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Scabies ppt


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Scabies ppt

  2. 2. Common infestation locationsCommon infestation locationsLife cycle of the scabies miteLife cycle of the scabies mite
  3. 3. Scabies Signs and SymptomsScabies Signs and Symptoms• Pruritus of skinPruritus of skin• Intense scratching especially at nightIntense scratching especially at night• Papular rashPapular rash
  4. 4. Scabies BurrowsScabies Burrows(arrows point to mites)(arrows point to mites)
  5. 5. Scabies TreatmentScabies Treatment• Permethrin cream 5% 1 Tube/inmate &Permethrin cream 5% 1 Tube/inmate &Permethrin SprayPermethrin Spray• Complete change of linen and clothingComplete change of linen and clothingafter 1after 1ststtx and then 8 hours later showertx and then 8 hours later showerand rinse off, change into 2and rinse off, change into 2ndndissued linenissued linenand clothingand clothing