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Cua lsc 603_2011

  1. 1. Smithsonian Institution Libraries Providing Access to Collections LSC 603 Special Collections Suzanne C. Pilsk ~ Smithsonian Institution Libraries ~ 2011
  2. 2. Smithsonian Institution
  3. 3. Facts and Figures Smithsonian Institution LibrariesWashington, D.C. • Anacostia Museum & Center for African American History and Culture Library • Anthropology Library • Botany and Horticulture Library • The Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology • Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Library • Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Library • Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History
  4. 4. Facts and FiguresSmithsonian Institution Libraries Washington, D.C. (continued) • Museum Studies & Reference Library • National Air and Space Museum Library • National Museum of American History Library • National Museum of Natural History Library • National Postal Museum Library • National Zoological Park Library • Smithsonian American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery Library • Warren M. Robbins Library, National Museum of African Art
  5. 5. Facts and FiguresSmithsonian Institution Libraries Elsewhere Suitland, Md. • Museum Support Center Library • National Museum of the American Indian Library Edgewater, Md. • Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Library New York City • Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Library Republic of Panama • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Library
  6. 6. Facts and Figures Smithsonian Institution LibrariesAfrican Art History of Science and TechnologyAfrican American History and Latino History and Culture Culture Materials ResearchAnthropology Modern and Contemporary ArtAmerican Art MuseologyAmerican History Native American History and CultureAsian and Middle Eastern Art Natural HistoryAviation history and Space Flight Postal HistoryDesign and Decorative Arts Tropical BiologyEnvironmental Management and Trade Literature Ecology World’s Fair Ephemera
  7. 7. What’s So Special? Public MuseumSmithsonian Institution is the largest museum complex in the world … “The Nation’s Attic”
  8. 8. “Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge” Understanding the American Experience Valuing World Cultures Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe
  9. 9. SIL Mission (Smithsonian Directive 500)As the largest and most diverse museum libraryin the world, SIL leads the Smithsonian in takingadvantage of the opportunities of the digitalsociety. SIL provides authoritative informationand creates innovative services and programs forSmithsonian Institution researchers, scholars andcurators, as well as the general public, to furthertheir quest for knowledge. Through paperpreservation and digital technologies, SIL ensuresbroad and enduring access to the Libraries’collections for all users.
  10. 10. SIL’s Strategic Plan “Focus on Service”GOAL 1: COLLABORATING ACROSS BOUNDARIES SIL creates a compelling environment for connecting, collaborating and exploring across disciplines and information boundariesGOAL 2: DISCOVERING INFORMATION SIL enhances and eases the discovery of information in our collections for SI scholars, researchers, scientists, and the larger world of learnersGOAL 3: CONNECTING WITH USERS SIL understands and meets user needs, serving users where they live and workGOAL 4: BUILDING EXPERTISE SIL builds expertise on information discovery, navigation and managementGOAL 5: ENABLING OUR MISSION SIL ensures its success through increased financial strength, effective administrative support, and organizational excellence
  11. 11. Facts and Figures Smithsonian Institution LibrariesTotal volumes > 1.7 million ~50,000 are rare books ~10,000 manuscripts Trade Catalogs Dating from the 1800’s > 500, 000 items > 30,000 companies
