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VTA's Development Review Annual Report 2015


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This report summarizes VTA's review of real estate development projects throughout Santa Clara County, from Morgan Hill to Palo Alto to Milpitas and everywhere in between. Read more about the report on our website at

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VTA's Development Review Annual Report 2015

  1. 1. 0 Presentation Outline I. Background II. Data Snapshot a. Development Review Activity for 2014 b. Select Projects Under Construction or Completed in 2014 II. Key Themes for 2014 central-wolfe-campus
  2. 2. 1 Background VTA reviews, analyzes, and tracks land use developments within and near Santa Clara County to improve land use/transportation coordination, promote alternative travel modes, and encourage a balanced approach to addressing congestion. • Development Review Program – Comment on development and plan applications, track and report project approvals. • Major Development Construction – Track significant development projects. • Congestion Management Program (CMP) Monitoring and Conformance Report – Track and manage land use approval data submitted by Member Agencies.
  3. 3. 2 Development Review Activity for 2014 Map shows all projects and plans for which either: 1) VTA submitted a comment letter during 2014, and/or 2) the project/plan was approved during 2014.
  4. 4. 3 Select Projects Under Construction or Completed in 2014 Map shows major projects (greater than 100 units residential or 50,000 sq. ft. non- residential) known to VTA staff to be under construction or completed in 2014.
  5. 5. 4 Key Themes of 2014 Annual Report 1. Multifamily Residential Near the Core Transit Network 2. North San José Blossoming 3. Major Employment Projects, But Not Necessarily Near Transit 4. South County Resurgence 5. Renewed Interest in VTA Engagement
  6. 6. 5 Multifamily Residential Near Transit Sherwood Gateway, Los Altos • 167 apartments, 38 townhomes and 12,000 sq. ft. retail, under construction. • Located on El Camino Real near future BRT station and San Antonio Center. • Entire apartment building pre-leased by Stanford University.1 Monticello Village, Santa Clara • 835 residential units, 44,000 sq. ft. retail, under construction. • Less than 600 ft. from Lawrence Caltrain Station. 1 Silicon Valley Business Journal, January 22, 2015
  7. 7. 6 Multifamily Residential Near Transit Downtown San José • At least 3,030 res. units and 72,000 s.f. ground floor retail under construction or in City review.2 • Critical mass of residential and retail forming around San Pedro Square. Milpitas Transit Area Specific Plan • Entitled projects totaling 3,074 res. units and105,000 s.f. retail within walking distance of Light Rail and future BART service.3 • City working with developers ensure planned densities support transit ridership. 2 San Jose Downtown Association, December 12, 2014 3 Transit Area Specific Plan Fee Amendment, City Council Staff Report, March 4, 2014, courtesy of C2K Architecture owthread.php?t=1661388 City of Milpitas Transit Area Specific Plan Document
  8. 8. 7 North San José Blossoming Over 5,000 residential units under construction or recently completed in area. Crescent Park Village, Pictured: 1,700 units & retail, completed 2014. Samsung North American Headquarters: 680,000 square feet, under construction. Brokaw Office Development: 2.025 million square feet, approved. Photo by VTA Staff _in_san_jose_approved_but_for.html
  9. 9. 8 Major Employment Projects Some near frequent transit service… … Others not. Moffett Place, Sunnyvale: 1.8 million s.f. office/R&D, under construction Santana Row Lot 11, San José: 232,000 s.f. office, under construction Santa Clara Square: 1.1 million s.f. office, 125k retail under construction; residential proposed Apple Campus 2, Cupertino: 3.4 million s.f. office/R&D, under construction
  10. 10. 9 South County Resurgence Hecker Pass Residential, Gilroy: 521 single family homes, under construction. Madrone Plaza, Morgan Hill: 115 townhomes, under construction. San Ysidro Court, Gilroy: 263 multifamily units, approved.
  11. 11. 10 Renewed Interest in VTA Engagement The District at Milpitas Upholding the shared land use vision of the Transit Area Specific Plan (TASP) Campbell Housing Element City reached out to VTA and requested staff presentation at Planning Commission San José Urban Villages VTA closely collaborating with City in planning process of Urban Villages City of Milpitas Planning Commission Staff Report, November 24, 2014 City of Campbell Draft 2015-2023 Housing Element San José City Council Study Session Presentation, November 2013
  12. 12. 11 Development Review Program Annual Report for 2014 Questions and Discussion