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D’youville college & scvngr


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Published in: Technology, Education
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D’youville college & scvngr

  1. 1. D’Youville College & SCVNGR•SCVNGR client since 2011 84% of 2012 freshmen•Utilized for participated in SCVNGR •Self guided tours trek •Open Houses •Prospective student visits •Admitted student events •Orientations •Student Appreciation events •Administrator contests
  2. 2. Challenges•Who’s buying?•What’s in it for me?•Administrative resistance•Technological resistance•Users
  3. 3. Considerations•It’s SCVNGR…not a SCAVENGER HUNT•How will they play?•Team vs. Individual
  4. 4. Tips for a successful event•Get a cheerleader•Set up headquarters•Promote in advance•Make them get it•Don’t give lame prizes•Be random
  5. 5. SCVNGR Treks • Individual Open House • 1 place, 21 challenges, 122 people, 609 activity • Several reward thresholds, 1 overall winner pointsAdmitted Student • Team based • 12 places, 18 challenges, 204 people, 1932 activity Overnight • Most overall points • Team based Pharmacy • 8 places, 36 challenges, 191 people, 1715 activity Orientation • First to finish all challenges OR most points by 5pm
  6. 6. SCVNGR 61% reported a positive impression of DYC after• Results participating – Feedback from students was very positive from both events – Students who played in a group seemed to have more fun than those who played individually – Using iPhone or Android was a bit easier than other cell phones
  7. 7. Plans for this year•New Treks•Sweeter prizes•Tougher challenges•Better participation