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VTA Fare Policy Review Presentation


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This presentation was developed for a series of public hearings and meetings during early May 2017, in advance of a VTA Board of Directors meeting in June 2017 to decide on the fare policy. More:

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VTA Fare Policy Review Presentation

  1. 1. VTA Fare Policy Review May 2017 VTA Fare Policy Review Community Meetings May 1-9, 2017 Fare Policy Review Objectives 2 • Increase ridership • Free VTA-to-VTA transfers • Align Youth fare discounts with the region and Senior/disabled fare category • Increase farebox recovery to enhance financial sustainability
  2. 2. VTA Fare Policy Review May 2017 Proposed Fare Adjustments 3 Base Fare Increase • Adult Single Ride fare increase from $2.00 to $2.25 in January 2018, and to $2.50 in January 2019 • All associated fares would increase proportionately except paratransit which remains unchanged Youth Fares • Align Youth Fares with Seniors/Persons with Disabilities Fares • Enhanced benefit proposed to be funded in part by 2016 Measure B funds up to $1.5 million per year Intra-Operator Transfers (VTA-to-VTA) 4 Single Ride Fares on Clipper® • Valid for 90 minutes of travel • Systemwide travel across buses and light rail trains • Available only on Clipper® Light Rail Single Ride tickets from Ticket Vending Machines • Change validity period from 2 hours to 90 minutes
  3. 3. VTA Fare Policy Review May 2017 Fares for Low Income Riders Community Bus Fares 5 Transit Assistance Program (TAP) • Continue TAP for low income riders • Propose utilizing 2016 Measure B funds up to $1.0 million per year Community Bus Fares • Service converted to regular service and fare type no longer required Eco Pass Changes 6 Name Change & Pricing Structure • Renamed to VTA SmartPass • No longer valid on VTA’s express bus routes • Consolidation of Headcount Tiers in January 2018 • Price set at higher of the two rates Existing Tiers 1-99 100-2,999 Proposed Tiers 1-2,999 3,000-14,999 15,000+ 3000+
  4. 4. VTA Fare Policy Review May 2017 Eco Pass Changes (cont.) 7 Pass Categories & 2 Year Price Increases • Collegiate Pass – Universities and community colleges to pay an annual rate regardless of service level or location SJSU – 5% ($2) increase in Jan 2018, additional 5% ($2) increase in Jan 2019 Community Colleges - $5 increase per year until they reach SJSU price level • Not-for-Profit Pass – Nonprofits, Low-Income Housing, Government Agencies Consolidate tiers in January 2018 15% increase starting January 2019 • Corporate Pass – For-profit organizations Consolidate tiers in January 2018 25% increase starting January 2019