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Hack My Ride 2.0 Kickoff Hackathon Presentation


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This presentation was shared with participants in the June 6, 2015 Hack My Ride 2.0 kickoff hackathon at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. It includes information about civic hacking projects, beacons VTA is testing, VTA open data, and how to participate in the Hack My Ride 2.0 app challenge.

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Hack My Ride 2.0 Kickoff Hackathon Presentation

  1. 1. What will you create? #HackMyRide
  2. 2. Karma/Rewards app
  3. 3. Mobility Map
  4. 4. Prospect Silicon Valley
  5. 5. Transit & Mobility Vehicle Technology Intelligent Traffic Systems VTA Hack My Ride 2.0 June 6, 2015
  6. 6. SIMPLE PARK  Find parking spots around you  Navigate to the spot  App facilitates the spot handover between Giver and Taker Download the app at VTA Hack My Ride 2.0 June 6, 2015
  7. 7. Signal We’re building a better traffic sign. It’s smarter, digital & sits on your dashboard VTA Hack My Ride 2.0 June 6, 2015
  8. 8. VTA Data
  9. 9. What are beacons?
  10. 10. What are Cloud Beacons?
  11. 11. Beacon Use Cases
  12. 12. Brick-and- mortar Redefined ● Send coupons, offers ● Build customer loyalty ● Personalized customer experience ● In-app transactions ● Optimize in-store navigation
  13. 13. Howler ● Notifications to users near a promotion they would be interested in ● 200 shops and restaurants ● Utilizes 700 beacons throughout the Boston metropolitan area
  14. 14. Rockbot Personal playlists in venues like bars, restaurants and stores ● Request songs from their phone at any business that has a Rockbot Bluetooth beacon ● Around 400 beacons in SF ● Boost in check-ins, average 27 mins of app usage.
  15. 15. Augmented Reality Within Your Reach ● Navigate visitors through art exhibits ● Offer games, fun and rewarding learning experiences ● Gather and analyze visitor data
  16. 16. BlindSquare ● Public beacons in high- traffic metropolitan areas ● Audio guide activated so a blind person can figure out where to go (helpful in unfamiliar areas) ● Find luggage, hotel room
  17. 17. How to Access VTA Beacons • API key – alYdUyIyKartZkGPsGapTAuWKZyIUUqa • Documentation: – Android SDK – iOS SDK • Test deployment @ Great Mall Transit Center • Questions? –
  18. 18. Special Challenges Accessibility: • ADA customers may have problems finding their way through the VTA transit centers, transferring between vehicles, finding Elevators or getting to their final location. • Wheelchair customers want to know where the elevators might be and easy access to sidewalks. • A blind person would like voice commands and step by step instructions with 1 or 2 foot accuracy. EXAMPLE: - VTA Great Mall Transit Center - Light rail station - Multi stall bus transit center - Directions to and from the - Mall entrance VTA Great Mall Transit Center
  19. 19. VTA Tasks: Install specially configured public beacons at transit center or in high-traffic metropolitan areas, (Down town San Jose) A Solution could include help with temporary location finding – for example if a blind person needs to find their luggage on the train, or getting to the doctor’s office without assistance. By using a set of personally configured beacons, a blind person simply places their personal beacon in their luggage, package (or temporary location) and the mobile app will then help detect and find that beacon. Way finding to Local Business: Allow the blind person to create their own path to a retail outlet. The mobile app remembers the trip name and the turn by turn path. For example “Station GISH to Doctor” was the trip name the user gave the trip. The mobile app remembers first the beginning beacon, each turn and path, when they get to the office tell the application to save trip.
  20. 20. Mobile as a Service or MaaS – Express Lanes • Tolls for solo drivers are collected electronically using FasTrak. Tolls on SR 237 (first phase/segment) have ranged from $0.30 to $4.75, with an average toll of $1.60. • When a car equipped with a FasTrak transponder passes under an express lane antenna, the antenna will read the transponder, and the correct toll will automatically be deducted from the driver’s prepaid FasTrak account. • Drivers would like to know the current toll value and if Express lane is still open or switched over to an HOV only lane. (Hands free)
  21. 21. Register for Hack My Ride 2.0
  22. 22. What will you create? #HackMyRide