008-2013 SDL plc. All rights reserved. All company names, brand names, trademarks, service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners. This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not be copied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.