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SCVNGR in Bellingham


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Published in: Business, Technology
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SCVNGR in Bellingham

  1. 1. SCVNGR in Bellingham An entrepreneurial college project Bellingham, WA June 4th, 2011Bellingham SCVNGR Project
  2. 2. University ExperienceGoing to college was the best decision I’ve ever made, it exposedme to new ideas in an environment that nurtured learning andgrowth. I certainly needed this experience: prior to it, I was immatureand lacking in many of the skills necessary to succeed in life. Thisacademic environment provided me with a foundation of knowledgeupon which I can build the rest of my life.A major in psychology gave me exactly what I wanted - the abilityand tools to study and understand people and how we think, behave,and interact with one another. However, in addition to my passion forpsychology, I’m also passionate about business and technology, andthese passions lacked a place in my psychology major. Fortunately, Ifound outside sources that could provide me with experience in thesefields, even while I was taking classes.Bellingham SCVNGR Project
  3. 3. Business and TechDowntown Bellingham PartnershipMy first taste of dealing with businesses on amore personal level. This partnership knewall the local businesses and their owners, anddue to the tight-knit community, businesswas personal. We put on events that enrichedthe community and gave local businesses achance to shine. I worked on theirsponsorship packages and created contractsfor our event sponsors. What I learned: - How to manage business relationships - How to plan events - How to present options to elicit the desired response BIG Idea Lab The local entrepreneur hangout spot. Idea riffs, lean startup sessions, speakers, and more. Have a BIG idea? Submit it here and maybe you’ll find some financial backing. I worked withentrepreneurs from a project management standpoint; helping themstreamline their efforts to be more efficient and effective (leanmethodology). What I learned: - How to create a business plan - How to help others organize their thoughts/ideas - How manage a project with efficiency in mindBellingham SCVNGR Project
  4. 4. SCVNGRThrough my research into game theory aswell as companies that use gamemechanics in the real world, I discoveredSCVNGR. I spoke with Jeff Kirchick (theirUniversities Specialist) about theirplatform and he taught me the ins and outsof how it works. I immediately saw thepsychological underpinnings in the technology and wanted toexperiment with SCVNGR in my town. Jeff helped me use SCVNGR toexplore how technology and psychology could work together foreveryone’s benefit and I ended up using it to enrich my community(see A variety of organizations even asked me to helpthem with their marketing, community outreach, event promotions,etc. using SCVNGR: Sustainable Connections (local non-profit),Downtown Bellingham Partnership (local non-profit), The WoodsCoffee (local coffee chain), Disidual Clothing (local student-runclothing company), Relay for Life of WWU (put on by the AmericanCancer Society), and more. What I learned: - How to create business relationships - How to create relationships between businesses and their customers - How to engage a community through technology - How to create interactive activities that allow businesses to engage their customers, while still providing real value - How to work with businesses to create a marketing plan that makes sense for their specific businessBellingham SCVNGR Project
  5. 5. Sum UpI learned way more from my project with SCVNGR than I did in allthe internships I had ever done - I was exposed to all sorts of“behind the scenes” processes that I never knew existed (e.g.,business development, strategic planning, social media coordinating).Even my business and marketing major friends ended up benefitingfrom this experience: they had studied a lot of what I did on aconceptual level, but had never put much of it into use, and certainlynot with a new technology that has as much promise as SCVNGR. Myuniversity gave me a foundation of knowledge, but SCVNGR took thatfoundation and put it into action! Awesome feedback from a Rewards from The Woods Rewards from the Disidual SCVNGR fan Coffee SCVNGR hunt Clothing SCVNGR huntA flyer for a Ski to Sea SCVNGR A flyer for a local business A flyer for the Woods Coffee hunt by a local salon event SCVNGR hunt SCVNGR huntBellingham SCVNGR Project