Bham SCVNGR Report


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Bham SCVNGR Report

  1. 1. SCVNGR in BellinghamCharles Johnson T 1-646-397-3190
  2. 2. SCVNGROverviewthe challenge:To successfully introduce SCVNGR to the Bellingham community. To do this, careful thought had to go into marketing,partnerships, and branding. Integrating SCVNGR into traditional scavenger hunts allowed locals to become accustomedto the technology in a simple and easily understandable context.Key points Outreach Treks RewardsWith little time for this project, the Partnerships were established with T-shirts, gift cards, WWU event tickets,objective was to gain momentum as local businesses to create sponsored salon coupons, baked goods, Relayquickly as possible. scavenger hunts. for Life prizes, etc. 360 Facebook Fans 7 Treks Total $500+ total rewards value T-shirts from Disidual Clothing Gift Cards from The Woods CoffeeSCVNGR in Bellingham 1
  3. 3. SCVNGR Outreach facebook A page was created specifically for SCVNGR events in Bellingham, aptly named “Bham Scavenger.” The page was advertised using $100 worth of Facebook Ads with a resulting 255 fans in less than two weeks. This figure grew over time to 360 fans.“Woo hoo! Finished today. Nice!” - Excited SCVNGR fan SCVNGR in Bellingham 2
  4. 4. SCVNGRTreks SKI TO SEA SCVNGR HUNT by Blessing’s Salon Spa an Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa 2011 What is SCVNGR?Bellingham South Campus SCVNGR is a game, playing is simple: challenges. earn points! go places. do 100% FREE to playBellingham Downtown receive riddles and answer them messaging on your cellphone through text- text the keyword “blessings” to 728647 to beginDisidual Clothing download the free app for iPhone/ that way Android to play first winner gets a $45 Gift Certific ate toward a Salon or Spa service and there are five $10 off coupons for Salon or Spa services and five $5 off coupons for Aveda products! Find Bham Scavenger on Facebook for more info May 29, 2011 The hunt begins at 9am and ends at 5pm Relay for Life of WWU 2011 Bham Pub Crawl Blessing’s Salon SpaSCVNGR in Bellingham 3
  5. 5. SCVNGR The Woods Coffee Trek A total of 145 unique players “texted in” 68 playerscompleted multiple challenges SCVNGR in Bellingham 4
  6. 6. SCVNGRWhat next?get engaging!Now that you’ve seen the power behind this technology, get people engaged with challenges at your business usingSCVNGR. Provide meaningful engagement with custom-designed challenges to fit your organization and draw morepeople into your locations.Your path to engagement:1. Go to www.scvngr.com2. Click on “SCVNGR for Business” near the top of the page3. Click on the “Get Started!” button to create your free account Welcome to SCVNGR!SCVNGR in Bellingham 5