  12. 12. • Traditional Library • Books on Shelves • Unique materials• Special Collections (rare and just special) • Other Formats• Traditional Services • Reference • Services that turn into collections • Digitization
  13. 13. SI Libraries Serves• Curators• Researchers• Post-Docs• Museum Administrators• Public
  14. 14. Facts and Figures • 102-106 Smithsonian Libraries Staff • 15-17 Souls in Discovery Services (with contractors) – Rare Book – Original – Maintenance – Serials – Acquisitions
  15. 15. Integrated Library SystemSmithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)– MARC– AACR2r– ISBD– LC Classification– LC Subject Headings
  16. 16. Access relatedItem MARC Dublin Core XMPMETs Linked ISBD Bread, eggs, almond milk Faceted RDA LCSH/LCCS Add hotdogs to grocery list Feed the cat XML / RDF MODS Dewey AACR FRBR Pick up dry cleaning Hierarchical RIS Citations ONIX OpenLinkedData
  17. 17. IFLA’s Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Data To Find To Identify To Select To Obtain To USE And reuse and reuse and reuse…
  18. 18. Metadata
  19. 19. Metadata – failure to serve
  20. 20. Metadata: MARC MARC110 Oscar Mayer & Co.650 Frankfurters
  21. 21. MetadataDublin CoreCreator: Oscar Mayer & Co.Subject: Frankfurters
  22. 22. Metadata: Real MARC – Still failure to serve02761nam 2200469 4500001000700000005001700007008004100024010002300065019001300088035001400 1010350023001150400061001380490027001990500015002261000042002412450193002 8326000830047630000170055950403350057650501540091159001090106559000960117 4650002601270945002101296945007301317945003101390945004801421945004801469 9450047015179450079015649450044016439450046016879450048017339450076017819 4500440185794500510190194500510195294500710200394500900207494500960216494 5003102260-459797-20050131154400.0-731129m19021933enk b 000 0 lat c- -aagr03000069 //r582- -a14018362- -aABY6485LB- -a(OCoLC)ocm00751549- -aU.S. Dept. of Agr. Libr.-cRIU-dOCL-dCHS-dSER-dSMI-dWaOLN- -aSMI$-aSMIM-aSMIE-aSMIB-00-aQL354-b.S5- 1 -aOscar Mayer & Co.-10-aPronto pup:-bhot dogs hamburgers/-ca Oscar Mayer and Company.- -aNew Orleans, La. :-bBourbon Street Foods,-c2000.
  23. 23. Metadata: MARCXML<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><collection xmlns=""xmlns:xsi=""xsi:schemaLocation=""><record><leader>02761nam a2200469 4500</leader><controlfield tag="001">459797</controlfield><controlfield tag="005">20050131154400.0</controlfield><controlfield tag="008">731129m19021933enk b 000 0 latc</controlfield><datafield tag="010" ind1=" " ind2=" "><subfield code="a">agr03000069 //r582</subfield></datafield>
  24. 24. MARC Bread, eggs, almond milkMake dentist appt. LCSH/LCCS Feed the cat ISBD AACR Pick up dry cleaning
  25. 25. Discoverable Bread, eggs, almond milkMake dentist appt. Interoperability Feed the cat Open Access Collaboration Pick up dry cleaning
  26. 26. Determining Level of MetadataWhat do you have?What staff do you have?Who are your users?Where will it go?Will it stay there or travel on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
  27. 27. Tools Of the Trade Indexes Reference works General Topics Specific DisciplinesKleines Distillierbuch /Hieronymous Brunschwig. Strassburg, 8 May 1500.
  28. 28. Index Animalium / Charles Davies Sherborn “Google of the Natural History Museum” –Karolyn Shindler The Telegraph, 25 July 2011 Compiled between 1890 –1933, Index of every living or extinct animal discovered between 1758 and 1850.
  29. 29. My Man Sherborn• Cataloger at heart• Created an index that was useful as soon as he started• Index &Bibliography of relevant texts from 1758 through 1850
  30. 30. Bibliography = Metadata
  31. 31. TEXT TO DATABASE ID Image ID Page Name & reference"362382","SIL34_02_24_0193","6101","splendens Turdus, W. E. Leach, Zool. Miscell. II. 1815, 30.”
  32. 32. Data Into Research Tools Turdus splendens
  33. 33. How to make THIS into 1’s and 0’s
  34. 34. If you digitize it … Will they find it?
  35. 35. Search Gone BAD!
  36. 36. Smithsonian USGS 48,851 TitlesMoBot Cornell 96,031 VolumesNM, London Academy of Natural Sciences 35,871,629 PagesKew Garden Harvard BotanyNYBG AMNHCal Academy FieldMBL/WHOIHarvard/MCZ Internet Archive
  37. 37. Data Into Research Tools Turdus splendens
  38. 38. Making Connections
  39. 39. Not Recreating Traditional Catalog
  40. 40. From: xxx@si.eduSent: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 2:14:21 PMTo:Subject: SI Bibliography - Journal - SAAM;TY - JOURA1 - Rogers, SarahJF - American ArtTI - The Artist as Cultural Diplomat: John Ferren in Beirut, 1963-64PY - 2011VL - 25IS - 1SP - 112EP - 123SN -KW - Peer-reviewedKW - SAAM;KW - fellow;U3 - 20111101ER -Submitted by:
  41. 41. From: xxxx@si.eduSent:To:Subject: SI Bibliography - Chapter - NMAH;TY - CHAPA1 - Ruffins, Fath DavisED - Karp, Ivan; Kreamer,C.M.; Lavine, S.T1 - Mythos, Memory, and History: African AmericanPreservation Efforts 1820-1990.T2 - Museums and Communities: The Politics of Public CultureSP - 506EP - 611PB - Smithsonian Institution PressCY - Washington, D.C.PY - 1992KW - Peer-reviewedKW - NMAH;KW - si-federal;U3 - 20111116ER -Submitted by:
  42. 42. From: pilsks@si.eduSent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 8:39 AMTo: Lera, ThomasSubject: Bibliography SubmissionThank you for submitting the citation for the publication listed below to the SmithsonianResearch Bibliography:Author: Lera, ThomasJournal Title: The Confederate PhilatelistArticle Title: The Passenger Pigeon Helped the ConfederacyPublication year: 2011Volume: 56Issue Number: 2First Page: 31Last Page: 33The data above is *for your information only*. It will be properly formatted for display onthe Smithsonian Research Online website: It may not appearonline for several days. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contactSuzanne Pilsk at (202) 633-1646 or reply to this email message.
  43. 43. Beyond the Traditional Taxonomic Literature Needs/Requests• Beyond the Scan• Beyond the Re-Keyed• Marking up the data in metadata schemas
  44. 44. ★ Linked Open Data – 5 Stars ★★ Available on the web (whatever format), but with an open licence★★ Available as machine-readable structured data (e.g. excel instead of • Shareable image scan of a table)★★★ as (2) plus non-proprietary • Extensible format (e.g. CSV instead of excel)★★★★ All the above plus, Use open • Re-Usable standards from W3C (RDF and SPARQL) to identify things, so that • International people can point at your stuff★★★★★ All the above, plus: Link your data to other people’s data to provide context
  45. 45. Bib record: 9876 Name Authority Record: 65680842Title: Are hotdogs food?Author: Pilsk,65680842 Suzanne Heading: Pilsk, SuzannePlace of Pub: Nashville, TN 5555 Place of Birth: Nashville, TN 5555LCSH: Cookbooks Geo Location: 5555 City: Nashville State: Tennessee Triple Stores: 9876 Is authored by 65680842 9876 Published in 5555 65680842 was born in 5555
  46. 46. Taxonomic Literature 2nd EditionTaxonomic Literature: A selective guide to botanical publications and collections with dates, commentaries and types (second edition)15 volumes guide to the literature of systematic botany published between 1753 and 1940 Organized by author ~ Citation for the author’s surname Numbered entries of the author’s publications ~ Suggested short-title & abbreviation of short-title for use in taxonomic publications TL2 is a standard by which author’s names and titles should be abbreviated
  47. 47.  Click to edit the outline text format  Second Outline Level Third Outline Level  Fourth Outline Level
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Digital Public Library of AmericaQuestion to Robert Darnton (director of Harvard University’s librarysystem): Will you have librarians?Answer: We need librarians who can handle this tremendous jumble of information that is in cyberspace.~ Q&A “A bookshelf the size of the world: Inside the vision for the largest library in history”
  50. 50. “The worth and importance of theInstitution is not to be estimated bywhat it accumulates within thewalls of its building, but by what itsends forth to the world.” —Joseph Henry The Smithsonian Institution’s First Secretary 1852
  51. 51. Future
  52. 52. Special Thanks Thanks to staff at SI’s SIL Staff, OCIO Staff, Thomson Reuters Nigel Robinson, NMNH, MBL/WHOI Library, NPM, MoBot, Freer/Sackler, NYBG, BHL, Gordon Dunsire, Field Book Project,Connecting Content Cal Academy of Science, Many others
  53. 53. Links of InterestSmithsonian Institution Libraries ~ Institution Collection Search Center ~ Research Online ~ Heritage Library ~ of Life ~ Animalium Semantic Web Standards ~ ~ duhLinked Data ~ Book Project ~ Content Grant ~ Public Library ~ Digital Library ~ Trust ~ presentation ~ Pup ~ Hotdogs ~
  54. 54. Smithsonian Institution Libraries “Providing Access to Collections” Suzanne C. Pilsk Smithsonian Institution Libraries